Monday, October 31, 2005

News from july 2003 onwards(written oct 2005 art 48

again small gap in my notes from 23 march to start of july..newspapers i use to create my blog thrown out before i had time to make my notes..bummer! anyway lets continue with my great abriviated notes on world news.. 3 july 2003.. woman left by police when they arretsed her boyfriend from his car at 4am in london got raped and then assaulted in 2 seperate incidents..crazy of police to just leave her it also shows what a hell hole london and englands become.++ pc printer ink is more expensive than champagne.++ csa..child support agency..a uk government organisatiopn set up to force men to pay child support has their £456m eds copumpter system fail..dont worry though the uk government can simply give eds more money from taxpayers to fix their problems!..eds keep winning big contracts yet they constantly go massivly overbudget,are crap to use and fail.++ girl aged 16 abducted cctv captured this happening in doncaster lancashire..the man got away when police sirens thankfully scared him off..he must be caught and hung.++ kenyan women will sue the ministry of defence due to hundreds of rapes by uk soldiers.++ roman abramovich buys chelsea football club..hes a russian oil billionare..hey buddy i need cash please donate to me a t using cheers, anyone else reading my website please also contribute to me so i can continue creating this brilliant usefdul website thanx..++ 4 july.. a planet found 90 light years away is best bet for other life in univerce so far found.++ usa offers £15m for saddam dead or alive.++ counterfeit software seller gets 15 months jail he earned £200k selling it on ebay and qxl auction sites.++ sat 5 july.. madrid playing card serial killer arrested..a 26year old man whos a former army corporal.++ robert hanson a renegade fbi agent gave promis software to the kgb..this software allowed saddam to escape.++ sun 6th.. gbh drug banned in uk..rapists use it to drug victims and boastabout it in chatrooms on the internet.++ british private jet chartering company bit like theairgroup in usa.++ mon 7th skydivers parachute cords cut he falls to his death..ages later this turns out to have been a suicide..wasted massive amount of money to solve this.++ moscow rock festival bombed 17 dead killed by chechens.++ space center at yevpatoriya ukraine sent messages acroos the cosmos(outer space) to a place 30-40 light years away..will we get a reply???.++ set up as the oracle software owners trying to buy its rival peoplesoft.++ tues 8th.. reported a 6year old was abducted in brigton by 2 men but it turns out she wasnt she was at a friends house.++ 2644 organs donated by 733 dead people last year but 6025 peple wait for a transplant at the end of 2002 in uk..i dont believe in these operations, lifes about survival of the fittest.++ jodi jones a 14 year old girl was killed near edinburgh a week ago..turns out her nutty boyfriend did it.++ in granada spain muslims get a mosque after 500 years.++ over 1 million brits abandoned vegitarianism in last 2 years.++ childrescuealert 1st can sign up to an email scheme.++ iranian siamese twins die i head seperation operation.++ boy aged 3 escapes as 116 die in a plane crash in sudan.boeing 737 tried to make emergency landing miles short of an airport it just took off from.++ surfcontrol filters spam emails for you.++ eu scientists ban nations from staying free of gm crops..its a conspiracy were being forced to eat gm food(genetically modified) why? what do they want to do to us..this is nazi technology.++ alqaeda link man held he met mohammed atta the september 11 2002 hijacker, ahmed khalil ibrahim samir al-ani.++ in japan a 12 year old threw a 4 year old off a carpark roof killing the infant.++ huge mobile phone frausd.mobiles vat(value added tax) not been paid to customs and excise..£13bn in total owed in taxes!.++ yahoo the uinternet company made £30m profit in last 3 months.++ bbc the british broadcasting corporation has 30k (30,000) employees.++ bush pledges £9bn to africa to figt aids over next 5 years.++ share options rule change could wipe two thirds off profits in usa tech firms.++ sat 12 july 2003.. cia asked no10 downing prime minister to drop the uranium claim re iraq.++ in poland primeval forrests are being cut down fast.bad news.++ cocacola is under investigation for frauds.++


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