Monday, April 18, 2005

5. News friday 2nd august 2002 onward

friday 2's £62bn budget..whistle blower says huge fraud going on,neil kinnock( ex labour party leader a while before tony blair) tried to cover this up++10million house sparows gone in last 30 years..bala nce of nature has been tipped the wrong way++ gene links abused children to violence..genetic excuses in legal cases will be coming now++gm( genetically modified) maixe given to zimbabwe by usa.. test subjects for a product the western world doesnt trust++aviva was formerly ggnu company..confusing namechanges!++ shell oil co income slumps 40%..good theyre causing global warming++bp aquired arco oil co. ++lukoil russian oil co to float on london stockmarket soon++ bt(british telecom) pays £5m for scoot papers which was worth £2bn at height of dotcom bubble. saturday August 3.. raf harrier jet crashes in sea near lowestoft air festival..videocameras captured its engine failure during a hover manuver, pilot ejected safely( few days before this this type of jet landed at marshalls airport cambridge and on aproach to land sounded like pilot really overreved the engine..could it be the same jet?)++ us gives columbia £280m to create elite military units for war on drugs++ turkey vote to end death penalty..a massive move in the wrong direction capital punishment is needed to get rid of dangerous evil people++.sunday 4 august 2002..£55m base built for met police to train to battle terrorists in kent++ dirty vegas release album called dirty vegas++ 2m migrants for britain in next decade estimated.. were being over run help!++ communications isp in barbados to join aim(alternative investment market) it has 10,000 customers++ sage crm (customer relationship management) software++ capita recruits and screens people as cabin staff for airlines. Tuesday 6 august.. soham village near ely eastanglia(where i live) 2 young girls holly wells and jessica chapman are missing since sunday both just 10 years old, abduction is suspected..nowhere is safe anymore the governmenet release sex offenders into the community so the blame is on the government for allowing these crazy people to be in the community..bring back hangingand hang the politicians++ a brothel in australia called the daily planet selling 12,000 shares at £350 a share, doubt many christians are happy about this++ ..mental health charity or info? promoted in uk++ peter gabriels new album called up is out now++ sex tourism needs stopping. Wednesday 7 august.. italian gangs steal austrian forest mushrooms for restaurants++ britishtelecom ad++ cisco makes $1bn profit in last quater++ opec produces 30% of worlds crude oil. Thursday 8th august.. 18,500 registered sex offenders are being monitored in the commuinty! thats 18,500 people id hang to make uk safer++hormone that kills apetite may lead to safer slimming++ jet trails lead to climate airfairs must stop we are all responsible for looking after the planet from more destruction++ art graduate killed herself after not breaking into her chosen profession..the samaritans charity have failed another person++onetel phone co has 1.8m customers worldwide++ toyotas profits of £2.14 bn in last quater..well they do make good cars hint hint toyota id like one. Friday 9th august 2002.. mugabe starves his own people as international community stands by..someone needs to assasinate him++ helicopter in crash had flawed rotor blade since manufacture..11 killed off norfolk coast last month++15,000 sharp objects confiscated DAILY! at heathrow,gatwick and stanstead can so many people after september 11th 2001 attacks still be taking these banned objects to airports? surely when you buy a ticket in advance they should tell you what you can and cant take onto a plane nowadays???++worldcom has further $2.5bn of accounting fraud total now$6bn to $7.1bn++ cybersquatters(people who register domain names..internet addresses so similar to a genuine website to steal traffic..customers) get when the name expired..every year or so you need to renew your registration or ownership of a domain name and too often people dont renew by the date they are supposed to and then anyone else can come along and takeover that name..a massive flaw icann the group that creates internet rules must improve as customers may think theyre on a companys offical website because of the name but infact someone else who could be a terrorist or criminal is actually running the site so if you handover your creditcard details you may well end up the victim of fraud! or worse have your identity stolen, i have warned you check anywebsite your about to shop on at where you can check the registration details of a website,if u see a domain has recently chancged ownership be very wary++ parents in 10 countrys traded photos of children on internet in paedophile ring..45 children removed from parents and 20 adults charged..thank god for the technology that can catch internet paedophiles++ benefits fiddles woman made £46k(46 thousand pounds) in 6 years is fined £28k in wales.


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