Monday, February 25, 2008

New movie releases ( article 72)

This article lists films by rough alphabetical order, so the newer the film is for each letter the lower it is in the list, ive abbreviated some things which will become very simple to remember as you bookmark this site and keep using it, eg cin = cinema, imdb stands for international movie data base..go to for more info on any film i remind you of on my website the number eg 7.1 stands for average score out of ten a films got overall from all who vote for it on imdb id say films scoring under 6.0 tend to be poor anything above 6.5 tends to be well made and worth watching. Cert= certificate to guide you on what age you should be to view a film. dir=director, ill sometimes say which film studio made/produced the film. I give the release dates for uk cinemas mostly or ill say if its the release date from another country and i give the uk dvd sale/rental dates. Any film studio wanting me to give more info on there film should email me please include u.s.a cinema release date and uk, plus u.s.a and uk dvd release date info and any other info like who stars in it and crucially whats the story about ! i will then review submitted films in more detail.

310 to yuma, cin 14.9.07 western , russell crowe , good film
28 weeks later , dvd 10.9.07 cin 11.5.07 horror, zombies.
300 , dvd 5.10.07 cin 22.3.07 gladiator type fighting
30 days of night ( alaska vampires) cin 2.11.07, imdb 6.7, dvd 14.4.08
.45 , thriller about the lenghts a woman will go to win, milla jovavich, dvd 28.1.08
27 dresses, cin march 2008, lady rexamines her always the bridesmaid lifestyle.
2012 doomsday, cin feb2008 usa,
21, cin 11.4.08, columbia pictures, action/adventure, true story of cheating to win at blackjack in vegas
10,000bc, cin 14.3.08 cgi (computer generated images) looks like nonesence to me..wooly mammoths
2001 maniacs, comedy/horror, imbd 5.4, rel 13.7.06, robert englund, remote georgia townspeople attack 8 students.
1408, dvd 28.12.07 good horror john cusack,based on a stephen king novel
2 days in paris dvd 21.12.07 ( newyork couple)

are we done yet? , dvd 24.9.07 comedy, ice cube
atonement, cin 7.9.07 kiera knightly set in ww2, child lies and gets a man sent to prison, tragedy, good film. on dvd 2 feb. 08
a mighty heart , cin 21.9.07 angelina jolie ( true story of the daniel pearl kidnapped reporter, good)
apocalypto, dvd 11.6.07 miyans good, director mel gibson, a bit gory !
across the universe , cin 28.9.07 love story in 60's
and when did you last see your father? , cin 5.10.07
aqua teen hunger force colon movie , ( comedy) dvd 5.10.07
alphadog , cin 20.4.07
amazing grace, (PG) william wilberforce story, cin 23.3.07
alvin and the chipmunks , ( live action/cgi) cin 21.12.07 for kids
all the boys love mandy lane cin 15.2.08 school mates killed off nasty horror
aaja nachle cin 7.12.07 newyork dance
the assasination of jesse james by the coward robert ford ( brad pitt) western cin 7.12.07, dvd 11.4.08
american gangster, cin 16.11.07, denzel washington, russell crowe about usa drug dealer, universal studios, dvd 10.3.08
august rush , cin 23.11.07
alien vs predator requiem , cin2008 sequel to the ok first film. dvd 12 may 08
asterix at the olympic games , animation
awake, thriller, jessica alba, hayden christensen, cin4.4.08
a very british gangster, donal maintyre documentary dvd 31.3.08
afro samurai, 2007, animation,action,adventure, drama,fantasy, imdb 7.9, sword fighting, samuel l jackson
a history of violence, imdb 7.6, action,crime,drama, thriler, rel 10.11.07 netherlands, viggo mortensen, ed harris, said to be good
american crude, imdb 2.4 comedy/drama, several eccentric and troubled strangers cross paths
aces n eights, imdb 6.5 rel 15.3.08usa, ernest borgnine, western, railroad forcefully taking property, tvmovie.
a lawyer walks into a bar, imdb 4.5 documentary, rel 2007 usa, about the stress of facing the bar exam for lawyers.
Adulthood , the follow up to kidulthood, cin 20.6.08 a mans released after 6yrs jail in the uk
Angus, thongs and perfect snogging, about 10yr old kids cin 25.7.08 trailer looks rubbish
A complete history of my sexual failures, cin 27.6.08 man interviews his ex's to see whats worng with him
angel, adaption of elizabeth taylors edwardian melodrama, rel 29.8.08 cin

