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Summary of world terrorism by alqaeda & others(art 29)

The following terrorist attacks were all by alqaeda terrorists unless otherwise stated.

26.2.1993. Usa newyork trade center car bomb placed by ramzi yousef in basement car park kills 6 and injures 1000+

11.december. 1994.. philippines.. a small bomb on a philippeans airline flight kills 1 and injures 10.

29.july.1995. and lyon.. 4 month bombing campaign on the paris metro, arc de triomphe and jewish school in lyon.

13. november.. 1995 Saudi arabia.riyadh.. car bombs at military compound.

18.september.1997 Egypt cairo..gunmen attack tourist bus 9 germans and 1 egyptian killed.

17.november.1997. Egypt luxor..gunmen attack tourist bus killing 70.

7. august.1998. Kenya and tansania.der-es-salaam truck bomb attack on usa embassies, 200+ kileed and thousands injured.

12. october 2000. Yemen... boat bomb attack on uss cole ship in port of aden, 17 us soldiers killed and 39 wounded.

September .11 . 2001 both world trade center towers are smashed into by hijacked passenger planes, another hijacked plane smashes into the pentagon in washington and a 4th hijacked plane crashes into a pittsburgh field , almost 3000 people were killed by alqaeda terrorists in this days attacks on america.
october/november 2001 anthrax is released via letters in usa spreading widespread panic about 5 people die its almost certainly the owrk of a covert military organisation..cia unit most likely in order to panic usas government to prepare for biological attack by terrorists.

11 april 2002 tunisia a vehicle bomb attack on a synagogue on resort of djerba 21 killed.

8 may 2002 pakistan karachi bomb attack on a bus carrying french engineers near sheraton hotel.

14 june 2002 pakistan karachi a truck bomb on us consulate kills 12 injures 51.

19 august 2002 usa fears cruise missle attack from passing ships.

8 september 2002 british media say saddam has 6000 litres of anthrax spores.

9 september 2002 fear that alqaeda will hit a nuclear target.

fear of Threat of attack to ships carrying nuclear material to sellafield cumbria.

Fear of Threat of poisoning of food supplies.

6 october 2002 yemen off ashshahir french oil tanker mv limburg bombed by alqaeda 1 killed.
fear of snipers like october 2002 attacks in washington.

Boeing could be a target as it made the smartbombs usa use.

Fear of smallpox release.

12 october 2002 Bali indonesia bombed 202 killed including 26 britains by alqaeda car bombers us consulate, sari club and paddys bar attacked.

13 october 2002 Ira( irish republican army) have computer experts planted in key british government instituitions.

25 october 2002 moscow theatre seige by chechen rebels 129 die when russian army try using a knockout gas to rescue all the hostages but the gas kills 129 many hundreds more though are rescued than died.

17 december 2002 Risk of spoof government emails fooling mps in the uk( flaw found in their email system!) .

28 november 2002 kenya mombasa attack on israeli owned hotel 12 kiled, a surface to air missle is launched at an israeli airline on the same day miraculously it missed.

8 december 2002 a chemical weapon attack by alqaeda on paris is foiled.

12 december 2002 sunday express newspaper in england claims osama binladen has 20 backpack nuclear bombs he got for £25 million pounds and £500million of heroin froma renegade kgb if true were in very deep shit if not the reporter who wrote this lie must be jailed for worrying everyone.

Fear of north korea getting or producing nuclear bombs.

8 january 2003 ricin poison plot in london uncovered a policeman is killed while raiding a house in manchester to arrest a suspect.

Los angeles airport bomb plot on millenium..start of year 2000 and strasbourg france and us embassy in rome plots were stopped.

1 febuary 2003 news says binladen has dirty bombs..bombs with radioactive material in them..not nuclear bombs but would distribute raduioactive material over a vast area and slowly kill huge numbers of people from cancer.

Naples is a target.

12 febuary 2003 Fear londons heathrow airport will be attacked by surface to air missles..tanks surround the area!

Fear ebola disease may be used.

In 1996 there was a plot to blow up 16 passenger planes over the pacific.

17 may 2003 saudi arabia bombs in riyadh 3 compounds of houses ex patriots live in attacked 40 dead including 7 americans and 9 suicide bombers.

Risk that kenyan flights will be attacked.

16 may 2003 casablanca morroco attacked by multiple suicide bombers against spanish club, hotel sites 45 dead 100+injured attack by the straight path.. moroccan fundamentalists.

An attack on saudi skyskrpaers is foiled.

