Tuesday, April 19, 2005

6. news august 11 2002 onward

Sunday 11 august 2002.. attempted abduction in witchford cambridgeshire last december in ely on febuary2 there were 2 the august 6th soham schoolgirls case isnt unique.++ trident security alert in lymouth..temporary passes being used in a scam..nuclear submarines should have highest security standards but no not in england++ 29 killers set free in last decade killed again..well if wed hung them..++cleaning freak alex from bigbrother..awful reality tv show on channel4 gets domestos bleach tv ad deal. Monday August 12..police use dna science to catch mugger..cigarrette butts, prints on handbags,wallets and spit etc now collected++ iran hands 16 alqaeda men to saudis. Tuesday 13 august.. perseid meteor shower was last night..always worth a look if its a cloudfree sky++ 500,000 letters a week go astray out of 82m letters a day.. yeah items i know i was supposed to get go missing++ toxic umbrella is chocking asia..huge cloud all over india to most of china..nasty pollution++ ford sells kwikfit for £330m++ ebookers to aquire other travel companys to become bigger.Wednesday 14 august..floods in prague the czech capitol++ forboys newsagents fined for managers 97 hour week..woman had to lock shop to use lavatory and got no lunch break..well ive worked for people like this, wheres my compensation???++ £340k lottery money given to group that fights deportation of illegal wonder lotto sales are down++ american airlines axes 7000 jobs and 74 old planes++ ncipher net security cambridge based. Thursday august 15.. accident claims salesman sued over fall! is john prescotts website the deputy primeminister..hackers do your duty++ giant vines strangling amazon trees..trees soak up carbon dioxide the greenhouse gas causing global warming which america doesnt care to do anything boycott american products until they clean up there act++ scott speicler f18 pilot may have been saddams prisoner since gulfwar++ xenova shares at 45p.Friday 16 august..sentencing advisory panel advises judges say 10 years maximum for people who view and distribute child porn in very serius examples..hang them it cost £25k per person per year average to lock someone up.. the money could be far better used++bereved families to sue binladen company++ dell goes to war with hp(hewlett packard) over printer market,hp has 39% market share and makes £20bn a year++cms energy michigan has £2.6bn hole in accounts due to enron style deals!..why not liedetect accountants?. Saturday 17 august ian huntley a school caretaker and maxine carr a teaching assistant are questioned over missing soham schoolgirls++ burglar takes victim to court!!!!!!!!!.. i have lost all respect for the legal system in the uk its a joke++ half mile wide asteroid visible with binoculars is 329,000 miles away++ moroccans grope++ vodaphone and vivendi spent £650m on jointventure vizzavi. Sunday 18 august 2002 .. soham bodies found near lakenheath airbase( american military use) near common drove++ security loophole..get into a top raf base by asking for a haircut. Monday 19 august..pot noodle(junk food ) advert says its the slag of all snacks,the itc rules the ad can only be shown after 9pm++ nasa building mind sensors to detect if people intent on criminal amazing if they can do this but very 1984++ russia does £27bn deal with iraq++ us fears cruise missle launch from cargo ships++every 500megawatts taken off system costs britishenergy £250k a day++ 102m admissions to cinemas in uk so far 174m estimate for whole year++ attempted rape of 8yr old near colchester on sunday++ exotic fungus may fight cancer++ china caught 41m tons of fish lasy year which is 3 in 10 of fish caught worldwide! they will scrap 1 in 10 fishermen(300,000) in 5 years..overfishing is serious problem++ chechen guerillas shoot down russian helicopter 85 die++ abu gvidal terrorist dead++ meredith gardner who broke the cambridge spyring has died++ seems barry george killed jill dando a bbc tv crime show presenter++ detective agencys investigate executives applying for jobs++ foreigners put $124bn into us last year down from $301bn in 2000.. september 11 has had enormous repercusions. Wednesday 21 august.. carjacker trys to steal van full of judo experts! i gues he got an arse kicking the likes of which hed never had before hahahaha++ take the weight off your mind..sleep enough


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