baraka/chronos dvd 28.9.07 baraka is a documentary showing amazing scenes of nature on earth.highly recommended.
brick lane, cin 16.11.07 bangladeshi in london
blueblood ( oxford v cambridge boxing) dvd 5.10.07
bee movie cin 14.12.07 renee zellwegger voice. animation foe kids. dvd 19.5.08
blame it on fidel , cin 26.10.07 parisian girl into radical socialism
bridge to terabitha , dvd 22.10.07 cin may 2007
brothers solomon , cin 2.11.07 socially inept brothers try to find perfect mates
the breed , cin 27.4.07
beowulf , cin 15.11.07 based on a old folklore like a monster. dvd 17.3.08, anthony hopkins,angelina jolie
balboa , dvd 21.5.07 stallone, boxing
bring it on to win it , ( cheerleaders) dvd 21.12.07 for girls
billa , cin 21.12.07
the bourne ultimatum, dvd 21.12.07 matt damon as cia killer, good film
bratz the movie dvd 4.12.07
balls of fury, cin 26.12.07, very poor comedy about pingpong, christopher walken.
bruges, darkly comic, cin 18.4.08, universal studios, hitmen try to lay low, colin farrel, ralph fiennes
blue state, imdb 6.5 rel 12.2.08 usa, romanticv comedy about a democrat who moves to canada
black sheep, 2007, comedy/horror, imdb 6.1, violent lambs !! dvd 31.3.08 looks funny..but isnt
be kind rewind, uk cin 22.2.08 comedy
before the devil knows your dead, dvd 26.5.08, cert15, philip seymour hoffman
butterfly on a wheel, dvd 28.4.08, thriller about race to save a kidnapped child good film, good twist in plot.
better things, small town england, multi narative drama, rel late 2008
bill, imdb 6.8, comedy/drama, a man whos been cheated on turns to a wise teen for help, jessica alba, greenstreet films.
Bhoothmath cin 9.5.08 indian family
babylon ad, vin diesel and gerard depardieu mercenarys hired by mafia to deliver a package rel 29.8.08
Brideshead revisited cin 3.10.08 period drama based on a 1945 novel..posh yound people in uk

chuck and larry, adam sandler + kevin james comedy about gays cin 21.9.07 some funny bits , phil l will love it ( inside joke)
control , cin 5.10.07 love story of ian and debra curtis
captivity, dvd 29.10.07 sick horror elisha cuthbert, kidnapped by crazy people..hollwood has no morals.
closing the ring cin 28.12.07 shirley mcclaine, christopher plummer fiction love story neve campbell
chronicles of narnia prince caspian
charlie wilsons war , tom hanks julia roberts cin 9.1.08 trying to bring down soviet empire,drama imdb 7.5
code name the cleaner, cin 7.12.07 janitor with amnesia
cloverfield, quite good monster movie set in newyork, action/mystery/thriller/scifi, uk cin 1.2.08
on dvd 9.6.08
crazy like a fox, imdb 6.1, virginia farmer looses home to real estate developers, he hides in a cave nearby, and plans to take his home back, drama/comedy,2004,
caramel, momentum pictures, pg, cin 16.5.08, life and love in a beauty parlour
Columbus day, crime/drama/thriller, val kilmer,a thief meets a kid and tries to keep him from harm and escape to see his family
Cassandra dream, colin farrel, ewan mcgregor, dir. woody allen gambler forced to kill to pay off his debt ok film
catacombes dvd 3.3.08 horror cert18
chaos, dvd by 27.3.08
chemical wedding, writer bruce dickinson ( ex heavy metal singer) supernatural thriller, uk cin 30.5.08
Camping sauvage, french language, rel 28.5.08cin, 17year old has affair with 40yr old
chocolate, 2008, imdb 6.0, woman who does martial arts goes after a gang who owe her money (thai film) rel 6.2.08 thailand
cleaner, rel 18.1.08cin finland, crime/thriller, samuel l jackson, ed harris, eva mendez, crime scene cleaner uinknowingly participates in a cover up imdb 6.3
California dreamin, romantic comedy cert15, rel 30.5.08 terrible film
charlie bartlett cert15 eccentric teen gives prescription drugs to students, cin 16.5.08 sounds rubbish
City of men set in rio
Choke, sam rockwell angelica houston based on a novel by chuck palahniuk ( fight club) out 11.8.08
Cj7, 2008 comedy scifi imdb 6.6 from hongkong

