Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The most usefull websites (article 42)

The following is a list of the websites ive used or viewed over the last few years that i thought worthy of being written down in a notepad so i could come back to them later on because they were usefull or helpfull. Any site i mark with a star sign like this* indicates i highly recomend it. Any sites where i havent given the full domain name eg if i put for example amazon and didnt say if it should have .com or at the end all you need to do is use the Google search box at the top of my website to find out this info, once youve looked at the Google search results or written down or bookmarked that info come back to my site of course! At the very bottom of this article is my list of the rubbish sites and services ive had the misfortune to sign up to!

ps if i put ns then a name this is for the Firefox browser add on called Noscript which you get from or it attaches to the Firefox browser and blocks java scripts ( part of a websites hidden code..all websites are a patchwork of codes made from c+ , html , java , flash, etc dont see these codes but they arange how featuresd on a site are displayed to you) by blocking scripts you can surf more safely as hackers ( bad people) can inject viruses and other nastys into your pc via some craftily created webpages dodgy scripts..if you use noscript you have to constantly decide which scripts to allow..which is a pain but worth doing..basically you only allow scripts on sites you trust eg the really big companys. Where Noscript is really useful is when you visit sites youve never used before or dont know if you can trust them. mobile phone network football free sms conspiracys
50connect for older people xbox games fantsay game competitions radio station is a forum to share your pc problems is a charity where you can sponsor children in africa sells used cars
AGECONCERN is a charity for the elderly costs £100 to sell your car at auction helps you buy spanish homes lists available jobs in the uk the airlines website cheep calls to other countries, you buy credit and enter a pin number from your phone before calling someone and you then get billed by them and not your usual phone theyre up against voip users. if you fancy driving formula1 cars for real in france book up here if you can afford it. the place to got o research your family tree for £70 a year membership. for mens world tennis info. which is american consumer opinions if you fancy doing paid surveys youll get £1-3 for a 20 minute survey roughly but you dont get invited to many surveys . i think this tv show got closed down for fraud!. . a popular shop for thousands of products..most of which are pretty good but they have sold some total crap in the past such as watches that fall off your wrist and get lost and a tyre inflation footpump that broke within 10 minutes of use.* the online book seller that now also sells electrical goods and music and much more, if you spend over £19 postage and packaging is free..its the only book shop i now use. for cookery info. get people to pay you to put adverts on your road car!. for gift ideas like balloon rides etc. free short films to watch. 18.8.08 the sites gone now free tv and radio audience tickets. is a charity asking you to sponssr poor children is a forum where you can ask for help on pc problems i asked for help here about some bluescreen error codes i get when my windows operating system crashes. is a free guide to broadband internet and the companies that provide services you can post your own experiences online there..ntl the cable company gets a real kicking!.
AVG antivirus software can be found at .* lets you list stuff you have to sell for free. is for discount hotels and apartments.for europe and worldwide has some software worth checking out. has loads of free pc games you can play. for daily world motor sport news sell real rally car driving experiences. sell clothing for men and women eg swimwear and lingerie is astrology info and you can matchmake by starsigns..good has holidays to historical places worldwide lets you sponsor a child i found via the-raft on 3.3.06 for tribunal cases and employment matters. i used since 2.8.07 for uk car info from the magazine of same name to compare things for audio books to buy the place to find used cars in the uk from the magazine of the same name the american forces tv station for forces based in europe.. judgejudy, nascar,csi etc new and rare books i found on 2.8.07 has 13,000 booksellers working with it. search engine for auctions software nissan film festival * just ask a question and other people will try to answer it for you..beware though sometimes your better off using google as answers can be very simplified air newzealand hifi news and 2nd hand and new and out of print books daily horoscopes register to get info is like social networking site ufos* lets you have 2 free lotto tickets where you can win a top prize of £100k a day so play it every day..if you win remember to use to donate to cheers. offers way better odds than traditional offline can bet on all sports if you fancy betting please remember you should only bet with money you can afford to loose!* the place to find interesting weblogs(blogs) which can be peoples online diarys or proper websites like mine that your on rightnow. lets you post headlines from blogs you like so other people can find these useful blogs so by all means mention my blog as often as you can please do anything you can to help promote this site your using right now. free hit counters for websites. is a dvd store free usa lotto
BLUESQ is a betting site is the beers site for arts news.
THEBIOGRAPHYCHANNEL is the tv channels site
BRAVO is the tv channels site has competitions you can enter..a basic site only is a site for teenage girls to use is a book lending and reviewing site is where you can request free brochures on hundreds of topics for free is to buy things like race car track days or ballooon rides is a reverse auction site where you bid the lowest unique price you think an item will be sold for,if your bids the lowest unique price you win the item..its gambling really..another way to loose money is for technology news is for the uk isps new and existing customers to use
be warned my bt internet connection is 8mb in england im on unlimited service meaning i can use it 24 hours a day 7 days a week and download/upload as much as i want over 40gb however bt looses your internet connection 3 or 4 times a day which is really bad for such a huge company. in the space of 1 month from 20.6.08 to 20.7.08 i recorded 66 occasions when id lost my broadband connection. ( as i know this happens a lot i have to check my pc reguarly to disconect the modem and refresh my connection when i spot ive lost internet access..however when asleep this is impossible so in the month i calculate i had over 60hours when i had no connection from bt which is appauling, id actally lost connection over 70 times but i didnt record some times.. i have the proof should bt want to see it of the tiomes and dates i had no access..thus wasting electricity and wearing my pc out doing nothing. Also 8mb connection is rarely even 4mb and often its not even 1mb so thats really shit to be charged £27 a month for a speed bt dont even give you. also bt throttle p2p use down to just 15% of the speed it could be at peak times so if you download music/films etc theyll come to you far slower than they should. I upload videos to youtube and youtube is painfully slow at converting video files to a format they give to users of the site so a 4 minute video i make can take up to 8 hours to upload to youtube..if bt loose my net connection i have to start again !!! bt sort this horrible mess out. is the beer brands site lets you search for tv clips of shows or news stories
