Wednesday, September 07, 2005

News from december 22 2002 onwards(done 7.9.05 article 35)

Thursay 12 december.. customs seizures end up on black market.+++ soy sauces withdrawn after cancer chemicals found in febuary 2005 worcester sauce also got these cancer causing chemicals in them..simply cant trust the food were sold anymore.we should all go back to eating organic home grown foods.+++ bae get £2bn to rebuild 21 nimrod aircraft as mra4s december 13 .. peter foster and cherie blair (tony blairs wife) scandal.labour is hated now.+++ airiane 5 rocket explodes which will rock euro space plans.+++ man bites crocodile in malawi to get away.+++ saturdat december 14 6 celtic football fans held after midair riot forces jet to divert.+++ 23year old man found asleep in dorm room after he broke in at st johns college school cambridge..has 400 day pupils and 50 borders aged 4 to 13 paying £12k a year for this prep school..elite society isnt right everyone should get a great education not just rich people.+++ sean penn hopes americans will embrace info available to them outside conventional my views here when i comment on news out for the mainstream media theyre too political and follow rigid agendas to brainwash people.+++ sunday december 15 2002.. front page of sunday express newspaper in britain claims osama binladen has 20 backpack nuclear bombs he bought for £25m and £500m of heroin from a renegade kgb agent .. if true were in deep shit if not the jounalist who made this up must be locked up for causing worry to everyone who reads this story.+++ rubbish cheakygirls from romania in uk media.+++Sunday 22 december 2002. andrew gavaghan named in depp cut army base suicides/murder scandal.+++ mp tony banks former agent greg vincent in child porn probe.+++ £3bn to update governments computers to protect against computer viruses..waste of taxpayers money.+++ microsoft software will launch office11 in 2003.+++ december 23.. police review lists there top 10 arrests.+++ right of center thinktank politeia another that should use my news reviews to come up with good policys for governments.+++ italy aims to clear streets of prostitutes.+++ north korea disables un surveillance equipment.+++ kuwait cybercafes are a spiritual terrorist breeding ground.+++ is the samaritans charitys website.+++ yisrael amir died he was involved with taas israels military industries which became hasganah then mossad and shin bet.+++ asian xpress rich list lists uks wealthiest 275 asians.+++ fiat sells 5% stake in gm.+++ december 24.. 8% of british muslims support alqaeda..kick them all of the terrorists supporters out of britain then, government should give lie detector tests to all british muslims any that think attacking britain would be good should be forcibly removed from britain.+++ bbc tv documentary claims the virgin mary may have been 13 when she gave birth to jesus..well she cant have been a virgin if she gave birth!.+++ 46 die in ukraine airline crash in iran.+++ sendo will sue its ex phone partner microsoft.+++ citigroup sets $1.5bn aside for legal battles.+++ michelangelo felt worthless after projects dropped..article didnt say he was depressed.+++ rachel lloyd of the angels of harlem gets teenage prostitutes off the streets.+++ usa lottery ticket scoops £70m win it had a 120.5million to 1 chance of winning..well lucky person out there please donate to me at via cheers.+++


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