daddy day camp , cin 19.10.07 cuba gooding jnr
disturbia , uk cin 14.9.07 cert15 good paranoid thriller boy suspects neighbour is a killer
Death sentence, cin 23.8.07 kevin bacon,kelly preston action/drama/thriller, imdb 6.9 violent, very good a mans son is murdered by a gand so his father turns vigilante..good film
diehard 4.0, ok about hackers this time a few exposions, more of the same.
cin 4.7.07 dvd 2.11.07 bruce willis
dil dosti etc how young think today, cin 2.11.07
daywatch , cin 5.10.07 forces of light and dark medievil
dark crystal anniversary edition, dvd 16.10.07
daft punk's elecroma , dvd 22.10.07
death at a funeral , cin 2.11.07 british comedy dvd 25.2.08 rupert graves,
dejavu, dvd 14.5.07 good densel washington futuristic , good film .
dan in real life , cin 11.1.08 juliette binoche , cert pg, family comedy good
dus kahaniyaan , 10 storys on love cin 7.12.07
deck the halls , dvd 4.12.07 family comedy
definately maybe, uk cin 8.2.08, rachel weize , romantic
death proof, dvd 17.1.08 tarantino, kurt russell, crazy car driving great film
donkey xote, animation/adventure, imdb 6.3
diamond dogs, dolph lungdren, imdb 4.8, a gun for hire looks for treasure
divine intervention, imdb 3.0, paster takes over helm of fundamentalist churchj, comedy/drama/romance,
diary of the dead, imdb 6.6, rel 7.3.08uk, film students making a zombie film run into real zombies , fantasy/horror/thriller, ukcert18, antfire films..good
doomsday, rel 28.8.08germany, action/drama/scifi, imdb 6.5, try to prevent a virus disaster threatening the human race, crystal sky pictures, very good but blatantly copys madmax2 scenes..good chases and stunts. 1h52long with bob hoskins and malcolm mcdowell
drillbit taylor, cin28.3.08, comedy, luke wilson
deception, cin25.4.08, ewan mcgregor / natasha hendstridch/hugh jackman secret sex club thriller about an accountant set up for fraud is say 7/10 pretty good music from the band unkle in it
deadwater, rel 20.5.08usa,lance henriksen,katherine randolph ww2 era ship used for blackops goes silent so a taskforce is sent to investigate, hooror/thriller, wiseacre films
dangerous parking, 23.5.08 drama cert 18, trying to quit addictions, saffron burrows/tom conti
Death note, cert12a, based on a manga supernatural story, big hit in japan rel 25.4.08cin
Dragon wars, cert12. north korean legend of ancient evil dvd 19.5.08
Down in the valley, 2005 set in la, ed norton as a cowboy who meets a girl half his age who causes big trouble, drama/romance imdb 6.6 ok
Donkey punch, british horror
Dante 01, futuristic scifi horror, dvd 15.9.08 set on a space prison
Daylight robbery. dvd 4.10.08

election2 , triads dvd 22.10.07
exiled, dvd 22.10.07 action hitmen hongkong
elizabeth the golden age, cate blanchett period drama about queen elizabeth v the spanish in early 16th century very good, cin 2.11.07, dvd26.2.08
eastern promises cin 26.10.07, dvd 29.2.08
extraordinary rendition, 2007, imdb 6.0, released august 2008uk, drama/thriller, man abducted off street in london taken to an unknown country ( war on terrorism)
evan almighty , cin 3.8.07 dvd 4.12.07
enchanted , cin 14.12.07 disney action romantic comedy, dvd 7.4.08
Earth , cin 7.12.07 best bbc wildlife shots of our planet ..well worth a look
edmond, 2005,writer david mamet, rel 24.11.06, drama/thriller, william h macy, denise richards, imdb 6.2, rel 6.7.07uk, fortune teller sends man towards newyorks hellish underworld, sounds interesting.
Eagle eye, thriller, shia labeouf( transformers) , 2 strangers are pawns of women theyve never met, cin 17.10.08, billy bob thornton cert 12a
Elite squad, action/crime
Eden lake, british thriller, a romantic break is ruined by violent youths, cin 12.9.08