BRAINJUICER is a place to do paid surveys where you can give your feedback rather than being constrained to tickboxes nearly all other surveys restict your answers to you get paid in amazon store vouchers
BARNADOS is a charity worth supporting tells you how to geton to tv shows is a uk business directory.. see me under computers,consultants lets you post headlines from blogs for other users to see so anyone here using my site please use this site to say whats on my site to help promote it. sell gifts and jewellry provide ads for websites but you wont earn much via them. sell jewellry and clothes annoying site to use as pictures cant be saved so you cant email someone asking if they like something sell gadgets and toys
betdaq another betting site win £25k profits go to peace2000 institute charity i found on 14.4.06 for all wedding info you need for the british touring car car racing championship info, me since 30.5.06 me 27.6.06 the alcohol rum makers site. free delivery if you spend over £45 or its £3.50 for cosmetics/toiletries etc
ns allow and
Bmi airline in uk lists competitions found on uk products you need to buy to enter the competitions oops on 4 .8.07 this link doesnt work..maybe ive got this address wrong ( cant read my writing from ages ago or the webpage has changed..if anyone finds it let me know. * has forums but the listen again player to hear shows you missed is a briliant feature eg the dance sections essentialmix a 2hr dance music show thats played from 2-4am sunday i dont have to stay up to record it . to buy flowers and get them by post british national space centre worth checking out popcorn is the calor gas website
BBC.CO.UK *start here to find all the bbc's websites forums for you to speak your mind..but be warned they dont publish all comments so you can waste your time using this serivce. is a p2p file sharing software provider i found on 6.3.07 sell ebooks and digital books now listed in radiotimes but they often play some rubbish instead of whats listed in radiotimes!! supposed to play old live sessions by big bands..i hope they learn to play what they advertise is on me9.7.07 give your books away..basically swap them for free..but youll have to pay the postage costs to do this, otherwise just use freecycle 27.7.07 bid to win a car for free ns competitions usa shop environmental stuff baby stuff translates text strongbow cider
bbciplayer watch bbc shows online..but drm protected so u cant save them to dvd software greener lifestyle products food small videos to download like youtube the place to rent the latest hollywood movies twice a day you can try and win entrys to win cars.computers etc* for software and computers for all your outdoor clothing,camping.hiking equipment etc online since 1996 for football info for motor racing memorobilia to track your childs mobile phone location is the samaritans charity site worth supporting this good cause is a charity that helps children a very good brochure request service for home shoppers for the beer companys music gigs info lists competitions that seem the same as the ones listed on my attempts to contact them to find out if this is so go unanswered. for people in the cambridge england area to find a date for betting on sports etc who sponsor english football championships so lots of football news on this site the tv channels site
CUCINA for cooking utensils scheme to get people to go to cinema and review films..but it doesnt work is a search engine for cambridge with masses of info on cambridge from the shops here to the businesses is a fantasy football site for choclate now part of the greenfield company since 27 may 2005 for reviews of products and surveys you get paid for itll take 15-20 minutes to join and theyll want a lot of personal info from you. clothes shop for info on chelsea football club for computer manuals has jobs for It posts*is the uk version of cnet compuer software reviews and downloads has the 1901 uk census info useful for geneology sell womens clothes and lingerie shows the uks most wanted criminals not sure if it has rewards like on fbi site? sell paintings of beautiful uk places
ciao- used to be gozing surveys but hanged in january 2006 pays a little for your time and info only £1 or so for 15-20mins usually find rare and old books sell cds cheaper than most places for jobs in catering industry
columbia a sportwear clothing brand for aromatherapy products etc for cat lovers products coors beer 10.8.06 the radio station for classical music technology info..sometimes cnet is useful but they seem biased and dont like to offend product makers, theyre not ruthless enough in their reviews 18.6.06 very useful if your going to buy a camcorder..learn about the technical features camcorders have my jvc review further down in the j section of this useful websites list. they email you with cheap offers but its annoying as they dont know what you like so you wade through endless offers for stuff you dont want ! something like gumtree classified ads 30.1.07 sell nasa/space related merchandise from usa..lots of great stuff definately worth a look 15.2.07 compare book prices on uk books..great idea so you buy from the cheapest book shop ! competitions you can enter daily but you hardly ever gain an entry to the prize! i got bored of this site after using it for a couple of years, i got 1 entry for every few hundred attempts to get an entry to win a holiday...not good enough summarise political books 7.3.07 for those getting married ( if in cambridgeshire i can film your wedding call 07963 348582 to speak to david about this ) is the centre for ufo studies, worth a look xfiles lovers is cambridge online i dont use it... ithink my list here will keep you lot busy enough! electrical retailer of tv's etc
catslikefelix *compares losts of car insurers in 1 go..itll take you some time to fill in all the info but its a very good idea for people who build their own computers betting takes on wikipedias biast encyclopedia info
citizendium another rival to wikipedia trinity street all saints market craft and farmers market shoes shop beer wedding stuff womens mag discount vouchers stuff for men travel info
cambridge.gumtree classified ads for dating/friends/to give items away free/ find sports partners etc good travel mag romance chat room full of rubbish like most chat rooms sell mobiles free uk competitions car insurance comparison site like free classical music tracks vids and pics of celebs crime scene investigation tv show info

