Wednesday, October 05, 2005

News from febuary 21 2003 onwards(written october2005 article 43)

friday 21 feb 2003.. ++ alistair campbell uk govenments media advisor offered £1m for his diary of life in 10 downing street.++ north korean mig figter plane flies into south korea raising tensions significantly daily telegraph says a nuclear war could break out at any moment!.++ carol caplins 1 hour chat to a reporter once a week earns her £75k a year.++ lawsuit taken out against mcdonalds about it hiding its ingredients.++ saturdat 22 feb.. isaac newton set 2060 as the date for the end of the world.++ age concern is a charity doing good work for the uks elderly.++ 86 die in a nightclub in rhode island usa caused by a firwork display started by a band.++ us air force veteran may be executed for trying to sell secrets.++ tax collection online is just 3.6% of returns done or just 325k people.++23 feb.. bt (british telecom) to open up call centers in india bt calls these new jobs in reality its globalisation taking away jobs from developed companys meaning people in the uk or america etc will find it very hard to find jobs from now on as all new jobs are going overseas.++ has sales of £2m a week.++ itv tv chanel buys up advertising boards at an facup football match shown on the bbc theyre rival in hope of switching viewers over to them.++ learner driver gets 2 years prison for killing a cyclist between girton and oakington.++ labour party back a thinktank called the blue sky club.++ lists many makes of cars reliability.++ .++ monday 24 feb 2003.. 600 drug dealers killed by thai police in last 3 weeks.++ ++ tuesday 25th.. mathew kelly tv presenter is in the clear over abuse claims.++ assett recovery agency seizes criminals assets began yesterday.++ tiny dna computers being made.++ esso petrol stations shut by antiwar protesters.. exxon-mobil is essos parent company.++ zyban the anti smoking drug is linked to causing depression.++ nspcc gets £90m ayear but spends £15m of this on publicity..a waste of charitable donations.++ ahols the worlds 3rd largest retailer overstated profits by £340m causing shares to plumit twothirds.++wednesday 26 feb.. marsha mcdonalds killer strikes again.a teenager escaped.++ derek bond 72 jailed in southafrica because of big mistake by fbi mistaking his name for someone on their watchlist.++ 4 killed in blackhawk helicopter crash in kuwait.++ food critics blamed for chefs suicide..bernard loiseau killed himself.++ gunman shoots dead 3 at an unemployment agency and critically wounds 2 others in alabama usa.++ overcooked food is bad for you.++ thursday 27 feb.. england has 140 prisoners per 100k people.++ pioneer space probe sent its last message on january 22 2003 its now 7.6 billion miles from earth.++ 42 members of new yorks mafia arrested.++ friday 28 feb.. airfrance concord plane looses piece of its rudder for the 6th time in 14 years.++ bill gates worth $40bn in 2002 so he lost $12bn in value.++ have info on people coming to the uk.++ female former lay judge linked to sick adult group that killed a boy aged 5 years old in germany.++ russian atom expert murdered..why????.++ yoomedia was formerly called e-district.++ animal activists force out huntingdon life scienses auditor deloitte.++ mcdonald the american fast food chain is s sued by fat people for making them fat..sue for every cent is the american dream!.++ £115bn ayear to run welfare services in uk.++ ruddy ducks to be shot to preserve other species.++ £400k ferrari enzo released just 399 being made of this awesome car.++ monday 3 march khalid sheikh mohammed a senior al-qaeda leader arrested in pakistan, now its a race against time to crack terror cells, in 1996 he was involved in plot to blow up 12 usa passenger planes over the pacific.++ gun amnesty month for month of april.++ army called to fight drugs at rio festival.++ hutchinson mobile phone company guilty of sacking a depressed worker.++


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