Monday, April 18, 2005

4. old news friday 26 july 2002 onward

friday 26 july 2002.. 1 in 5 relationships begin at work meaning 4 in 5 dont!++ police smash mosque door to seize refugees..illegal imigrants++ girl agrd 14 became depressedd when her father left home for his lover killed herself++ mugabe refuses to let starving rivals buy food++ 4 pakistanis trial today for gang rape on orders of village court++ california 55000 acres burnt in 3 days by camper cooking hotdogs,3.9 million acres a year destroyed last year..another possible terrorist way to damage usa++ 2 held over girl age 7 kidnap in philadelphia++ orange mobile network has 12.8 million subscribers in uk 41.1 million worldwide++14 million face starvation in africa again++ man charged with murdering sandy hadfield age 13 found in lincoln woods..timothy cuff 34 remanded++ south africa 23yr old convicted of rape of a 9 month old baby..he should face a gladiator type punishment such as being fed to lions for something as evil as this++ goma volcano active again++ clerical medical one of vodaphones largest shareholders owns 1% of the equity++ japanese isp(internet service provider) internet initiative japan and crosswave communications in deal?++ 78 killed in ukraine airshow crash the worst airshow crash ever.amazing video captured of the fighter jet clipping its wing on ground and ploughing into spectators++ £30 million to set up consumers diresct to give advice from 2003++ prozac helps combat compulsive disorders such as obsessive spending(if only i had the money to be an obsessive spender!) remember to pay me for this service i provide you via to 29 july 2002.. 9 us miners trapped for 3 days rescued the film rights to this story to be bought within days..boring story!++ james bulgers killers turn 20 next month will be given new identitys so public cant track them down for revenge.. they should be hung not released++ sick leave costs £522 per head ayear average 10 days sick a year jobsite says++freeserve isp to be rebranded wanadoo at £30 million cost has 2.5 million customers and is owned 74% by france telecom++ fraud cases in britain double in value to £255m in past 6 months. 30 july.. asteroid 2002nt7 could hit planet earth on febuary 1 2060..jesus!++ boeing trying to defeat gravity++ wallstreet 3rd largest gains ever.dow jones up 447 points to 8711++ isa sales for june $437m down 25% from last year. 31 july detention of terror suspects ruled unlawfull in uk..there is no common sense left in england everyone in power is insane++ 1st august 2002.. 14 intelligence company.a unit closely linked to the sas is in spain to track down eta++ tidal power stations to be built off devon,plan to generate 3megawatts by 2004 enough for 1600 homes++ 15 year old rapist whose victim killed herself gets 4 years prison..he showed a total lack of remorse..all prisoners should be given lie detector tests before release and if theyre not remorsefull hang them++puff daddy talking with venture capitol firm sun capital..linked to duke of marlboroughd son++ bskyb sattelite tv has 6.1m subscribers now


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