Tuesday, September 06, 2005

News from october 9 2002 onwards(done 6.9.05 article 33)

October 9 2002.. boeing makes smart bombs, 6000 dropped on afghanistan at £13k(13 thousand uk pounds) each!.+++ domestic tasks can be depressing.+++ mark david chapman aged 47 who is john lennons killer is denied parole.+++ addenbrookes nhs hospital cambridge is to lead revolution in nhs..itll be able to pay above average wages and borrow money on the open market to create elite hospitals.+++ tarot card is left by the washington sniper.+++ mass vaccination ruled out for small pox terror fears.+++ fiat car company is 20% owned by gm ( general motors).+++ friday 11 october.. aluminium phosphide tablets used as fumigant and rat poison use dby man to commit suicide..gave off toxic gas.+++ £300 camera pill you swallow for medical operations developed..amazing.+++ phantom planes plague air traffic controllers..very dangerous new technology errors.+++ business journalists need to dig deeper..there info is to vaigue and lazily written.+++ pork and bacon selling well 79 cents a lb.+++ air partners plane charterers £101m sales a year.+++ lord archer stirs jail reform hes locked up!.+++ 5 killed in helsinki shopping center blast.+++ txu usa enery giant owns eastern electricity and norweb.+++ oil giants sue pentagon over jet fuel price fix.+++ sunday 13 october.. armed french cops are on waterloo station england..eurostar train station.+++ ira have trained computer experts in key british government institutions.. ikagine if they releaed a pc virus to wipe out government data!.+++ iran acused of being a terror center.+++ monday 14 october( just to point out the dates i give are the dates the news was in the newspapers so in many cases the actual event was on the previous day) bali indonesia bomb kills 187.. alqaeda blamed for car bombs near nightclubs.+++ europen court last july stopped prison govenors being able to add 6 months to sentences.+++ burn stewart one of scotlands last independent whisky companys is to be taken over.+++ economic crime needs tackling only 5-600 police fraud investigators in the uk..we need far more to catch id thieves etc.+++25 october 202 moscow theater siege chechen terrorists deadline is for tomorrow.+++ uk firefigters will strike next week.+++ december 16.. bush orders shoot to kill terrorists.+++ 11 year old escapes from abductor with van in colchester.+++ £500 reward for reporting christmas drink drivers..great idea.+++ genette tate murdered in 1978 was 13 when it happened and doing a paper round in devon england, dna found on her old jumper, police hope it may catch the killer, her bodys never been found.+++ in pakistan a female council member is forced to parade naked through the streets by a political rival..whoever did this shood by hanged.+++ uk natinal lottery made £2.28bn in 6 months to september 2002, 5% less than same time in 2001.+++ 17 december .. britain has terror warning over christmas period.+++ boy aged 12 exposes uk governments whitehall email flaw.+++ cargo ship the nicola hit the sunken tricolor ship which sank in english channel with 3000 brand new cars onboard.+++ boeing 727 being auctioned on ebay website is at £45k so far.+++keith mccow a billionaire cell pho0ne businessman found dead in his seattle mansion.+++ mytravel want ot be rebranded due to its tarnished was called going places.


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