Cambridge internet cafes i know of...
budget internet cafe on 30 hills road
cb1 at 32 mill road
cyber at 17 norfolk street
the net co at cowley road in st johns inovation center
victoria cafe at 86 regent street ( 10 mins walk from the center of town )
web cam at 114 newmarket road

i recommend you use to type in a street address to see on a map of cambridge where these are. Once you get addicted to using the internet and decide you want a computer with internet access give me a call on 07963 348582 and we can discuss what you need and how much it'll cost to set up.
DRIVEME rally experiences and fast passenger rides*an esential site to look at on conspiracys were all caught up in clothes retailer motorsport videos ufo investigators book publishers sells dvds is delia smioth the cooks site. some foreign site..not in english dating site play fantasy football
DIALEGO.COM do surveys earn amazon vouchers. free ecards and gadgets to buy give your car registration plate and milage each day to win prizes..consider finding out how theyll use this info before you do it. sell your car* is from cnet organisation it just lists the endless software thats now available, so if i say to you get the firefox browser you would type in firefox in the search box then select software ( for the type of thing your searching for) and then click go, itll then list things that match the search term you warned they now show paid for adverts before the correct list of matches to try to get you to buy something similar to what you searched for..i just skip past these..just move the page moving bar on the far right of your browsers window down then youll see the results matching your search term..make sure you select the correct software you want. read the users reviews before you get anything ( and read many reviews are useless eg for pros ( plus points) some say good, for cons (bad points) some say nothing..a review this simplified is useless so click on the was this review useful and say no. as theres some rubbish software out there that messes your pc up so check what people have to say about a software product before you download it. if you read lots of review note down what they say so you understand what its designed to do eg firefox is a browser, its more secure than microsofts internet explorer browser that 70% of net users use, it updates quite often and now automatically, etc..list the points that explain things about what the software will do for you. check if its free software or if you get a trial before you have to buy it. if you dont know what software to use and your in the cambridge and surrounding area..again call me i can install all software and i only charge £25 an hour orits £50 in an out of hours emergency eg from 8pm to 8am eg if your pc gets a problem at night and you badly need it working by morning and you want me to get out of bed and come fix it. has lots of things noscipt blocks i recomend you buy a notebook and use 1 page per letter of the aplhabet and list websites you use much like in this list of websites ive made and when you allow noscript to do something on a site your on list what you allow eg for ive allowed..,,,,,,,,, ..noscript keeps you safe on sites you dont know so i recomend you use it. for dieters
DOBIES.CO.UK for gasrdning info ecards i found on 18.12.05 mens clothing and womens mostly denim info on the uk county of devon womens clothing and accessories sell businesses via has dvd news etc is a media player competing with the microsoft windows media player and apple quicktime player and vlc player. divx is now often in new dvd players you attach to your tv, its software to play media files like films. theres a good email newsletter to sign up to..showing some very good free short films i bookmarked on 2.7.07
ns allow stage6,,,, earnpoints ..i cant be bothered with websites with points schemes personally shareware and freeware software i found on 10.5.06 via an ashampoo email.
digitalvideomag is a price comparison website i hope they allow users to give honest reviews of shops and products unlike kelkoo its rival pricecomparison website, price comparison is a briliant idea but make your own list of shops to look at for certain if you wanted to buy a cd you might go to virgin/hmv/woolworths etc if the price comparison site you use doesnt list the shop you might have used in your town note the best price the price comparison site found eg £10.99 at cdwow then go to the websites of the other shops not listed by the price copmparison site..this way youve covered all bases and wil definatly find the cheapest price sell clothes for men and women for drug info sell domain names call 0845 366 2467 lists pc drivers info..the small software used to run hardware has some computer help is the place to renew your driving licence and more.
ns allow, now rally drive experiences etc on datawrite dvds open directory project..its like a directory of the sure my article here will give you more than enough sites to look at !! i.t forums lists of entertainment stuff like albums etc* weird and wonderful photos anyone who finds websites like this please let me know by emailing me at in subject line put great site for your blog *this is one of the sites likely to be massive in the basically allows you to say you think an articles worth looking at ( if you log in ) it has interseting info far better than a newspapers biased propoganda for governments give you food diving celeb gossip/pics adult site social bookmarking site.. see what other sites people bookmark..again my list here should give you endless hours of useful web surfing another dictionary makeup sell holidays worldwide
EPINIONS has reviews of products given by users of those product or if you in the usa for auctions of every product you can imagine, be warned read this about how to use ebay and what the risks are of buying this way,ive just found out the hard way how crap ebay can be , forget the hype around this company its just a carboot sale online full of junk and dodgy sellers , you really need to be careful, of course some bargains can be found but its risky you are buying items based on tiny photos so you cant hold and inspect items so you must be sure you know exactly what your getting.Check your clothing sizes witha tape measure and always make sure you tell sellers your size, dont buy second hand electrical items.i bought a camcorder that broke within days.Now sellers please start taking more than 2 minutes to list an item im sick and tired of having to ask about a dozen questions everytime i spot an item iwant to buy..your ebay listing is your advert if you spend time on this you probably wont get so many emails asking for more deteails eg dvds for sale if its a copy(pirated/fake like so many are on ebay) say so and say what dvd type it is eg dvd-r 4.7gb plays on region 2 players , as i cant play dvd+r disks, tell me the full official title of the film/what studio made it eg mgm, what year is it released /whos in it/what happens in it/provide a link to a website that shows the boxcover and a description of it and the price a shop sells it for( we need this info to decide if it a product we want, im amazed how pathetic so many ebay listings are if you cant be bothered to properly list an item you wont get interest and you wont get many bids if any)..theres no point paying anywhere retail prices for anything on ebay as if you buy from a retailer you get a recipt and can take a product back with ebay chances are therell be no refunds and sellers refuse to refund damaged/lost/not as described items.Sellers please think through each item you list properly so we buyers dont need to keep asking questions. now as for ebay if we find a nasty product we wish to report to you as a listing violation..a product ebay bans from sale we go to home-help-contact us- listing violations but ebay only allows us to type in the listing number it doesnt allpw people reporting dodgy items to say what they thinks wrong or to instruct ebay to check the sellers other items for similar bad items..ebay needs to change this.Ebay needs more people to hunt down and remove nasty items and to make sure nasty sellers are removed from using ebay again..make sure they cant set up another account under a different name..ebay has the money to do this yet so far theyre acting incredibly poorly in enforcing bad sellers removal. I also think ebay needs to allow an adults section for people to list adult dvds as people sneak these into numorous other categories which means children could stumble across these, if ebay checks buyers creditcard details as proof of age and you have to login to view this area thats the way to clean ebay up at the moment dodgy dvds can be stmubled upon by anyone. listings a n item for sale take a bit of time and effort so plan it out draw up a check list of questions you need to cover in each listing so you wont forget anything each toime you list a specific type of item, good luck if your a buyer..filtering through the endles fake/pirated items takes time but some bargains can be found, sellers good luck please make a buyers life easier and follow my advice cheers. a small auction site for film info use my article on the latest films before using this site for stationary/office supplies is where ou can report any online crime you fall fowl my articles 9 10 and 12 on how to use the internet safely.
EXODUS travel company world holidays
EARNESTJONES for rings earrings watches jewellry diamonds etc for funny japanese tring to speak english mistakes compare bookies will give better odds than any this service finds though
EMPIREDIRECT sells dvds for financial investing info for ethical consuming info is a points scheme they send you 1 email a day and if u click it u earn 20miles a day or if you like whatever the emails trying to sell you and you take the offer up you earn loads more points, when youve earned 25,000 miles you can get a return flight to europe, points expire 3 years after you began so for example i began in 24 july 2003 and by 28 nov 2005 ive earned 13,969 miles and i wass told my points run out on 31 december 2006 your free flight must include an overnight saturday told so you dont fly on a saturday which is the busiest time. great tv sports channel army auction off surplus goods celeb pics adult site uk newspaper classic sports tv shows
eveningstandard also *a bit expensive and 1 item i ordered was sent to me out of date so i had to ask them to replace it which they did other than that give it a go uks guide to live music events send your cv to hundreds of recruitment consultants home delivery of fruit and veg skating clothes betting good escorted holidays worldwide..but they send too much junk mail from easyjets stelios flower gifts
evecars.;com shopping tv channel usa site free site to host photos and vids ( i recommend free mag on cambridge uk activities but focuses too much on eating out the no2 service in europe has 2 million plus mp3 tracks drm free searches for all uk charities many games you can play free gift activities helps find you a flatmate or room for rent print stuff onto clothing* friends of the erth environmental groups site please support them this planet needs saving from mans greed clothing from the catalogue company free stuff this is by far the best freebies website ive found i recommend u sign up to its weekly email if you want to see the best free product samples you can get free free stuff free stuff frees stuff

FO?* find via t?.com go to botoom left of this site click the ad and you can send 6 free texts aday from a pc to a mobile..brilliant service fim news free stuff movie news film news betting buy certain other services to get a free ipod so its not free! im sick and tired of people misusing the word free, free means no cost whatsoever. free stuff financial info..dont ever use creditcards to buy stuff your not going to pat fully for at the end of the month and dont borrow money via loans the loaning of money is a sin and has been since jesus said so 2000 years ago/ this site sends way to many emails if you make the mistake of agreeing to recieve their emails.