feast of love, morgan freeman love cin 5.10.07
flashdance, special dvd 5.10.07
fracture, cin 20.4.07 anthony hopkins kills wife and tries to get away with it, good
flyboys , cin 1.6.07
fantastic4 the rise of the silver surfer, cin 15.6.07 good comic adaptation, jessica alba
fred clause, cin 7.12.07 vince vaughn
fools gold, mathew mcconaughley kate hudson, comedy/romance, donald sutherland, treasure hunting, cin 18.4.08 nice film
flashbacks of a fool, daniel craig, ukcin 18.4.08, drug user is directionless in life in malibu
funnygames, imdb 6.8 rel 4.4.08uk, horror/thriller, 2 psychotics take a family hostage in a cabin, tim roth, naomi watts
frontiers, french film, rel 9.5.08 very brutal film, thieves hide out but nazis torture them
For your consideration, imdb 6.2, rel22.11.06usa, 3 actors hear there drams generating award season buzz, comedy pg13.
forgetting sarah marshall, ukcin 23.4.08, comedy, a guy tries to get over being dumped, russell brand ( uk tv idiot i hate stars in it) one ill avoid
For one more day, crime/drama/thriller, imdb 5.5, a depressed man kills himself but in this fantasy he gets to spend one ladt day with his mum...sounds really silly.
flakes, imdb 6.9, comedy, capitalists rip off the idea for a new cereal.
first sunday, cert 12a, ukcin 28.3.08, crime/comedy imdb 2.7 rob a church, ice to avoid
futurama benders game, imdb 9.7, rel 2008usa, animation/comedy/scifi, 20th century fox tv
fingerprints, imdb 4.8, mystery parayzes people, lou diamond philips, horror/mystery.thriller
For sale by owner, rel 2008 usa, dra/horror/thrill, skeet ulrich/tom skerritt made by fort pictures
Flashpoint imdb 6.8, action. cop take son drug dealing vietnamese gang ( english dubbed voices)
Freebird, british comedy, cert 15, rel 2.6.08 dvd, going from london to wales on motorbikes
Five across the eyes, dvd 10.5.08 horror

grow your own, dvd 15.10.07
goodluckchuck, cin 8.11.07 jessica alba comedy, dvd 17.3.08
goldendor, scorsese journey to the new world dvd 29.10.07
goodbye bafaro, about nelson mandela's 20yr prison time guarded by a white racist, dvd 22.10.07 joseph fiennes, imdb 7.0, rel 11.4.07 belgium,
the golden compass , cin 7.12.07 imdb 6.4, fantasy adventure, nicole kidman, daniel craig, for kids,
George a romeros diary of death, cin 17.3.08 zombies
ghetto, imdb 7.0, lithuanian film, ww2 singer saves jews from nazis, 2006, rel 8.6.06, english/german/language
Graduation, rel 2.5.08usa, action/adventure/comedy/crime/drama. 4 friends paln to roba bank, imdb 5.8
Gone baby gone, casey affleck, uk cin 6.6.08 about a missing 4yr old, boston cops hamper the investigation dvd 22.9.08
Garbage warriors, cert15, cin 23.5.08, documentary on new mexico homes made of junk
Gabriel, rel 15.11.07, arc angel who fights to bring people to purgatory
George carlin life is worth losing.

