Wednesday, July 13, 2005

2005 british grandprix race day review part2(art 28)

Again i got no sleep at all i was constantly trying to get comfy in the tent, if i camp again im bringing an air mattress or something so i can get some sleep!. we got up at 5am id already heard a reasonable number of car doors slamming so knew people were already off to get the best places beside the race track. a quick face wash and change of clothes and we were almost ready to leave, a lady in a caravan next to us in her 50s came and gave me and my friend a cup of tea. very kind of her you meet nice people at car races. i bravely wore shorts though it was still pretty cool but not as cold as saturday morning when id worn dark jeans all day in the 30 degree celcius heat. Looking in the cars mirrors i coudls see i was quite badly sunburnt from being out in the heat all day saturday so i took a large umbrella id brought with me to try and stay in the shade more on race day. we walked to the circuit, most of the camp site looked like the people were still in bed and i could see the constant stream of cars coming into the circuit to a car park that along the back of the pit straight, it was much busier than saturday as 100,000 people would be at silverstone for race day versus id estimate 50-60000 for the satuirday. we went to the same place copse corner which was filling up twice as much as saturday but we still got a good place by getting there at 540am ish. We sat for hours reading the autosport and the rip off £10 official silverstone programme that had less detail than the £2.80 time i wont bother buying the official programme there not worth £2. My mate got some nice mini dougnuts for breakfast and we had some friut id brought. a nice woman sitting behind us saw our badly sunburnt faces and gave us some suntan cream from a £14 bottle...why is suncream so expensive? her husband worked on submarines and was a real loudmouth bore i had to put up with his boring conversations behind me all day to a couple of people he was with. 750-820am f1 paddock club walked the pitlane again..i guess a different bunch of guests, fortunatly silverstones tv service comes on about 7am so thet showed the f1 qualifying again which was usefull as you tend to watch the cars for real and not watch the rest of there laps on the big screens placed around the circuit so you can follow the cars around the hole track. 840am gp2 cars pitlane opened so they came out and did a few warm up laps to check there cars out before there 2nd race of the weekend 9-945am the gp2 cars did a 24 lap race which was again good to see from copse corner theyre so fast and loud, but no one spun in front of us or crashed which im sure the whole crowd wanted to see. At 10am the f1 drivers had a meeting the crowd couldnt see or hear then at 1025-11 there was a porsche race for 14 laps a few cars tried overtaking into copse corner so there was some good action to see we could look into the cars windows as they went past and see how much steering effort they were having to put in some drivers were in a real mad battle to get their cars to corner ok, a few cars broke down and slid off at parts of the track, i german driver had what looked like a picture of a burger or haggis on the side of his car a bizarre sight really but got the crowds attention. 1115-12 another pit lane walk for paddock club members was held then 1130 just before the f1 drivers parade a f1 journalist who bet ron dennis the mclaren team manager they wouldnt win another race in 2004 fulfiiled his end of the bet by having to run around the silverstone circuit naked!! this was great the crowd loved a bit of humour bob mckensie painted his body in the mclaren silver colour and had a sporan to cover his willy the airhorns went mad as he went past me and he did it though i saw him collapse as he copleted the lap onto the warm track.think he must have been faking it for entertainment. then the f1 drivers are driven around the track on an open top lorry so the fans can see them without there crash helmets on but there still very hard to make out and go by way to quick i had time to just take 1 or 2 photos of them before they were gone. 12noon-1224 the red arrows do an air display as theyve done for about 24 years at silverstone but i enjoyed it more this year thet are great to watch doing some beautifully choreographed moves, i hust wish they would risk going a bit closer whern they pass each other to make it more exciting!. at 1230pm the f1 pitlane opens and cars can do a few laps befor e the race to check there cars are fine. 1246pm the british national anthem is played by a brass band then there was a 1 minute silence to remember the victims of the london terrorist bombs on thursday 7 july when about 54 people were murdered by british born muslims from leeds in england..scum mi5 and mi6 needs to weed out every radicalised idiot in england and lock them up for ever. 1pm the formula1 race began the 19 cars that left the grid ok screamed past fot the next 90 minutes the cars went around doing there 60 lap race, by now with no sleep for 2 nights and the second day of 30 degree heat were taking there toll and i was feeling tired also we ran out of dring at 11am so in 30 degree heat we hadnt drunk for3 and a half hours! anyway i followed just about every car as it zoomed past me around copse corner i couldnt follow the race on the big tv screens as the cars noise made it impossible to hear the circuits speakers comentationg on the cars positions and the sun on the screens made it harder to see the tvs, my friend used my binoculars to read the cars positions and told me so i knew roughly what was going on, juan pablo montoya drove a great race to win his frst ever race for him at the mclaren team and it was his 5th win over all in f1, fernando alonso came 2nd for renault and jenson button came 3rd in the bar honda.Although the race was fairly processional in terms of lack of overtaking actually being there and getting to see the 20 f1 cars blasting by you every few seconds even though its just 1 corner your seeing them at is still far more interesting than sitting on your arse in front of the tv!. I had to have my long sleeve tshirt sleeves down all day to protect my sunburn and i went under the umbrella quite a bit so if you goto a motor race take my advice and take all the things i did such as umbrellas.suncream.cap, sunglasses, seats,guide to the race eg autosport magazine, food and drink, binoculars,cameras, spare films and batterys, earplugs, mobile phone, radio to listen to track comentators, wallet with enough cash for rip of circuit prices, pen and paper towel to put around you and wet when it get hot and whatever else you may want with you for a long day outside. After the race we quickly went back to the campsite and put the tent away and packed up aour bags and left we saw the big grey vintage biplane flying very low near silverstone circuit again its like the planes people did wing walks on in 1920s or 30s movies, it was very large wingspan with 1 engine mounted in the middle of each wing it looked very boxey shape and must have been very old. Traffic was pretty bad for a few miles but not to bad and i got home in need of a good shower drinks and some sleep!, if you liked my articles on the grand prix or want to ask me anything about the weekend please click on the comments button and leave feedback for me and ill reply as soon as i spot your message, i wrote this for all f1 fans and my friends so they can know what to expect if thet decide to come to the next british f1 race at silverstone next year, watch the rest of the races on tv if your not into f1 start watching the highlights programmes instead as there only 1 hour to summarise the 3 hours coverage the real fans watch 17 or 18 times ayear. Lastly britains just become a victim of retarded suicide bombers ill soon be writing an articler summerising the terrorism the worlds had since september 11th 2001 so keep coming back here and read all my articles there all usefull.


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