Wednesday, October 05, 2005

News from march 2003 onwards(written oct2005 article 44)

tuesday 4 march 2003.. 300 sas ( special armed services) already in iraq and b52 aircraft landing at raf faiford gloucester.++ police reinact margaret mullers last movements ( jogger killed in victoria park london).++ autralian biotech company tests pill for fat men.. metabolic pharmaceuticals.++ mock terror attack to be staged on the london tube trains stations .++ 4 north korean jets shadow a usa spyplane.++ warren buffett says dirivatives are a timebomb,he has little optimism for the stock market.++ wednesday 5th.. the arrested mohammed abdel-ralman betrayed khalid sheikh mohammed..thats how he was caught.++ 440k mobile phones barred since october call 08701 123123 if your mobiles lost or stolen, a £1.5m advertising campaign launched to promote this services phone number.++ iran will open uranium reprossesing plant in next few weeks.++ tswg the technical support working group of the department of defence accepts anti terrorism proposals from entepreneurs..good idea.++ sent emails to people who ordered roses for valentines last year asking if they wanted to do the same this year..lots of wives demanded to know where the flowers were sent last time! haha brilliant.++ thurday 6 march.. univercities told not just to rely on alevel grades..labour party trying to get more people into univercitys( as there no jobs being created in the uk ).++ locheed the american aircraft and defence company is sued over using a hired woman to sleep with a man to win a south korean contract..usa ethics in business still at theyre usual level i see.++ kurdish mother set ablaze by iraqis for crossing a border.++ girl of 12 stabbed to death by intruder..she was off school sick i newcastle.later on it turned out to be her older sisters boyfriend who did this as she found him burgling theyre home.++ breast implant suicide risk link due to lack of self esteem.++ shara airplane crash kills 103 in algeria, a boeing 737 jet plunged down shortly after takeoff.++ bt launches a subscription download service for music.++ saturday 8th march 2003.. the deadline saddam has for war beginning is set as march 17.i wouldnt want to play poker against saddam as hes totally bluffed the usa and uk over his weapons .++ 2 of binladens sons are captured in afganistan.++ 9 years jail for muslim cleric sheikh abdullah el-faisal (looks like black man..i think he preached in london).++ stageshow based on writings of the marquis de sades writtings has been allowed,i bet the churches are mad about this.++ 83 year old tied up and burned to death in his brixton flat.++ dancer michael flatley accused of rape ++ sunday 9th.. cia close in on binladen..well its now october 2005 when im putting this info onto my website and they still havent caught him..just goes to show dont believe the propaganda newspapers pump out on behalf of governments.++ phone masts protesters lobby number 10 downing street.++ bogus taxi cab drivers rape and assault women..illegal immigrants doing these awful crimes, theyres been 214 cases in london this year.++ monday 10 march 2003.. mp clare short says shell quit over the war in iraq..yeah we believe her..she didnt!.++ stress drives chauffer mothers to distraction..theyre dangerous drivers.++ rac says up to 1million people drive while on antidepressants.++ agression fuelled by childhood tv violence..what people see does affect behaviour..well television is our teacher now.++


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