Tuesday, June 14, 2005

24 season 4 review my 4th article on it (article16)

24( twenty four) episode 8 set during 2-3pm millions will die if 6 nuclear plants meltdown so the 6 critical cities will be evacuated. jack tells heller ctus been comprimised and hes going to tonys house with audrey.206pm marwan will have to personally use the override to make sure the plants meltdown on schedule. heller plans to flush out the ctu mole by giving false info to ctu staff and seeing if anyone leaks that info.216pm tony almeda is now unemployed living with a woman.michel his ex wife is now a deputy director of ctu over at a place they call division. marianne leaks the false info. jack sends image of whiteman audrey saw when kidnapped.sarah attractive ctu worker is arrested and blamed for secutity leak mrs driskle interogates her and authorises her electic torture even though shes know sarah 8 months and doesnt fit the profile. jack got tony out of prison after he was considered a traitor to his country for actions in previous season of 24( hes agood guy and wasnt a traitor) dina goes to a hospital fro treatment but doctor knows its a gunshot wound and call police. ctu match picture to a henry powell who worked for mclenen forster and now freelances for them hes about to leave on a helicopter flight, all flights are cancelled today so he must have very high up friends.245pm tony and jack goto capture henry.police arrive at dinas hospital so she takes off with beyrouse. 252pm edgar pretends hes got mariannes security clearance so he can steal her password and investigate her,edgar works out mariannes the spy and tells driskle, marianne trys to leave ctu very quickly but shes caught by curtis another ctu worker goes to open her car and it blows up so terrorists would have killed her. 257pm henrys flight is grounded so he forces pilot at gunpoint to get ready to take off, jack and tony ctach henry he tries to pay off tony and jack to let him go then a sniper kills henry from a nearby rooftop.

episode 9 3-4pm driskle and curtis decide to ajust mariannes file so they wont look so incompetent for hiring her. the san gabriel mountain nuclear power station will meltdown within the next hour so that ares being evacuated. jack gets last numbers henry called from his phone ctu will try and trace these. navi looks for dina at friends homes. dinas phone rings and ctu trace it to a motel so henrys been in contact with her,tony and jack go to get her. beyrouse goes to nassim dinas brother who works at a hospital to get pain killers for his mum. san gabriel plants meltsdown by 312pm edgars mum lives in the area but shes house bound . swat team surround dinas motel and cature her. nassim calls navi to ask why beyrouse needs pain medication so navi lies and says beyrouse is drug addict and for nassim to keep him there till he gets there. edgar wants audrey to try evacuate his mum by calling people to help.jack knows dina tried to save her son by listening to phone call intercepted from la area homeland security archived. jack tells dina vavi will catch beyrouse if she doesnt help them get him jack offers presidential pardon if she provides info that helps then find the override device in time to prevent anymore meltdowns and jack offers beyrouse immunity from procecution.edgars mum cant be saved as resouses used to get maximum number of people out of dangerous areas,edgars mum says shell comit suicide so as to avoid radiation poisoning from nuclear fallout,driskle has to stop edgar from leaving to see his mum. dina shown pardon signed by president but president got it to be non binding contract,dina says shell go to hospital to help ctu get beyrouse. navi catches beyrouse so he says if hes killed dina will tell police everything and riun navis plans. jack shoots navis tyre in carpark so he gets out taking beyrouse hostage.dina harras says if beyrouse not saved shell happily let reactors meltdown.


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