FRIENDSREUNITED.com find old mates post questions you need answering and wait for a reply

freecycle *
This is the great website and great idea to try to limit the amount of items people throw away when it could be used by someone else, find the group that nearest to where you live and join it, then you can post messages offering items you have to give away or you can request an item occasionally but the sites unfortunatly are very limiting in how often you can ask for items..i would like it if we can all ask for say 5 or 6 items a month rather than the 1 a month they seem to limit us all to.

Its simple to use yet many people are lazy and dont post their messages correctly, all you need do is say offered then name the item you have to give away, then state where the items located eg offered old computer cambridge . Too many people cant even follow simple instructions like this! which wastes the moderators time and other freecyclers who have to waste time contacting the person offering the item only to find out its to far away to be worth the trouble of going to get it.
1 thing i suggest is dont waste your time with people who say an items is first come first served..if the person offering something cant be bothered to reserve it for you your likely to waste yout time and effort travelling a few miles only to be told the items gone..this happened to me on 28th august and i wont make the same mistake really isnt worth the wasted time let anlone the wasted petrol..and this site is supposed to be about being greener!.
So far since ive used it id say many items offered are quite big eg beds, furniture, old tvs etc..this stuff isnt worth listing on ebay or taking to a carboot as it would cost too much in postage or take up too much room in a car and fetch too little. This brilliant site actually helps make people more generous as if you get given a few things you want totally for free your far more inclined to give away some items back. I have given away computers with monitors and keyboards, hundreds of pounds worth of golf items to quite a few people , a hamster/rat tank,stickers,dvds and many other items, i plan to give away more stuff as i sort through cupboards, lofts and garages. I encourage everyone to use this website its like ebay only everthings free ! so everyone go sort out your homes declutter them and your loft and shed/garage get rid of all the stuff you dont want and never use, and stop throing away anything someone else could use even free cds from papers some people want or old stationary anything usable freecycle it, if youve grown too much fruit and veg in your garden? freecycle it waste not want not. As i offer computer and internet help to people in the cambridge area im always after computer parts and computers.. i need spare computers to test software on.. i have to use loads of diferent programms far to many for 1 pc to handle and to evaluate alteratives to the programmes i use so please consider giving me computers be they desktops or /laptops/notebooks anything made from 1998 or newer i may take, also memory like pc100 or pc133 i need ,spare mice, keyboards, harddrives, motherboards, cpu chips eg intel or amd anything computer related even books and magazines please contact me im at in the subject line put offered computer items and where you are thanks a lot.

Now here's my advice for people listing things.. at the moment too many people give extremely limited information about the item theyre offering eg offered printer cambridge, now although we all appreciate being offered a free item we do need more info eg once you list the items title go on to the box below and give more info eg epson 480 colour printer bought in 2001 ( always list an items age) still works but heads need cleaning as cheap ink has made prints look worse im in hills road cambridg ( no need to tell everyone your house number here you only need tell the person you choose to give the item to) tell them to find this area on a map search service thats free to use and if you want you can give a phone number so people can phone you to ask more and arrange delivery or collection of the item.

( many items offered are broken or in need of repair or a little work on freecycle as the sites creators green ambitions is to recycle items that may otherwise have been thrown away or taken to a landfill tip)If you can copy and paste a link to a site reviewing the product or showing a picture of it..if you have a digital camera upload it to a site like which is free to join and use itll save many wasted replys you have to deal with asking the same questions over and over!, as they say a picture speaks a thousand words. Also please be fair im sure there are people abusing the system and sitting at computers too much and grabing all the good stuff as soon as its listed, id say ive actually managed to get about 1 item for every 20 ive asked for,its annoying to be told an items gone when it has only been on the site for less than a few hours so choose to give away your item not always to the first person to ask. Bear in mind people lie like hell on freecycle to get stuff sometimes..i gave away a laptop and had hundreds of requests for it many saying its for their sick grandmother or a charity or a boys football team or a young child or a partially sighted user and many plead poverty. Even if you have no job you can get benefits and afford a computer some are only £3-400 new now so saying you cant afford that isnt true.

Its hard to tell whats true so my advice judge their reply for how they plan to use the item, get them to explain when they call you on the phone as you arrange collection and decide if they know what theyre on about, eg someone saying they want a computer ask them to explain how theyll use the pc and get them to say things so you know they honestly know how to use a pc.. if they fail your test youll know they were going to take it to a carboot or sell it on ebay ( people must state to you if they plan to sell items you give them its up to you if this is acceptable to you). Once youve decided who to give it to based on will they make use of it and when they can collect it by ( or some kind people even drop the offered item off to you as they want the space in their home asap ..god bless people like this! ) its useful to list your full address in a message to them so they can find it on say a free online map/address search service.

Once the items has been taken or you have kindly delivered it to the person you chose please post a message saying taken then the same item description you gave in the offered advert eg epson printer and again the area it was offered from eg cambridge as many of the same items are offered on freecycle such as lots of old computer printers and monitors so if you spot that an items gone..been taken you wont waste your time asking for an item thats already gone!

so heres an example of a rubbish lazy offer..
offered printer cambridge
canon printer collect wednesday cambridge

heres what people need to do..
offered epson branded colour printer cambridge
epson 480 colour some ink still, prints badly maybe due to cheap ink, but i now have new printer and dont have time to fix this. bought in 2001 from misco shop cables included and drivers cdrom see www.printerreviews.??? or see for a photo of the exact printer im giving away im in hills road cambridge see to find this street
write a list of what you need to write when you offer something and stick it to a wall where you will see it as your at your computer so you always get it right..believe me this will save you time write up this..
1 offerd item name my town location
2 product type and model and further info on it
3 state its condition and year made and where you got it from
4 give a link to a website showing a picture of it or a similar model/example
5 give your street so people know roughly where theyll have to get to to collect it or state if your
willing to deliver it
6 list a website people can use to find your adress on a map eg theaa or i think is the best to offer
7 state when you want the item taken by
now i hope ive helped you understand how to better use freecycle and if you have any tips or advice you want to tell me you can either use the comments button below this article or email me. thanks for reading this now go list some stuff you want rid of all the best david. ps if you need good cheap computer/internet help call 07963 348582 also bookmark right now so you can find me again in the future for pc help

later when the item you offered is gone for sure (not just someones promised to turn sometimes they dont turn up and dont bother to phone to cancel which is really annoying) do something like this..

