Wednesday, June 22, 2005

24 season 4 review my 9th article on it (article21)

24 season 4 episode 18 set during 12am-1am...jack works with someone from department of defense to work out what the missing red section contained that marwan has,it turns out to be the domestic nuclear arsenal locations of the united states! some are on the move right now to new locations due to the arms reduction treaty. eric murphy also known as(aka) yose katams is a know terrorist who used a creditcard at a petrol station recently hes on a watch list linked to marwan hes made a mistake using the card as ctu are now onto him. yose calls marwan explains his mistake, marwan says prado will meet him at a marina in englewood to help yose get out of the country. new president taken to bunker underneath the whitehouse for his safety. bill bucanon at ctu tells president about the marwan situation. president logan seems very feerful. 1216am curtis is at the marina to try and catch yose. prado meets yose prado seems american. prado sees ctu men ouside boat theyve gone onto. marwan tells yose on phone to kill prado but prado kills yose first then surrenders to ctu saying he killed the man on his boat in self defence as he was trying to steal his boat. joe prado brought into ctu and cyu has yoses cell phone to work on. marwan calls amnesty international to get an attorny to help them by saying an innocent man is about to be tortured at ctu! very clever. meanwhile a convoy from illinois to jefferson city iowa dissapears 1 nuclear warhead is therfore missing. 1230am edgar works on prados picture and finger prints. the stolen warhead is loaded onto a pickup truck by terrorists. head of secret service is going to ease the presidents mind. edgar wants to hurt prado because his mum died earlier today as a result of the terrorists actions and prado is now there best lead. prado is an ex marine so he wont cave in easily. curtis says hel use richards there torturer to break him. bucanon stops the torture because amnesty lawyers arive with signed court order protecting prado.bucanon speaks to judge who issued the order but cant change his mind. amnesty lawyer says us contitution was born out of extradinary circumstances and he wont break his rules. jack figures out marwan must have called amnesty because how else would amnesty know about prado so quickly. so jack knows prado must have marwan needs. ctu release prado so jack can take him on as a private citizen after hes resigned from ctu. jack uses a tazor electric shock gun on us marshalls protecting prado then cuffs prado inside his car then breaks prados fingers prado gives upa place marwan will be at.

24 season 4 episode 19 set during 1am-2am.. jack gets a team ready to go catch marwan but this is acting against us president logan as logans waiting for attorny generals opinion so he wants more time to make up his mind. mike thinks logan cant lead the country through this crisis as hes to week. terrorists with the warhead do a compatibility test on it, 1 of thems girlfriend phones a shes suspicious of what her boyfriends up to. sabir left a bookmark on his computer and his girlfriends now wondering if he has anything to do with todays attacks. mike tells logan they have marwans location. logan wants jack bauer arrested even though jacks leading the operation to catch marwan, secret service is going to go arrest jack for breaking the presidents orders not to torture prado. 118am jack sends in remote camera to look inside the building marwans in. sabir arlikane studied engineering his girlfriend tells ctu he may be involveed with radical groups says she found a scematic(blueprint) of a microchip in sabirs computers recycle bin. the building marwans in has a nightclub in it also. marwan records a video of himself which he wants delivered to media stations by dawn on east coast of america. he says one of your own nuclear missles has been used against you and warns of further attacks to come if usas policys towards other countrys dont change. the secretservice arrest jack pulling him out of his mission before its complete risking him being spotted and therfore ruining the plan to catch marwan. a lookout for marwan sees people outside and tips off marwan so he packs up and leaves through basement hole in wall he then sets off a explosive to cave in the tunnel so he cant be followed. 130am curtis gets a video tape off a captured terrorist. ogan realises his error arresting jack when hes told this blew the mission president logan questioning if hes up to running the country. mike suggests he speaks with someone that can advise him. david palmer the ex usa president is asked to come advise logan. logan frees jack. 148am sabir is to be handled marwan tells the man running the nuclear warhead operation(meaning kill him as hes a liability due to his girlfriends suspicions of him). the microchip design on sabirs pc is to control the trigger on a legacy nuclear bomb ctu discover. chloe is sent to check out the locked files on sabirs pc at his home chloes not a field operative so shes reluctant to go. 154am sabirs girlfriend ran a check using a blowfish algforithum used to encrypt the files. chloe and her team shot at in sabirs home so she escapes out a window and locks herself and sabirs girlfriend in ac tu car which is bulletproof she gets a gun from the back of the car. the terrorist sent to kill chloe rams his car into chloes repeatedly so she gets out and shoots him dead.


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