Monday, October 31, 2005

News from march 16 2003 onwards(written oct 2005 article 47

friday 16 march 2003..passive smoking may not be as bad as weve been told.++ imminent attack halts uk flights to kenya.++ killer driver gets a £200 fine..killed a cyclist..disgusting legal system.++ 156mph motorist gets 5 months jail.++ tories will let players choose where national lottery money is spent.++ sat 17th.. bigbrother ( uk government snoops) looks at phone and internet use of more than 1 million uk people a year!!!.++ sumo patrols in tokyo to fight crime..trying to deter crime.++ sun 18th.. mercury fillings burnt in crematoriums cause pollution.++ mon 19th.. morocco attacked 25 dead in fridays attacks..moroccan group assirat al moustaqim(the straight path) a fundamentalist group did it.++ tues 20th.. a pink bus takes unruly school kids to school in the isle of wight to embarass them not to be bad..good idea.++ a couple living next to travellers have been hit by 192 crimes in 8 years in earith cambridgshire..the council will rebuild a travellers site for them..insane.++ samsung spends £60m to sponsor matrix reloaded film..product placement.++ wed 21 march 2003.. chicken is contaminated with pig protein..really bad..whoever does this should be shot.++ leyon dudley who delibratly crashed into a police van gets life in jail.++ thursday 22.. saudis foil a jet attack on a skyscraper by morrocans in alqaeda.++ forgers use computers to make bank notes..just show me how to do this!.++ coca cola accused of culture of dishonesty.++ 1000+ killed in algerian quake.++ girl in soham ely in cambridgeshire nearly abducted.++ sars car..suffolk accident rescue service decides not to change its name after people got worried it was tackling an outbreak of sars illness in the uk!!.++ is the governments drug advice website.++ 18year old signs £61m contract with nike..he plays basketball..good reason not to buy nike products..its insane poeple who make their stuff in china get paid a tiny wage so nike can pay these sports people insane amounts of money..its not right so boycott nike.++ sars virus came from cats.++ minor bomb blast in yale uni usa..prank probably


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