Taken epson printer cambridge
taken by eddie b from cambridge on 23 august 2007 5pm
this helps spot the people taking way to much stuff if you get there name..ask to see a drivers licence or creditcard to get there real name then just post their first name and first letter of surname
Now ill bet the moderator of freecycle would be extatic if people would bother to format there offers correctly and it makes life so much easier for everyone if you spend a couple of minutes typing up some info like my example othewise you have to spend far more time answering loads of peoples questions like what year is made?, does it print? do you include cables? do you have the drivers? is there any ink? can i see a picture of it? where are you? can i have it for my deaf blind one legged granny who works for charity and has no money ( i cant stand people going for some kind of simpathy to manipulate people to give them stuff) my advice ignore these annoying people. ok go and list some unwanted stuff on freecycle a trully brilliant idea for a website..thanks for all the work the moderators do for us cheers! offers cash back if you shop through them you build up comission before you can get it for ordering magazine subscriptions ipc media own this site

GOZING surveys get paid for doing surveys $1-2 for 15-20 minute surveys surveys where you can win cash ive done hundreds and won nothing, also they never ever reply to any email you send them. gambling site whos profits go to charity betting site casino games beer company site has anoying games sometimes beer uk daytime tv channels site surveys

GODADDY is a domain name registrar envirnmental issues info

GET?.org instructions to make browsers safer.

GOBARGING.com for canal holidays for f1 news is for tracing family trees run by the friends reunited company

HARRISPOLL is another survey company with 15-20 minute long surveys to do to try and win a few thousand pounds.At the moment they say you can win £5700 for doing a 20 minute survey but i checked their list of recent winners and theyre all americans so i asked them why americans keep winning and i was told because they have far more americans taking their surveys..well if i do a survey in english sent to someone in the uk id expect my entry to only be in a group of other english or maybe europeans so im unimpressed that you have a very slim chance of ever winning any money from them seeing as your asked to give up so much information to them. sells clothes. sells outdoor clothing such as shoes jackets and nice shirts, hawkshead is a lovely place in the english lakedistrict. is a female orientated site on shopping mainly. is a jewellers selling rings,earrings,watches , necklaces,diamond and gold jewellry etc.

HO? is microsofts advice thats not that helpfull celebrity gossip and photos all things historical,articles and info. for booking hotel rooms. create networks of friends and give your friend a profile. just like a new survey website you earn points for each survey which eventually u can cash in for cash or amazon vouchers you need to build up 2000 points to be able to redeem your cash or voucher youve painstakingly earned so as u can see this is a painfully slow way to make money, 100points = £1 points u often only get 50 points per survey i joined in august 2005 and by july 2006 id earned 625 points! get points for clicking on emails or shopping thrugh takes absolutely ages to build up enough points to exchange for something decent if you just click each email they send you that gives points.* another must see website explaining whats really going on in the world. sells gadgets

ISL marketing is a sports marketing agent is the internet watch foundation where you report any illegal material you come across while surfing the internet, please report anywebsites showing images of the explotation of children or racist websites you stumble across, if your a parent wanting to block access to all pornography online ill be writting another article explaining the software available to block dodgy material on the internet so your child should be able to surf the net safely. is the imperial war museum duxford cambridgeshire which has hundreds of aircraft in its museum and now land military vehicles, there are a few airshows each year woth seeing so for the dates of these check this site. sell pc printer ink. is a supermarket thats stopped doing home delivery now. is a womens site. sell activity gift vouchers for rallying,flying,gormet and water sports.

IPSOS which is is another survey site thats been going for 5 years and has 49k households doing their surveys by june 2005, you earn points which take a long time to build up to something you can exchange. a website set up so you can subscribe to magazines for less than it costs to buy magazines from your newsagents,there are loads of titles to choose from in many catagories from adult porn titles to gardning to motoring etc its good news for consumers bad news for newsagents! most offer 6 month or 12 month subscriptions some with free gifts for joining in december 2005 i won a 12 month subscription from them so its worth doing their competitions too!

ICDPHOTOS is for investments info. sells gadgets and toys. is a uk business directory i first used on 16 nov 2005 is an american site where you can play 6 free lottery games aday you can pay to be entered each day or do it yourself free,it seems to only work ok in internetexplorer browsers but be warned there are loads of pop up adverts which apear so i use popoops software free from which kills nearly all these popups from appearing theres also other casino like games to play here like slot machines. for usa based people only now has games to play for cash lists jobs sell nice trendy clothes for men and women. lists available jobs

JIMRUSSELL was the best racing driver school in the world but it lost its place at donington park race track near derby and so moved to rockingham in bedfordshire. sells jewellerey! sell all things to do with cameras. is a sports equipment store selling trainers to team clothing. is another sports equipment store.

JUICYBRAINSPANEL*.is brainjuicer surveys site. is a price comparison website however in december 2006 i purchased an item costing hundreds of pounds from i did a review of the way currys sent me a broken product and took over 6 weeks to send a working one, kelkoo accepted my review of currys diabolical service only to erase it shortly after as they also erased about 40 other reviews stating is a shit i no longer trust kelkoo to tell me a shopper what sites are good to shop from and which are not, therefore i shall tell you some alternative price comparison sites to use instead of kelkoo..,,,,, i heard of on 6 nov 2006, so try these alternatives to kelkoo hopefully they are more truthful and willing to dish the dirt on poor service from online retailers.
many price comparison sites are just middle men tied to the shops they promote as they get profits from the amount of trade they refer from there site to the you need to remember that and still shop around between comparison sites and other sites, you can save a lot of money comparing prices but it can take a bit of time. is the notorius p2p file sharing site where you can get free music and films youll also find that viruses.trojans,spyware,browser hijackers,keystrokeloggers and worse are also free! i strongly advise against using this is aradio station for dance music. reward you with points you exchange for cash for taking their surveys. is a catalogue shopping companys site. sell memory foam products. is a bank that provides its online users with the most stupid incorrect advice possible to its users on how to avoid being a victim of online phishing fraud, if you believe what they tell you youllloose all your money to hackers and criminals..if you bank online with any bank read my articles numbered 9 10 and 12 by going to my archives(top right of my site) at the end of the ame of each article i write i number them either saying article or art for short then the number going up 1 number per article i write, these articles explain the dangeres of using the internet and what steps you must do to at least try to avoid becoming a victim of id fraud or phishing. Disclaimer..i provide all info on my site as a usefull helpfull guide at no cost to you i can not and will not be responsible for any losses you incure should you follow any of my advice and then something goes wrong for you, if you fall victim to criminal acts track down the criminals dont go around blaming anyone else. has a free lottery you can play 5 times a day to win £1111 a day as well as other games. sell cosmetics. is a tv channels site.

