Thursday, June 16, 2005

24 season 4 review my 6th article on it (article18)

24 season 4 episode 12 set during 6-7pm... habib marwan under alias works at mclenen forster defence contractor but hes the lead terrorist in todays attacks on usa, 80% of ctu working to catch him,tony reduces this to 60%. erin driskle ctus head is unfocused now her daughters dead. jack and paul on way to mclenen forster building. ctu fear sleeper cells will activate now marwan is known to ctu. driskle gets relieved of duty so tony takes over provisionally. marwan under alias of harris barnes has full access tothe override device mclenen forster built but this company will be reluctant to give up info thatll make them look bad. ceo(chief executive officer) of mclenen forster talked into covering up marwans files so the company wont go under eventually. defence secretary heller tells driskle his wife died to explain she needs to go home and grieve. curtis whos 2nd in command of ctu doesnt like tony getting promoted over him.marwans files being errased and mclenen forster will set of an emp(electro magnetic pulse) bomb which destroys all electronics for miles around to cover up marwans activities from wiothin the mclenen forster building. marwan meets a man who tells him pedro will get him out of the country when hes done but marwan seems set on a suicide mission knowing he wont get away, he wants everything ready at an airforce base for when he gives an order.this is the first point we learn of the terrorists next step. edgar cant call jacks cell phone(mobile) and all landlines around mclenen forster area are out so tony instant messages a pc tells jack about phone problems and jack realises an emp will be set off. paul meanwhile prints off evidence of marwans activities while in the mclenen forster building. jack tries to shut the emp rooms door but doesnt in time and it goes off blacking out a few city blocks radius! division(ctus contollling agency) sends michel dessler to relieve tony..thats his ex wife hes been drinking to get over.

24 season 4 episode 13 set during 7-8pm.. 8 square miles blacked out by emp pulse bomb. pauls been caught by baddie at mclenen forster and tortured to give up th eprint outs he made. jack shhots 3 men to save paul. michel gives tony a job to do he doesnt like. marwan calls a man called anderson( white clean cut american in 30s tells him to get ready. helicopter lands at mclenen forster building theyve got lots of men to catch paula nd jack..commandos( as theyre a defence business were supposed to believe theyd have such men). in nearby street jack breaks into a nearby gunstore to take cover 2 asian men who work there offer to help fight the commandos. predident of usa still on airforce one plane. audrey now feeling unsure about jack as he was very rough with paul. michel fires mrs cavanar for asking for her torture by mrs driskle to be expunged and for a big payrise!. tony assigned to work with agent curtis stiles(black man). tony correctly predicts jack will engage the commandos so theyll break radio silence and then ctu will be able to trace there position via there radios. audrey tells michel tony saved her earlier and that tony still has feelings for her( extremely corny) 743pm commandos surround jacks area, 6 of them killed outside by jack and paul than they get into the gunstore and more of them killed. ctu help arrives and the commandos are killed off 753pm. michel now being nice to tony. paul gets shot saving jack from being shot by a wounded mclenen forster commando who wasnt dead. marwan calls anderson whos in a military uniform( lots of little coloured flag award in patch on chest) hes going by the president schedule so it seems the us president is the next target.


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