Friday, October 07, 2005

Worldnews from march 11 2003 onwards(written oct 2005 article 45)

11th march 2003 france and russia will vote no to a second un resolution..very serious implications as this means usa and uk likely to go to war in iraq very soon.++ torys (concervatives) vow to recruit 40,000 new police officers.++ airlines should pay if security is lacking..september 11 victims should sue.++ rumsfeld says usa is ready to launch war on iraq without britain.++ 13million adults in uk smoke..29% of men and 25% of women.++ usa tests 21,000 ib bomb..the mother of all bombs called moab.++ industry needs to get research out of univercities and into industry.++ iraq war 2 began during this period and a massive proportion of newspapers coverage was all about the war, i have a small gap in my dailynews coverage as the pile of papers i use to edit the news for my blog got thrown out!. ++ saturday may 10 2003.. suicide by cop in the uk is a legal wanted to die so he aimed fake gun at cops so hed be shot.++ salmonella risk to children from vacuum cleaners bags as this disease lasts up to 56days in the bag.++ indian rats eat vital files on terrorism and corruption..need better data protection.++ 120 died yesterday when russian ilyushin76 planes rear doors fell off! this type of plane has had 45 serious accidents.++ levi verses howies jeans over levis patent for tab on rear pocket.++ autism linked to cows milk..a protein in the milk causes it.++ heidi fleiss the hollywood madam who aranged women for film stars has her story rights bought by paramount studios for £160k.++ monday 12 may.. stakeknife is the name of a ira double agent whos covers been blown.++ new york times scoops were lies by jouralist jayson blair who simply made up stories!.++ tuesday 13 may.. human brains held without permission scandal, 22k held, call the retained organs commission on 0800 838 909 if affected.++ iraqs dr germ..dr rihab taha held by cia, believed to have produced 10bn doses of deadly viruses.++ aol and bertelsmann are in merger talks for their music divisions.++ wednesday 14 may 2003.. saudi bombs go off 40 killed including 7 americans and 9 suicide bombers.++ usa will get wto ( world trade organisation) to allow gm(genetically modified) imports into the eu..well we dont wont this artifical unproven risky substance in our foods so my advice dont eat any food with gm in it as theyre forcing dangerous foods onto us without our permission..++ bosnian sex slave ring smashed it controlled up to 200 female victims including romanians, hang all people involved in exploiting women to be used by men.++ airlines forced to increase passenger weight as theyve been using assumptions previously!++ 10million warned over governments computer blunder causing national insurance shortfalls which may cut pensions.++ thursday 15th.. jupiter the planet has 23 more moons discovered so it now has 60 moons in total the new ones are between 1 and a quater and 5 miles across.++ saudi bombers escaped from a raid on their homes just 9 days the recent bombings would have been prevented if they hadnt been allowed to escape.++ elf the french fuel company trial hears how in 1989-1993 £200m was skimmed from secret funds.++mobster dishes dirt on wall street scams.++ ntl the cable company gains 27,100 home customers in 1st quater of year which breaks a loosing streak theyve been on.


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