LOOPYLOVE is a dating site. sells cosmetics.

LIGHTSPEEDRESEARCH is another surveys site let you read the first chapter of their books online so you can see if you want to buy their books..a great idea.* lists competitions on other websites ive found out you win 1 prize on average for every 1 thousand you enter! so quite frankly in m,ost cases tyour wasting your time entering them.


LONELYPLANET provide travel guide books and more.* is a free lottery site where you can win $500k a day you can have up to 2 goes a day theyve given away $45,766,874 by 11 august 2005. is thompson holidays site. is a linux computer operating system site..linux is an open sourse software project competing against microsoft and apple. has jokes.

MAILBOXMIVIES* is a dvd rental company is a mens site has hundreds of competitions* is the mozilla browsers forum for finding out answers about the mozilla browsers, firefox is one of the most popular browsers they make to compete with microsofts heavily attacked internet explorer browser. is a food brand. is for manchester united football club info. is for mp3 music downloads you buy. is for info on the brandshatch,oultonpark,snetterton,cadwellpark and bedford autodrome circuits. is a dating idea promised free computers if you viewed a few minutes of adverts each hour you used thre free pc..unfortunately this attracted idiots who intended to get the free pcs and sell them with no intention of viewing the adverts!..however ithis is a brilliant idea someone else shold investigate providing this kind of service. is a reverse price auction

MEDIATRANSFERAG is a survey site where you earn amazon vouchers for surveys. is a teenage girls site for info. is a survey site is microsoft the computer software companys website. is another point earning scheme where you shop through them to earn their points you can exchange for rewards..nly usefull if you shop a lot online and are going to use the shops in their scheme anyway. teen girls info. is a cancer charity

MTV the music video tv channels site with loads of info on the top bands and acts.

MA? software is at is the tabloid papers site.


MYLISTFORSANTA is shopping for xmas info. is a cough remedy site with games sometimes. is the vue cinema chains site to book your cinema tickets online. lots of info on the city of manchester. is for petrol heads who do up there cars so they look as silly as the people driving them is a shopping survey you get £10 of points for joining then £5 every 5 weeks for telling them items you buy,i heard about this on 3 november 2005 via selectyourmail email i found on 1 october 2008, its homepage doesnt explain what the sites about or how to use it but it seems to be a general shopping site* is the uks official online site where you can buy tickets for most of the lotterys they run you put money into your lottery account via your debit or creditcard and then pay for your tickets. national loteery called lotto has odds of 14million to 1 that youll win it but theres smaller prizes also you can play dailyplay,euromillions,thunderball and scratchcards,it doesnt seem possible to play lotto extra online yet. good luck if you play and remember for all the help and info im providing you with please donate to me via to my email address thanks a lot. for womens info

NETFREESTUFF is another freebie site. for geograpical and wildlife info. has free blogs you can set up but i encountered many problems with their service and so didnt use them. is a customisable webpage to agrigate news stories to your personal tastes. is the finnish mobile phone firms site is a points scheme that rewards you for shopping with certain companies. is geneology info. for maps. is another survey site has some competitions sell australian lotto can play this lotto even if you dont live in oz. was called wanadoo until about july 2006 anyway it offers 5mb email account for free holding 100mb maximum,it lets u block just 100 spammers addresses which means if some evil scumbags sold your email address to a spam list orange doesnt help you to block all the bad emails u dont want,ive already used up the 100 addresses ican block and need far more maybe 1000+ not only this but its spam filters are very bad, many obvious spam emails offering viagra spelt slightly wrong get through every day, we need to ba able to block emails containing words also, 5mb storage is tiny and if i dont check my account every day or 2 itll be 100% full and message is may want will bounce and be undelivered as spam is 98% of the mail i get sent clogging up my mailbox, i get about 75-100 spam messages a day now to this account, any1 reading this if u use another service eg gmail leave a comment at the end of this article and say what services your email account does for blocking spam as i need an alternative free email account provider seeing as orange a huge telecoms company cant provide me with a service thats useful.

OLAY makeup. shampoo not tested on animals with free samples available. sell camping,hiking and all outdoor activity equipment. sell alcohol in all its forms from wine to beer to whisky,gin,rum,vodka,scotch,tequila,martini etc is another survey site. compares betting odds of many different bookmakers helping you pick the bookie with the best odds,however youll still find has better odds than other bookmakers. is the charity that helps the worlds poor. is genealogy help is for jobsearching i found on 12 nov 2005* is a service allowing anyone to quickly set up an account with them so that you can pay for goods online quickly and easily,ebay the auction site bought this company and promotes it to be used when you buy on ebay auctions. To join this service click the name at the start of my review of paypal to go straight to the official site of type in your browser then click the signup button select personal account ( unless your going to be selling stuff on ebay profesionally) then follow their instructions. They will need your current email address , current debit or credit card info and your personal details, i suggest you keep a folder of websites you use reguarly, ( or use a bound a5 or a4 notepad) label 26 pages with 1 letter of the alphabet each and record the official name of sites you use what day you joined what your user name is, what your password your supposed to use a different passowrd for each site you use so its impossible to remember 50 let aone more passwords so write them down! and keep your file in a safe place eg a safe believe me theres nothing worse than not being able to login to a website youve joined because youve forgotten the password, some sites will send you a replacement if u ask for one and most do this within 10 minutes but some can take hours or keep records of all sites you use and all passwords..really important stuff like bank passwords dont write down in a way anyone could use it if they looked at your notes!!

once youve created an account with paypal and followed there instructions to activate the may be clicking a link on an email theyll send you, then you can go to and click send money. If your paying someone for a service eg my pc help service type in the person you want to give money too's email address eg mine is make sure you spell it exactly or youll send money to the wrong person!! then you give your email address..the one you gave to paypal when you joined ( dont get confused as many of us have multiple email addresses can only use the email address your paypal account is now tied to). So check your websites i use notepad for what you wrote down earlier, then type the amount you want to pay eg 25.00 uk pounds..check which currency paypal is going to pay the person with, then select what the payments for eg services and click continue, follow paypal's final steps and thats it you can pay anyone who asks for payment through paypal. Thank you for joining paypal if its to pay me for my computer help by phone support.

