Wednesday, April 13, 2005

3.old news 18july 2002 onward

Thursay 18 july 2002..juries to be scrapped in some trials for fraud etc+isle of wight 15year old exchange student murdered by richard kemp 52+quangos what do they do?+ pistol used to kil stephen saunders the british military attach by the november 17 group is found in athens+cadburys may buy adams chewing gum from pfizer. Friday 19 july..a gene gives an inheritance of fear+raped girl kills herself after ordeal in court+punishment rape gang face death penalty in pakistan..backward society in parts.+killer to be thrown off cliff in iran..what a good idea we in the uk should do this to+benicio del toro in a advert..promoting lucky star film is actually an advert for meredez..subliminal advertising( any public relations people reading this if you want me to mention your products on this website email aol..(america on line) wrote off $54bn in april because they over valued their businesses worth. Saturday 20th july..harold shipman uks worst ever serial killer killed 215 patients he was a doctor of!+film studio to be bullt in cornwall..southwest film studios. Sunday 21st july.. £60 extra for flights if fuel is taxed for environmental reasons..should be done cheap flight are killing the planet+ uk faces £2bn bill for gulf war 2 (wow how governments get thing wrong in early 2005 the uk has spent £5bn so far!! slight underestimate. Monday 22nd july cambridge media lab launch website you edit defence company advertising theyre on paris frankfurt and madrid stock exchanges+11 die as israel f16 jet bombs militants home..heavy handed tacktics+ california to outlaw gas guzzler cars..a bit late but at least theyre doing buys french for £32m+ dr rowan williams becomes george careys successor in uks church leadership+ 40% of women classed as rape victims dont regard what happened as rape!..government statistics are never accurate are they?+ 61,000 rapes last year in uk the police recorded 7700 rapes.sound a huge number serious problem needs solving fast..bring back hanging+five life sentences for students kidnapper akhtar naseem 39 had been freed from prison after serving 8 years for a similar crime! in sheffield..whoever let him free should be hung too+497 billionares listed in forbes magazine..any of them reading this please donate to using to pay me thanks a lot buddy!. Thursday 25th july usa arrest 2 muslim activists in seattle with links to sheikh abu hamza al-hasri a radical imam+ doomsday date is 11.47am febuary 1 2019..when an asteroid will hit earth! later said its a 1 in 250,000 chance.. shit thats quite likely..asteroid 2002 nt7+ philadelphia girl of 7 claws her way to freedom.was kidnapped for £100k ransom+ 250000 sterilised in peru by tricks..this is population control 1984 style+adelphia usas 6th largest telco..cable company is bankrupt..cost investors $60bn..where does lost money go????+ prudential (owns online bank)had $120m exposure to worldcoms collapse, its profits down 55%


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