7 july 2003 moscow rock festival bombs kill 17 chechens to blame.
Hash the drug funds terrorism so dope/cannabis users must be punished for financing terrorists i say.

5 august 2003 saudi arabia riyadh large vehicle bomb against residential compound housing mainly expatriote workers from other arab countries 17 killed 80 injured.

Fear power stations will be targeted.

23 august 2003 the UN in baghdad is bombed trully madness to attack an organisation there to help normal iraqi people just goes to show how mentally ill alqaeda/insurgents are.

Fear a plane will fly into a nuclear power station.

26 august 2003 47 dead in bombay bombings, a muslim group linked to kashmir blamed.

31 august 2003 alqaeda sabotage oil fields in iraq..

7 september 2003 risk to nuclear transport traind in london..moving material to power stations.

10 september 2003 lawsuits against the airlines hijacked on september 11 2001 can go ahead a judge rules..because greedy usa airlines /airports sdidnt bother making their planes safe to use for passengers.

8 november 2003 indonesia vehicle bomb attack against marriott hotel 12 killed 100 injured

8 november 2003 taskforce 21 a special military unit is hunting osama binladen, goodluck because while the alqaeda attack on september 11th 2001 has woken the world up to americas meddling in other countries foreign policys at the end of the day terrorism only makes situations worse ill make a prediction here and now as im editing this article on 5 september 2005 that osama bin laden will be either caught or killed by september 2007 obviously i hope hes caught quicker but as president bush/the white house dont seem to be making it a big priority it may take a couple more years.

9 november 2003 binladens gunrunning operations need to be traced and stopped.

15 november 2003 turkey istanbul attack on jewish synagogues by 2 vehicle bombs.

20 november 2003 turkey istanbul 2 vehicle bombs at hsbc bank and british cnsulate 60 killed including 2 british people.

december 2003 terror suspects arrested in cambridge england.

11 march 2004 madrid spain bombs on 4 trains kill 199 and injure many more later the terrorists who planted the bombs blew themselve up when police went to arrest them in their flat.

1 may 2004 saudi arabia yanbu attack on expatrate oil workers 6 foreign nationals and 1 saudi killed.

30 may 2004 saudi arabia alkhobar 4 attacks target oil companies and compounds.

9 september 2004 indonesis jakarta a vehivcle bomb outside the australian embassy kills 9 and injures 100+.

8 october 2004 egypt large explosions at hilton hotel in taba and at 2 campsites in sinai area 30+killed.

28 october 2004 pakistan islamabad explosion at marriott hotel 7 injured.

19 march 2005 qatar doha vehicle bomb outside doha players thetre 1 british national killed 12 injured.

7 april 2005 egypt cairo attack near tourist bazaar 2 french and 1 american killed 18 injured.

30 april 2005 egypt cairo tourist bus fired on in cairo 8 injured.

7 july 2005 london england 4 bombs set off 3 on differnet underground tube trains and 1 on a london bus by suicide bombers 53+ killed 700+ injured..the war on terror has finally hit britain, weve been told it was inevitable for a long time, the labour party led by prime minister tony blair have put england in the line of fire for backing george bush and the the american governments decision to go take over iraq so we can get their oil..remember september 2000 when there was protests over the price of petrol and diesel and the uk(united kingdom) came to a standstill because no one could get petrol.. Dont doubt it, the price of fuel is critical to how counries function in the 21st century, although the september 11 2001 attacks needed to be responded to, starting a war against iraq a country that had nothing to do with these attacks was simply the america government(not americans in general)seeing an opertunity to go steal loads of oil just as they killed off most of the native american indians in order to take over the land used by them, we have already got extremes of weather due to global warming america should be doing everything it can to limit its fossil fuel use and get off their fat arses to help save this doomed planet.

21 july 2005 london england gets off very lightly when a second wave of 4 suicide bombers intending to repeat the july 7 2005 attacks by blowing up 3 tube trains and a bus are foiled when their explosives malfunction due to being incorrect made they all run off escaping chasing passengers but are later all caught 1 fled by eurostar to rome italy, 1 bomber was from eritrea( a country taken over forcibly by ethiopia but now independent of it) lets hope there interogation gets results to catch everone involved in this stupidity, when will people learn killing each other doesnt make ANY situation better, and by the way you retarded terrorists out there 1 there is no heaven, 2 there is no god, 3 youll never convery people forcibly to the muslim religon and 4 prozac is a medicine that can make you feel happy so take it and chill out enjoy life peacfully work at changing things you dont like oh yeah step 5 go and get laid you sexually frustrated one that isnt impotent wants to kill themselves so if thats your problem go get some viagra!.


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