halloween , unnessesary remake, cin 28.9.07 nasty foul mouthed film, malcolm mcdowell dvd 28.4.08..stick to the original film.
hannibal rising, dvd 18.6.07 ok film
hotrod , ( poor comedy..moped evil knievel copycat) cin 28.9.07
half nelson , (teacher is druggie and friends with a pupil ) dvd 28.9.07
hatchet ( horror) cin 5.10.07
heima , cin 2.11.07
the heartbreak kid, cin 5.10.07 ben stiller comedy its good he marries quickly then on honeymoon meets another lady.
the hitcher, cin 3.6.07
he was a quiet man , elisha cuthbert ( potential killer becomes hero) cin 7.12.07
hotel harabati, cin 7.12.07
hitman , (based on video game) cin 7.12.07 dvd 5.4.08
happily n ever, after comedy animation dvd 7.12.07
Hostel pt 2 ..nasty horror sony dvd by 22.10.08?
Highlander the source, dvd 7.1.08
Horton hears a who, 2008 kids film, ukcin 21.3.08 animation
Happy go lucky, cin 18.4.08, director mike leigh, school teacher meets a guy she likes,
hunger, premier on 15.5.08 cannes, about an IRA terrorist killer who died in prison after a 66day hunger stike, channel4 uk film
How to loose friends and alienate people, paramount, about an english looser, kirten dunst/gillian anderson, looks poor, cin 3.10.08
hancock, will smith comedy..drunk unhappy superhero, charlize theron, cin july2008 sony.
Hero wanted, man tracks down and kills the man that left him and a bank teller for dead but the thief then comes after him, cuba gooding jr/ray liotta
How to rob a bank, crime/thriller, a slacker bank employee arbitrates a tense situation, nick stahl
Hulk, 2003 nick nolte/jennifer connolly, universal marvel comic adaptation that is so boring i couldnt watch it to the end.
High school musical 3 , disney, cin 22.10.08, all music and dancing.
hell ride, 2008, action/adventure/thriller imdb 6.4, dennis hopper/michael madsen/vinnie jones
harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay, comedy cin 30.5.08 looks rubbish

invincible, mark wahlberg usa football) dvd 24.9.07
i do , cin 2.11.07 man wants to be stood up at alter !
into the wild, sean penn cin 9.11.07 very good, young man drops out of society to live in the wild on his own, very anti materialism movie, great story, go see it.
Iron man, comic adaptation, uk cin 2.5.08, robert downey jr, worth a look
In the shadow of the moon, ( real nasa footage) cin 2.11.07 exellent highly recommended
interview, sienna miller , about celebrity, cin 2.11.07
the invasion, cin 12.10.07 nicole kidman, daniel craig ( remake of invasion of body satchers) ok
i am legend, cin 26.12.07 will smith post apocalypse in newyork, very good kind of scifi..cancer cure goes badly wrong in the future. dvd 21.4.08 also a stupid alternative ending version of this film
Im not there , cin 21.12.07 about bob dylan richard gere cate blanchett
Indian jones 4 the kingdom of the crystal skull , uk cin 22.5.2008
Identity, pam grier 2008
In bruges, dark comedy thriller, rel 18.4.08cin, universal, colin farrell/ralph fiennes director martin mcdonagh about hitmen
In the name of the king a dungeon seige tale, act/adv/fantasy , imdb 3.7, jason stratham/burt reynolds, based on a video game
Impulse, mystery/thrill, imdb 4.9 woman hooks up witha stranger in a deadly game of seduction
ira and abby, 2006, imdb 6.3, comedy, hastily married couple have affairs, meddling parents and therapy.
I know who killed me dvd 28.1.08
In the valley of elah, tommy lee jones thriller cert15, dvd 6.5.08
i really hate my job, 2007, 5 women 1 restaurant, imdb 5.8, comedy neve campbell, made by 3dd productions
i- see- imdb 6.0, cin 29.12.07, 17 yr old uses mini cameras and puts the footage online, rosanna arquette
Impact point, 2008 1h25, womens beach vollyball, stalker/murderer, kelley reyes, ok film nothing special
it aint easy ,2008 about a pimp ( scum who should be shot)
Igor, animation, cin 17.10.08
Ive loved you so long, cin 26.10.08

