Monday, April 11, 2005

1.the beginning

Well being human is what its all about and in the 21st century that means living in an orwellian society like in the film 1984 based on george orwells book called 1984.Your every act and thought is no longer yours everything you do via phones ,the internet ,creditcards ,banking, use of librarys in fact basically everything is now open to exploitation by government agencys and commercial organisations after your cash.This blog will be the place you can read the days news for free in under 10 minutes,i aim to edit what i see on global news tv stations,the newspapers of my country..england( in the unitedkingdom..the uk or britain if that helps!) and from news websites.I have recorded most days news since july 2002 in an a4 sized bound paperpad and up to and including 31 december 2004 ive recorded 114 pages of abrieviated news which ill be publishing here on my blog each day from now on as i feel its good to remember whats already happened as the world moves at such a crazy pace these days.A typical newspaper is now about 60 large pages of news a day which we all throw away each week quickly forgetting whats happened in the world so ill give you the chance to quickly read up on whatever days news you missed so you can know the latest information and its great to simply look back and see what date certain events happened to be able to put things in perspective and see how the news i get shown in england differs to the news you get shown in your part of the world. I have also got to write in easily understood language how to use computers to access the internet safely as so many of my friends ask me for my help ive found it quite frightening how little knowledge most people have regarding protecting their computer from all the problems you can become infected with via accessing the internet, so in step by step instructions this blog will be the place to come to learn to use your computer and the internet.I have so many great bits of software i know about and use so ill tell you about them so that youll be able to make free phone calls from your computer, send free text messages and chat to people all over the world in many different ways. I will number each article i post numerically going up to make it easy for you to get back to where you were when you come back on another day. the third area ill be writing about will be the other stuff im into, from the music i recommend to the television i watched and whats happening in my life, well april 11 2005 is when began see you all here everyday from now on best wishes for a happy healthy life to everyone but osama binladen! where the hell is he? my advise to him.. get a good lawyer!


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