Tuesday, April 12, 2005

2.Old news from july 10 2002 and onwards

first to explain how ill be laying out my simplified news storys basically a + sign is used to seperate different storys so when you see a + sign a new story is beginning i hope you find my format nice and easy to read well get reading then..wednesday july 10 2002..hormone replacement therapy(hrt) raises cancer and strokes risk. thursday 11 july rape victim got 7500 pounds compensation award but will get 4 times that on appeal,i say the criminals assets shouls be sold to pay this.+ burma army uses rape as weapon of war+ yucca mountains to be used as nuclear dump in nevada+qwest a worldcom competitor faces criminal investigation. friday 12 july..british spies are in iraq to incite revolt+drop in air-misses in uk last year,not 1 actual risk thanks to the tcas collision avoidance system+6 tons of ivory is seized ow its way to japan for use as name plates!+global crossing filed for bancrupcy protection in january its $12.4 billion in debt. saturday 13 july..schoolgirl milly dowler who was abducted in london recently,the cctv camera where she was taken from hasnt captured her on film due to glare from the sun.+national lottery hotpicks new game launched+ hiv seasame street puppet proposed, totally insane idea+ raf jets in class a near miss over moray.+crack adict sex attacker gets 3 life terms,was just released from a 6 year robbery sentence..jail doesnt work.+ lego the plastic toys will be a miramax film+ uranium smuggler caught in poland and 3 others in france..what could be more serious than this. sunday 14 july joanna lees boyfriend mr falconio abducted in australian outback 1 year ago today still not found presumed murdered+gardia informant told police 2 days before the omagh car bombing of the car type that would be used+the eurofighter plane will cost britain 18.8billion pounds roughly $40billion us dollars+los angeles cop filmed hitting a blackman donovan jackson news called it a beating.totally blown out of proportion by media he was just arresting the criminal+telefonica the spanish telecoms firm made a 4.6billion loss in 2001+rbos..royal bank of scotland will sell 20million pounds stake in stockbrokers to td waterhouse stockbrokers+ the dailymail newspaper which owns loot titles advertises brothels the sunday express says+ pets given prozac+ princess dianas driver henri paul launched bid to clear his name,traces of fluoxetine and tiapride were in his hair sample( cia involvement eh conspiracy theorists?) monday 15 july lone fanatic fies at president chirac in an assasination attemp by a skinhead hes stopped by crowd near him+ westham london car fire with man and 4 kids in it was suicide/murder by depressed man..depression sufferers in the uk get vertually no help so this is what happens+japans national aerospace lab trying to build son of concord,its model test flight blew up! tuesday 16 july uk chancellor gives away billions..61bn,hell spend 301bn by 2005-6 meaning hes taken way to much tax off taxpayers in the first place!+concord with faulty engine turns back..engine surge,they had all the time they were grounded after the france concord crash to overhall these amazing jets!+150 dead in nepal landslide+ 15 mafia bosses arrested in sicily at meeting to elect a new godfather+phamacutical comapany pfizer to buy pharmacia+banks check ids of all customers to combat money laundering and terrorism funding+ london FTSE stockmarket looses 229.6 points to drop to 3994.4 loosing 55 bn pounds in value! wednesday 17 july the IRA (irish republican army)offers sincers appology for 30 years of civilian slaughter but no word of regret for 915 members of security forces murdered.+ 16 killed in north seaoil workers helicopter crash.a sikorsky 576+ 56 stone man in ipswich suffolk forklifted out of his flat..britains are getting fatter!!


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