john waters this filthy ward, documentary cin 28.9.07
jackass 2.5 ( really should justy be a bonus dvd for jackass2) but some funny stuff dvd 10.3.08
jumper ( teleportation) cin 14.2.08 bourne v matrix type film 20th century fox
juno , comedy ellen page cin 15.2.08 about teen pregnancy, made by fox, imdb 8.2 jennifer garner,
Joy division, cin2.5.08 cert15, british documentary on the band that became new order
Just like heaven, 2005 imdb6.8, reese witherspon, com/fantasy/romance
Just add water, rom/com, man persues his childhood love, danny devito

knocked up, dvd 25.9.07 comedy about pregnancy
kenny , australian mocumentary about portaloos
khuda ke liya, going from pakistan to usa for higer education, cin 2.11.07
the kingdom, cin 3.10.07 terrorism in saudi arabia jamie fox, good bit predictable action movie.
the kite runner, cert 12a cin 26.12.07
kung fu panda, dreamworks animation, cin 4.7.08 jack black imdb 8.1
km31, cin 7.12.07 old evil loose in mexico city
the killing of john lennon, mark david chapman.chilling loony cin 7.12.07
kill kill faster faster 1h39long

la vie en rose, 12a cin 22.6.07 gerad depadieu ( singer edith piafs life) dvd 4.12.07
labyrinth , anniversary edition dvd 16.10.07 kids puppetry fantasy.
the lookout , life turnd upside down by accident cin 2.11.07
lay our ghost, cin may .07
lions for lambs, cin 9.11.07 war on terrorism, tom cruise badly miscast, poor film seems like its written by the pentagon as a recruiting to avoid.
The last legion, cin 19.10.07
lust caution, cin 4.1.08 ww2 espionage thriller director ang lee in china
les chansons d'amour , ( love songs) musical about relationships cin 21.12.07
Leatherheads, george clooney/renee zellwegger, ukcin 8.4 rom/com in american football
Lake of fire, imdb 8.5, documentary about abortion 2006
lars and the real girl, com/drama, imdb 7.9 delusionary guy has a mrelationship with a doll
Lagerfeld confidential, rel 24.10.07usa, documentary about the fashion designer imdb 7.3
love in the time of cholera, ukcin 21.3.08 cert15
live, rel 23.1.08, com/dra, mockumentary on a tc executive producing a reality show where contestants play russian roulette, imdb 5.6, eva mendez
living hell ( organism), 2008, a top secret cold war project is dug up and a fast growing oranism escapes, imdb 4.9 horror/mys/thrill not very good
lakeview terrace, samuel l jackson, lapd officer doesnt like his new neighbours intyerracial relationship, drama/thriller

