Tuesday, June 14, 2005

24 season 4 review my 5th article on it (article17)

24 season 4 episode 10 set during 4-5pm.. jack gets thermal scan of hospital to detect navis wherabouts navi calls marwan says hell hold of agents as longf as he can, marwan says itll take 1-2 more hours to meltdown the rest of the nuclear plants as thayll have to do them 1 at atime now ctu is trting to block there takeover. curtis interogated marianne she says henry powell kept a laptop in an office downtown with files on as insurance policy incase they needed a bargaining chip if caught, laptop needs her thumbprint to access the files. jack goes down laudry chute on wire to where navi is but makes a noise jack fights navi and captures him but beyrouse shoots his father navi dead. dina doesnt know where overeride is bur giveas an address where nmost of the planning for todays attacks was done. curtis and security team sent to place marianne needs to got o. sarah goes back to work,she could have gone home after being tortured..ctu workers are tough!. trap dore found at address dina gave up gas palns all ove r the walls..traim they derailed pictures of heller and audrey.432pm galaxy financial is company that owns the building terrorists planned attacks from and paul audreys husband is chief financial officer of galaxy so hes looking suspicious. audrey calls paul for jack to find out if hes involved,she goes to see him at his hotel jack trying to get there fast too.hellers upset audrey at risk again. driskle allows tony to have a gun and to interogate beyrouse and dina. sarah accuses driskle of needing allies and wants a payrise and her torture expunged from her record,driskle agrees. audrey meets paul pretending shes still interested in him. curtis at place with marianne it seems empty.marianne accesses the laptop but shes shot dead by people she worked for before getting the info curtis and manning captured by baddies.bearded anmerican in 40s is tarrorist. jacj pulls gun on paul and hits him to get him to talk.

24 season 4 episode 11 set during 5-6pm jack tortures paul causing audrey to see her boyfriend jack in whole new light!. paul says hell look up the buildings ifo on his laptop. marwan helpers give him access to a computer in an office buiding so he can try melting down the other nuclear plants. forbes is bearded man. curtis escapes his captors. paul says his attorney does most of his deals. a harris barns of galaxy leasing leased the building the terrorists used to plan the attacks from. habib marwan is harris barns ctu find out.517pm dina gives up names marwan used to keep beyrouse safe, marwan is an engineer she says. ali pulls phone lines curtis is in so he cant call out. mia nasty to her mum mrs driskle. dina says marwan has the override device downtown in rockland building. jacks on the way to this building with ctu teams. curtis forces forbes to say which floor marwans on. mia being disruptive again in ctu medical centre. 543pm servers in the rockland building must have been used to attack the nuclear power stations. curtis says they have less than 15 mins before marwan succedds. jack still has no discription of marwan, so in busy office itll be hard to pinpoint him. ali shot by ctu swat team but he calls marwan and warns him ctu on there way to get him. marwan runs for it curtis secures the override device and gets edgar to fix the problem and takes back control of the remaining nuclear plants so theyve pretty much saved the day. driskles daughter mia has commited suicide by slashing her wrists in the ctu medical center. marwan kills a swat member and puts on his uniform to escape.


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