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should we bring back the death penalty to the uk ? ( article 64)

Before you read this article a word to Syd fans who read this article..if you disagree with punishments i think the following crimes should get use the comments button at the bottom of the article to say what punishment you think is appropriate for each crime i mention or just some of them, don't sit back and do nothing join the debate here, if u disagree with what i say say why. If reading this info changes your mind about me from at first being thankful for letting you know the real situation Syd was in to now thinking this guy is scum..explain why you change your opinion..or is it because your the type of person i have the balls to openly say may deserve the death penalty??

Recent media coverage of certain vile cases prompted me to write the appalling case where a young girl playing in her bath near Newcastle UK had a paedophile who was supposed to be being monitored in the community broke into the child's home, abducted her in his car repeatedly sexually assaulted her and then dumped her naked in a back if that's not the type of scum that deserves to be hung i don't know what is...quite how anyone could be so weak minded as to say no one deserves to be hung is beyond me..its due to weak minded idiots that think that way that the uk's such a seriously risky place for everyone now, there's over 40,000 people in the UK on the sex offenders register! I hold people who wouldn't bring back the death penalty responsible for past and future crimes committed by the list of evil scum i list further not speaking up to your mp's, by not protesting to reinstate hanging you allow our stupid laws to keep letting people off very serious offences...only to do it all again.

I think we should bring back hanging to the UK justice system as soon as possible, because we don't hang evil scum anymore our jails our severely overcrowded. This means lesser criminals now get a slap on the wrist.. aka a warning which is a joke to them and a huge insult to victims of crime. Not only that but also we've all heard of early release.. criminals serving fractions of their sentences..again because prisons are full to capacity, their sentences are usually pathetically low in the first place so letting them out early is a massive insult to crime victims and means society's full of criminals who should be locked up.

Death is the ultimate punishment, hanging the worst offenders in the UK removes their threat to all of us, and dead people don't commit further offenses..something governments don't seem to understand. Dead people cant talk to cell mates and spread their evil thoughts and influence.
Dead people cant escape from prison or walk out of open prisons!!. Dead people don't cost taxpayers £25k- £100k each per year to keep in jail ( 25000 pounds to 100,000 pounds)..the money saved can be used to punish and PREVENT future crimes from taking place. Dead scum bags cant talk to relatives/visitors/the media and sell their story's or get them published.

Clever/devious defence lawyers can find ways to get even the the most guilty off free due to minor technicality's..if we've hung the guilty evil people it wont matter if someone didn't quite follow silly unnecessary procedures in catching the evil criminals.

Victims wont live in fear their attacker will be released/escape or come back to get them again as the really evil dangerous criminals will be dead.

The following is who i think should be hung..
paedophiles.. anyone who's sexually attacked children, groomed them via the Internet, deliberately downloaded child porn..they're guilty of causing children to be abused for the photos to be made.

rapists.. whether stranger rapes, drug use rapes eg so called date rape drugs were used or any case that can be proven was rape..ill work to get lie detector tests compulsory for attackers to help forensics piece together watertight cases, we can even use truth drugs like the CIA use to interrogate people to help get to the truth.

Murderers..goes without saying just how dangerous these type of people are, but cases where it was self defense obviously will be investigated and the innocent should get a second chance.
Drink or drug using drivers who kill...its time we stopped letting selfish dangerous drivers off the hook, killing someone by accident doesn't lesser the impact of killing innocent people through someones extremely reckless behaviour.

Dangerous drivers who kill..joyriders/car thieves who kill or seriously injure or speeders who cause serious accidents.

major drug dealers should either be hung or used for drug testing experiments!! instead of poor out of work healthy people volunteering to be guinea pigs for pharmaceutical company's to test new medicines lets give drug dealers the locked in prison for life and be used for testing medicines or choose to be hung, this option saves healthy innocent people from being risked by pharmaceutical company's and the untold millions of animals currently used to test medicines and household products for human safety..let the sellers of brain damaging, mental illness causing misery get a taste of their own medicine!

Kidnappers deserve to be hung

serious child abusers..people who hit and injure children badly arn't worthy of life

Illegal weapons importers and sellers

Serious disease spreaders eg anyone who knowingly passes on aids/HIV to anyone deliberately without the victims knowledge


Anyone involved in forcing anybody to work as a prostitute

Child porn producers and distributors..including anyone who publishes this vile material on the Internet

Vile pornography creators, sellers and publishers whether online or images depicting rape and violence against anyone

Pornography spam senders ..anyone sending unsolicited emails showing porn needs to be hung

Serious blackmailers who made peoples lives a misery

Stalkers who caused serious misery to their victims..including Cyber stalkers who sometimes hide behind anonymous web site comments.

People traffickers..we've got 500,000 to 1 million people living illegally in the UK already anyone who's knowingly brought people here illegally should be hung as the consequences of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in the UK is immense..from untold crime committed by people with nothing to the massive economic costs to society.

Anyone who deliberately sells waste food as fit for human consumption eg the scum who sod diseases bacteria infested rotting chicken waste that was due to be disposed of, but instead to make money they sold the chicken waste as normal chicken..this got into the food chain causing untold numbers of people food poisoning. You deserve to be hung !

bad polluters..anyone who knowingly causes environmental disasters to avoid safe disposal costs deserves to be hung..lets say if clean up costs of a deliberate pollution incident costs over £100k or more those people who authorised the pollution to be carried out should be hung.

Human organ thieves must be hung..this really does happen sometimes.people are drugged and wake up having had say a kidney removed to be sold on the black market..this is truly worthy of anyone involved being hung

Now this is a rough idea of who deserves the death penalty..if you think of anyone else who deserves the death penalty use the comment s button to leave a comment on your ideas..keep it really brief please. I'm seeking anyone's help in restoring the death penalty to the UK..if you can talk to your mp, write to mps, campaign in your local press..again any ideas use the comments button. if you simply wish to send money so i can finance publicising why we need to bring back hanging please use to pay, if you wish to comment on bringing back the death penalty via emailing me put lets bring back hanging in the emails subject line or i wont open it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So would you be prepared to die as an inoccent victim of a miscarriage of justice?
I don't disagree with the Death Penalty in fact I feel we should combine it with Life sentences; if someone is sentenced to life for continually offending / violent crimes / sexual abuse / rape / paedophilia etc then we should lock them in a cell, give them a bottle of water and a meal then leave them. When they have died or killed themselves we wash out the cell for the next offender. However you have to accept mistakes are made and if you support the death penalty etc you have to accept you could be the victim of a mistake! I, myself, do accept this.

10 January 2007 at 19:03:00 GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the word is "hanged" not "hung"

maybe the death penalty should apply to illiterates

11 November 2008 at 18:30:00 GMT  

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