Tuesday, September 06, 2005

News from october 3 2002 onwards(done 6.9.05article 32)

thursday 3 october 2002.. marine parachutes sabotaged in north carolina.+++ book called netwar by mr breton..french guy released.+++ docomo owns 20% of hutchison 3g.+++ david tovey age 37 a white racist planned a one man war in uk he lived in oxon but was caught.+++ bbc ( british broadcasting corporation) paid £6m to show titanic movie at christmas, paid £10m for harry potter movie to show it next year.+++ computer virus called bugbear has infected 70,000 pcs more than half this in uk it has 50 different subject lines and originated in malaysia.+++ gene therapy treatment caused 1 child to get leukemia.another step forward may not be.+++ abu sayyaf is a filipino terrorist group linked to alqaeda.+++ 100kilometeres from aberdeen 400m barrels of oil found by edinburgh oil and gas there biggest find for a decade.+++ saturday 5 october.. Ira spy at heart of stormont.could wreck northern ireland peace process..sinn fein could be kicked out.+++ james flynn killed a woman after serving 4 years in 1989 for attempted rape of a girl..unreformed prisoners must be hung..this is also proof prison doesnt work.+++ first choice holidays offer £103 compensation to a girl aged 13 who was raped in corfu while on one of there albanian illegal immigrant aged 17 raped her and admitted it..well thats the worst public relations disaster a holiday company could have, thats outragous to offer just £103 compensation to a rape victim.+++ usa smoker awarded £18bn damages against philip morris tobacco company.shw smoked b&h mostly.+++ littlewoods stores sold to barclay twins.+++ 8.09 million unemployed in usa now so usas economy must be in bad shape.+++ sunday 6 october.. could a poem prove osama bin laden is alive?.+++ alqaeda linked to oil tanker bexplosion off yemen coast.+++ super cell found that keeps hiv virus at bay..brilliant news.+++ fbi watches hundreds of ypoung muslims 24hours a day to find sleeper cells of terrorists.+++ agency temps staff in brussels chess game over the fact they need better rights for temporary staff.+++ tuesday 8 october.. washington usa sniper shoots dead 13 year old near a school.+++ an icy world is found further out than planet pluto its just 800miles across.+++ blue sky meetings..thinking out of the box in bbcs the office hit show.+++ chicago forces firms to admit slavery links.+++ captain cook was beaten to australia by spanish or portugues ship.. ship wreck found.+++ bookham and nortel sign a £70m deal.+++ bbc tv programme panorama exposes antidepressant drug seroxat to have serious side effects.+++ ian huntley the soham schoolgirl killer is mentally fit to stand trial..he has no psychotic illness.++ duncan sharpe aged 43 of jjb sports stores commited suicide he was depressed following 2 or 3 months of illness.


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