Thursday, September 15, 2005

Worldnews from january 2003 onwards(done sept2005 article 37)

Friday january 3 2003..2 girls shot dead in crossfire in birmingham.+++ in the united arab emirates city of dubai a so called modern city a woman gangrape victim faces being jailed on adultery charges! insane backwards country everyone must boycott going to over this case not ever go to dubai until the rulers of the united arab emirates ( uae) make this situation right which would be a public appology to this woman and all women in the world broadcast on international television then they should execute the rapists and reform there backwards society and pay massive compensation to the rape victim..remember dont go on holiday to united arab emirates or dubai, dont buy anyhing made in united arab emirates or dubai and tell everyone you know about this case.+++ 36% of people lie on there cv...employers will use liedetector tests in the near future.+++ china plans a manned orbit of earth later this year..welcome to the space race.+++ clonaid connected to the raelians cult says a second cloned baby is due to be born this week.+++ the lotus esprit car will not be made any longer after the end of this year.+++ saturday 4 january.. man goes berserk with an axe in waltham abbey.+++ probation worker took cannabis into jail for a convicted rapist she got 3 a lesser months sentence because she became depressed over her husbands death.+++ 617 humans on death row in california.+++ cat and mouse asteroid comes closest to earth..asteroid 2002 aa29.+++ novartis is a swiss pharmaceuticals company.+++ usa will buy a 9th uk airbase.. nsa and cia who run echelon at menwith hill in the uk..echelon is a huge system that listens into all internet use,phone calls,text messages, instant messages, landline phone calls etc...they have the tools to know everything about you so hello echelon operators how are you???.+++we need boot camps for teen rebels.+++ m16 aids russia against chechen rebel terrorists.+++ monday 6 january 110,000 asylum seekers have slipped through our borders in last 10 years migration watch( an independent thinktank) says...massive underestimate id say the uk has been flooded with people here to make a living but only bringing down wages for taxpayers and lowering standards.+++ rush limbaugh is a rightwing radio presenter in usa.+++ ash..action on smoking and health is an organisation to lookat if trying to quit smoking.+++ bosses drive employees away, employees leaving estimated to cost 50-250% of their annual salary to replace.+++ tuesday 7 january.. max factor family member whos a rape suspect is on the run.+++ wednesday 8 january 2003..ricin poison plot uncovered as 6 men are arrested in london.+++ chirac tells armed forces to be ready for war.+++ north korea warns of war in their nuclear standoff with usa/un.+++ thursday 9 jan..ban on replica guns in public.+++ 75 die in plane crash in turkey..crashed in fog.+++ victory in court for dvd code braker..cracked the copy protection code on dvds..bad for the film industry.+++ gravity is at the speed of light.+++ commuter plane clipped hanger on take off from charlotte north carolina and crashed killing 21.+++ friday 10 jan.. mullah omar photo shown..alqaeda guy.+++ viagra linked to increased stroke risk.+++ gq digitally makes kate winslett look you cant trust photos in the media..many are manipulated on computers.. a photo is no longer proof of anything.+++ morrisons supermarkets to buy safeway supermarkets.+++ russia produces 7.9m barrels of oil a day its now overtaken saudi arabia in terms of oil production.+++ aol..america online the internet service provider will write off £6bn off its value as a business!


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