Wednesday, June 08, 2005

24 season 4 review my 2nd article on it(art14)

bugger i d just written up my review of episode4 when i got an explore has caused an error message and my pc froze up so i just lost that blog article completely so now i have to write it all again arrrggghhhhh! so if you find my articles usefull please link your website to mine if you own a website or recomend my site to all your friends, tell them to book mark my site please and please use to pay me whatever you can, just as you pay £3-4 pounds/$6-8 for a magazine each month please pay me something similar for all the advice and news i give you. ok back to the 24 season 4 blogg...
episode 4 set 10-11am..all ctu team trying to locate jack, chloe still needs 10 minutes to get sattelite use to be able to track terrorist jack has trapped in petrol station.driskle gets sarah to watch chloe incase she helps jack as hes acting without ctus aproval and chloe is loyal to jack. chalil is name of terrorist jack has in petrol station.heller pretends he need s heart medication as part of a plot to try and escape, he fakes heart attack and gets a gun form a terrorist and kills a few more but hes recaptured.jack has to take a cop hostage when he comes into the store, the stores owner shouts when cops using his radio alerting cops to hostage situation.debbie given drink by dina beyrouse mum.driskles not stupid she knows chloes probably got sdomeone else to help her to help jack. driskle has a daughter called mia whos a young woman with scizophrenia and has just shouted at a neighbours young son so driskle has her brought to ctus medical center so she can deal with her there as driskles too busy to leave ctu. beyrouse told to shoot debbie as she saw the warehouse hellers being held in, but debbies been poisoned by dina and dies beyrouse was going to let her escape. police surround petrol station so jack takes chalil hostage and exits the store with him at gunpoint so he can escape by car, later he lets chalil escape on foot, chloe tracks him by sattelite. chloes caught using defense sattellite without authority and is arrested. chalil hassan steals a yellow truck to escape in,driskle says to arrest chalil which would ruin all jacks work.marianne overheard chloe getting edgar to work for her and will use that to blackmail edgar to do what she wants within ctu so shes seeming like a baddie.jack is arrested by police.

episode5 set 11am-12noon..police release jack after driskle speaks to them.jack gets an all points bulletin to catch a truck thief to be cancelled on chalils car as he doesnt want the police to stop him from getting to where hes going. heller and audrey break a gas pipe on a wall where theyre held to kill them selves as they dont want to go om trial and be executed live on the internet. 1115am marianne wants level3 clearance so she can access all ctus systems she blackmails edgar to do this for her.chloes suspended and held in a holding room at ctu. driskle gets chloe to resign and then she wont face jail or sanctions so chloe agrees to go. beyrouse mum dina tries to make it look like beyrouse killed his girlfriend so his father navi wont be mad with beyrouse.debbies mum calls her phone trying to find out where she is. chloe hasnt told driskle edgar helped her.1128am sarah datamines the area thet suspect chalil is heading for.chalil stops at an intersection and beeps at car infront an angry black racist gets out to confront him, passing police car sees the confruntation and do a licence plate check on the cars, as 1 cops cooling things down the other cop leaves the cop car knowing the trucks stolen chalils in but he gets radio call and told to stand down and let car go, chalil the terrorist noticed the 2nd cop was going to draw his gun before the radio call and is suspicious..after hes let go he calls omar...his handler and then commits suicide by driving head on into a truck so ctu cant get info out of him..hes martered himself omar says. jack tells ctu to do thermal scan of area then overlay it with previous scans to see any new hot spots of activity..last hope of finding hellers location. mia arives at ctu for help.whitemen with omar( big supposed middle eastern terrorsist leader) say the suitcase is fine, omar smells gas and heller and audrey get rescued in time so there suicide attempt didnt work.audrey recognises 1 whiteman working with omar but doesnt know his name and cant quite recall where she saw him before.thermal imaging locates 1 probable location chalil was heading for.president suggests a preemptive strike on the site even if it kills heller as if heller is executed on internet webcast itll encourage further attacks on usa. 1154am debbies mum goes to beyrouse home to find her daughter whos not answeing her phone,dina and navi say shes not been there debbies ringtone goes off but beyrouse covers saying its his phone.hellers trial begins being broadcast live on the internet. us president gives ok to drop missile on the site hellers held in.jacks told marines wont get to the site in time to rescue heller and audrey his girlfriend so he decides to go in alone.


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