Paypal claims it gives you £500 protection against goods needing to be returned or incase they dont turn up but i just found out how crap paypal is at honouring this protection so my advice is now use paypal to pay me for using this site but be warned if you buy goods from somewhere like ebay paypals so called £500 protection is a rubbish service almost a month after id filled in a paypal form asking to be refunded for a camcorder i bought on ebay that didnt work i got an email back saying i had 10 days to go to a camcorder repairer and get them to write on headed company paper whats wrong/what itll cost to fix and how the item differed to the ebay listing i responded to, now 10 days notice is only usefull if you check your email every day! if you dont by the time you check your email you like me can be out of time to go try and do this . Also at your own expense you have to fax these sheets to paypal thus incuring more costs still not knowing if youll get your money back, as a result of paypals treatment of my case ill not be shopping on ebay as much. if i shop online using paypal ill do so knowing there so called £500 protection is pretty worthless. Its like most creditcards in that it offers you protection meaning you should get your money back if something goes wrong with an online purchase but theres room for massive improvment over the very poor protection service theyre currently offering. Due to paypals popularity thanks to ebay promoting it seeing as it own paypal the company many other online stores now offer you the chance to buy there products using paypal. You give them your name and address and an email address you use (get a service like yahoo email as they give you lots of storage space so you can save loads of emails without your email account filling up and running out of space use or to set up one of these email accounts) basically you have to give your credit or debitcard details to them and then when you pay for something online the amount you specify to be paid to someone is taken off your card by paypal, i used this to buy stuff on ebay and make payments to other organisations that display the paypal logo on their sites. If you open a paypal account as ive said in other articles on my site please pay me whatever you can afford or deem a fair amount as a payment to me for providing this website service to you, it helps cover my running costs..purchase of a computer package, electricity, internet service provider fees etc etc please send payment to which is my email address and thats all you need to be able to send payment to someone so long as you have their email address and their a member of paypal thats it its so easy to do and joining them will only take a few minutes. Thank you anyone who contributes anything towards my running costs. is another site offering info on how the world really run. you can sell your photos to this site but it costs $100 to join sell merchadise linked to the past. sell great fairtrade organic clothing is acharity asking for people to sponsor poor children. is an auction service lets you say how much youll pay for flights its been promoted as selling airline tickets at the price you offer to pay,i and friends used this but found no bargains at all thier system keeps asking you to up your offer until your paying as much if not more than you usually would for a plane ticket! its supposed to help airlines sell all their unsold spaces on flights as a planes going to take off with some unsold seats quite often so this service is meant to allow you to make an offer for that spare seat, anyway give it a try and leave feedback at tthe end of this article on this site or any other i mention here for you to use.

PENGUIN book seller and printer. is an american free lotto you can play daily.

PINECONERESEARCH* gets you to do surveys on products or services and rewards you with £4 in accor vouchers for the 15-20 minutes they take for crosswords to do to win prizes. has games to win prizes.

PURINA pet food

PRIZETAG gets you to guess fictional values of products if your right you win them..its extremely hard its as hard to win as a lotto. if you need plastic bags. stores your digital photos online for you. for photography info has a new service called a reverse search engine if you say what your tring to buy advertisers match themselves to your requests and pay you to be able to show you there adverts..great if it works is an european auction site set up to rival ebay its got far less goods for sale on it and its got far less content and features in september 2005 its in the news as having people trying to buy this comapny..its got a hell of a lot of work to do if its ever to grow to trully compete with ebay for customers business. is a reverse price auction has quizes you do to try and win stuff. is q music magazine site is another site to see if you want to find out how this planets really run.

Roboform* is software that fills in online forms for you saving you having to type in your name and address and phone number etc,its very useful if tyou do lots of competiotion sor send off for lots of freebies it also fills in passwords and usernames for you on sites you want it to the free version of this software only lets you fill in 10 sites passwords but if you buy the full version you get more features. is a country lifestyle and agricultural business exhibition in july. sell clothes is a charity helping out in disaster areas wanting your money. is another shopping cashback service lists there mail services for posting lettes or parcels has dance music info for house music,trance,techno etc. has a few competitions

REALPLAYER competes with microsofts windows media player and apples quicktime as the most popular media players available.with this software you can listen to online radio,burn cds and organise your music on your harddrive, ive found previous versions of realplayers cd burning functions to go wrong a lot causing me to waste lots of blank cds, flaws are often found in media players so be sure to always use the latest versions available otherwise hackers can do damage to your pc when you use ut of date or unpatched media players recently ive had trouble with limewire p2p file sharing software running realplayer to view video files i downloaded. is a charity worth supporting as they protect animals from cruel owners, help injured animals and promote things like buying only chicken thats been reared to good standards of welfare for the anmals. lists cars reliability to help you when you choose a car is a domestic violence charity in the uk needing support

Self catering holiday websites..
abercrombie and kent
holiday cottages
holiday rentals
hotelopia(first choice)
kosmer villa holidays
meon villas
mytravel (was airtours)
rci europe
simply travel (thompson holidays)
thomas cook
virgin holidays more free items the satellite tv broadcasters site a voip phone call company recently bought by ebay. for trainers etc. has sports news. the oil companys site. owned by hewlettpackard prints digital photos. makers of pesto sauce a trully lovely food you must try. free hitcounters for websites but the free ones display your sites statistics to everyone not just the webmaster..a quite silly feature which is why i got rid of it. womens cycling info. is yahoos search engine, i still find google to be by far the worlds best search engine..try using the search bar at the top of my website to search for things then do the same search using yahoo and you will see why googles still the planets best search finds the best results other search engines really do search..they dont come back to you with particuarly relevant results. and for the electrical groups products and info ive found their sites to quite often have mistakes and flaws they never bother to acnowledge if you tell them.

SPLASH was a dvd seller till it went bust taking my money and many thousands of peoples without giving us the dvds we had paid be warned if you use price comparison sites to find the cheapest dvd sellers be carefull as there are some companys out there close to collapse. surveys to try and win cash for health related produncts promotes scotland as a tourist destination is a daily game you can play twice its a scratch card ive played for years but never won anything. the gambling newspapers site. dvd seller provide software to display graphics in games on your pc. nop surveys buy wine online from this supermarket an easy listening online radio station jewellry and trinkets


SONY the electical goods company.

SIMPLYBE womens clothing and lingerie for bigger sizes. a sports betting site.* win £1 million twice a day for free the tv channels site some info of use but didnt even thing to list what times the show 24 with keifer sutherland would be on..seeing as it shown in 24 parts and each week the times it was shown changed, it would have been usefull to see in advance what times the tv show would be on! is a american service saying you can send free text messages from the internet i signed up and sent 2 texts only to be told id been charged 50p for each message i then kept getting strangers texting me asking to be my friend! automatically opts you in for loads of services you wont want in order to make money out of warned.