mr woodcock , comedy billy bob thornton cin 21.9.07 sports teacher
michael clayton, cert 15 cin 28.9.07 george cloony thriller about the legal world , very good. dvd 18.2.08
mrs ratcliffes revolution , cin 28.9.07 true story going to communist east germany
my best friend , dvd 28.9.07 search for a best friend
Manufacturing dissent, ( investigating michael moore) very good documentary exposes a few of moores tricks but ultimately fails to make moore out as a bad person, cin 5.10.07
Margo at the wedding , (family relationships) nicole kidman jack black, rel 21.2.08 imdb6.4 com/dra
miss potter , renee zellweger, ewan mcgregor dvd 23.4.07
mr beans holiday, english childish , rowan atkinson, comedy cin 30.3.07
mr brookes, cin 13.10.07 kevin costner / demi moore silly serial killer film. dvd 10.3.08
the messengers, cin 13.4.07
my blueberry night , cin 22.2.07? norah jones jude law rachel weisz pursuit of true love
mr magoriums wonder emporium, about a toy store 21.12.07
My kid could paint that , true story documentary of a 4yr old compared to artist picasso cin 21.12.07 exellent documentary shows tv show 60minutes to be incredible crap journalism..this kids painting are brilliant..highly recommend this film
the magic flute young lovers , cin 7.12.07
Montana sky, imdb 5.4 rel 5.2.07usa dra/rom/western, 3 sisters given a montana farm must live together for 1 yr
Mother of tears the third mother, dra/fant/horror/thrill, imdb 5.9 ancient urn unleashes a witch
music within, true story, public speaker returns from vietnam with bad hearing and helps others with dissabilitys
made of honour, ukcin 2.5.08 patrick dempsey, man tries to stop a wedding of a lady he likes dvd 29.9.08
My boy jack, rel 20.4.08 usa, rudyard kiplings search for a 17yr old somn missing in ww1, daniel radcliff/kim cattrall, made by ecosse films imdb 7.8
martian child imdb 6.9 john cusack, child claims to be from mars, drama/scifi
meet the spartans, cin 21.3.08 spoof of the film 300 and some others cert12a, dvd 18.8.08 sean maguirre ok
My winnipeg, rel 18.7.08 docu/fantasy, local canadian myth/childhood trauma
My moms new boyfriend, imdb 6.3, rel 30.4.08spain, act/com/rom/thrill, antonio banderas/meg ryan, spying on his mum and new lover, made by millenium films
Michael moore hates america, imdb 5.0, documentary..michael wilson trys to interview moore 2004
mama mia, universal, rel 10.7.08cin, about a mother and daughter plus 3 possible fathers, pierce brosnan/colin firth/meryl by abba dvd 1.11.08
mongol the rise to power of ghengus khan, cin 6.6.08 cert15, might be interesting
monsters vs aliens, paramount/dreamworks, cin 2009
man of the year, late night talk show host runs for president, dvd 28.4.07 universal, robin williams
Meet the browns, single mom takes her familt to georgia for funeral of her dad a man she never met, there her family meet the crass fun loving brown family, comedy/drama angela bassett
madagascar 2 escape from africa, cin 5.12.08 animation for kids
meet dave . eddie murphy comedy
Miss pettigrew lives for a day, set in 1930s london, frances mcdormand, screwball romantic comedy, cin 15.8.08, momentum pictures
make it happen, dancing?
Mirrors, kiefer sutherland, psychological horror, 20th century fox, cin 10.10.08 doesnt interest me.
next , dvd 26.9.07 nicolas cage sees future cin 27.4.07 good film
nanny diaries c, in 12.10.07 scarlette johnsson manhattens upper east side cert 12a
no country for old men , coen brothers cert15 thriller cin 18.1.08 looks good
nancy drew la , unsolved crime cin 26.10.07
nightmare before christmas , 3d director tim burton more for kids, cin 26.10.07
night at the museum, dvd 2.4.07 i didnt like it in fact i hated it, kids adventure
the nines , cin 30.11.07 family
national treasure book of secrets, nicolas cage cin 8.2.08 sequel
once , ( irish musical) struggling busker cin 26.10.07 barely a story but nice music ok
outlaw , dvd 9.7.07
oceans13, cin 8.6.07 better than the dire ocans12 not bad, casino robbing
the orphanage, cin 28.3.07 gothic frightner
perfect stranger , dvd 18.9.07 bruce willis halle berry thriller cin 13.4.07
paprika, dvd 24.9.07 female detective entyers dreams animation
pathfinder, extended dvd 28.9.07
princess, ( priest returns home after pornstar sister dies from drugs) cin 26.10.07
poltergeist , 25th anniversary dvd 22.10.07
the passion of christ , dvd 31.3.07 brutal nasty film about the person called jesus aleged to have lived 2000 yrs ago, mel gibson directs 2 hours of extreme brutallity.. i hated it, the soham schoolgirls murdered by ian huntly went to watch this film.
the painted veil, cin 27.4.07 niami watts + ed norton 1920s china good
premonition , cin 16.3.07 sandra bullock , very silly film one to avoid
paradice lost , extreme edition dvd 12.10.07
ps i love you, cin 4.1.08 hilary swank romantic comedy
penelope , reece witherspoon christina ricci about a nose is a snout!
the queen , dvd 17.3.07 helen mirren fiction on uk queen after dianas death
resident evil extinction, cert15 cin 12.10.07 i hated the first film based on pc game
rocket science , high school debates/love cin 28.9.07
resident evil apocalypse , dvd 16.10.07
razzle dazzle , comedy childrens competitive dancing cin 20.10.07
rendition , jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon cin 19.10.07 good about usa torturing terror suspects, worth watching
rush hour 3 , cin 31.8.07 jackie chan comedy
the reeping, cin 20.4.07
rise of the foot soldier, dvd 26.12.07
redacted, cin 21.3.07 , true story of rape and murder of an iraqi girl, director brian de plama


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