SHELTER is a homeless charity sell clothes and you can submit clothing designs to earn cash is greenfield surveys site if you do decide to do greenfields surveys be warned over the last few years theyve not once ansered an email ive sent so theyve ignored my requests for info about 25 times, also they never say who won the cash prize for doing the survey. for info on sony products get tickets to tv shows being filmed. car info..remember use a bike or public transport as cars are destroying the planet buy track driving days driving a formula1 car! sell clothes,kitchenware and lots of other items..i spotted this companys logo in the film the bourne identity with matt damon when he was in germany so maybe its a german brand? is where you can book train tickets online for the uk. travel info. technology news surveys you get points for you need 300 to exchange for £9 itll take a lot of surveys to gain the minimun 300 points you need before you can get a reward. more surveys britains biggest supermarket chain makes profits of £2bn a year now as well as grocerys they now sell just about everything else. has some free ecards as well as cards you buy and gadgets and gifts.

THE-RAFT.com* has lots of music car news more surveys* another free £1million lottery you can do online twice a day in the last few years ive played this only 1 person has ever won this as the odds of winning are about 76million to 1 when the national loteery called lotto has odds of 14 million to 1 but seeing as its free you may as well try. travel info the mobile phone service providers site, virgin mobile use this companys network of masts and base stations. for history info more freebies to hunt through

TRAVELODGE hotel rooms to book sell holidays online. list many holidays you can buy is an art gallery lets you book restaurants and venues,you can earn points with each booking you make. lists lots of business publications you can get free if you qualify..most are for the usa market is powered by career junction and helps you hunt for jobs in the uk

TNTMAGAZINE.COM/UK/JOBS lists london uk jobs available*is an independent site where you compare prices of gas and electricity to choose which company you want to use, i worked out i could save 25% off the bill i was getting if i switched company with this service. sells many makes of trainers is the tv stations site. is a tv channels site with weekly competitions of household goods. is the cinema chains site to find out about newly released films* lists thousands of competitons available across thousands of websites as ive said though the chance of winning anyhing is remote. for camping info lists competitions find out about local areas is the scifi tv channels website richard bransons company selliing loads of stuff. goodmusic played throughout the day on this radio station. sells mobile phones and pay as you go top ups for the virgin mobile phone network virgin to virgin texts are just 3p other texts are 5p and its about 30p a minute to make calls, there are some new companies doing better offers than this now. sell records cassettes cds dvds etc has casino games sell office suplies. sell lottery and football pools tickets list competitions unfortunatly many seem the same as on the myoffers website and on other sites so you may invalidate your entries if you enter the same competition twice, my requests for an anser to this go unanswered

V?.com for computer industry news,much is written in language most home users will struggle with so use my site for all the pc news you need.

VICTORCHANDLER a bookies and casino reward you with amazon vouchers for doing surveys is a dating service i came across om 13 december 2004 via an email from nighttimeuk they send you emails most weeks asking you to do something,nearly always involving making a request for a loan or mortage or some financial scheme,if you do this they say theyll give you a dvd film for free! this obviously affects your youll look desperate for cash loans as you keep contacting loan companies! they dont say you have to actually follow through and take out a loan etc you just falsly request phone backs from companies who all seem to plead ignorance of vofferu affiliation.i had to really threaten vofferu in order to get them to send me dvds i was owed by them and when they did arrive from india..where vofferu are based they turned out to be dodgy pirate copies of dvds! any companies reading this info who im helping understand why theyre making hundreds or thousands of useless sales call remember i acept donations to my email address as a thank you for helping you out. computer virus info

VOICEINACROWD sell things like business cards get 250 for £3.08 is a volunteers charity working overseas

WIN4NOW lists competitions and if you join andd check the site each day 1 member wins £100 if its your name on their homepage.* is the world wide fund for wildlife charitys site theyre one of the worlds biggest charitys for saving wildlife but quite frankly after all the money theyve been given over the years i wonder why the news is still full of stories of extinction do wwf spend theyre donations? is a charity wanting you to sponsor poor children is for concervation in the cambridge area for womens tennis info has the press photographer of the years winning photos has vouchers for money off food

WHATCAR for car news and reviews store sells toys cds dvds etc was freeserve an isp for wifi info. the place to go to find out the right time around the world

WHYORGANIC.org* for organic food info, we should all go back to organic food, the crap supermarkets sell us these days is making us all unhappy and crazy and polluting our bodies. is to help you find old friends is a government website related to finding work radio station or is one of the big internet companies is a mens magazine online. give points for surveys it takes ages to earn enough points to trade in for products and the products on offer are pretty crap anyway.

Z? has detailed computer industry news again its too complex for most home users. has software you use to read some emagazines if youve signed up to get the magazines first. is the zooilogical society of london a charity that runs 2 zoos and does concervation work

ok then thats the end of my list of websites i use often or recomend, please leave comments if any of the sites i recomend turn out to be really helpfull for you or you wish to add info on a site ive recommended or to thank me for doing this long article.again please use to donate money to thanx

Now heres my list of crap websites and or services ive unfortunately used... this is stelios of easyjets new venture into mobile phones, im on virgin mobile which lets you call your voicemail for free, lets you call to check your amount of credit left for free, easymobile charge 25p a minute to do this! outragious, i do crappy itv gameshows sometimes which charge 75p per call from a bt landline, virgin charge £1 per call for this so i asummed easymobile would charge the same a mount so i went and made lots of calls to try angd get through to win big cash on itv quizshows like themint anyway i was shocked to discover easymoible charge over £1.50 per call ! this is insane their charging me over 50p more than even virgin mobiles hiked if u treat your customers like shit they simply walk away and use a competitiors services..i shall no longer use easymobile theyre just a very poor service out to rip off people, ihad £50 credit on my easymobile sim yet they said id have to spend another £10 so i could call internatinally and to use call roaming..this was so i could use them to calll 09012 numbers..why???? i only joined them litterally a few days ago yet im already about to hang up on using them as a mobile phonecall company so stelios or anyone high up at easymobile i recon you owe me an appology..appologise here and make things right for me by giving me say a load of credit to use you otherwise i never will use any easy company services ever again.. use my comments button to reply. ( written on 24 august 2006 527pm)

Anybody who uses the comments button to ask me something about this article could you please
state how you found my website eg if it was a link from another site tell me what site it was, or if told by a friend how did your friend find the site. thanks eg someone asked what do i think of ..answer to that person is ive not bought from them..i added them as thats 1 site i found when deciding whether to do a rally day myself...if u book anything via the links on this site let me know how it goes..ill then add info to my listing for that site to help other people


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