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Syd Barrett article update apr07 (my article 66 )

Those of you who have read the Mail on Sunday article from December 2006
, will now know Syd Barrett's biographers failed to find out the truth of Syd's last 25 years, the amount of info they give out on him for his time in Cambridge from 1981-2006 is minimal. Some people illegally posted the article on dozens of websites..putting the websites owners at risk of legal action, in response im asking them to remove the copyrighted article as a handful of people who use Syd Barrett websites have been immature and disrespectful towards me. The article was ghost written..i was interviewed and then a journalist wrote up what id told him in his own way to suit the Mail on Sunday's own agenda. Whilst much in the article is details i did say , but by him editing down my unique insightful info on Syd Barrett's reclusive last 25 years in some part i agree i should have been written up better, some of it is written in such a way as to make me look particuarly harsh on Syd Barrett ,they left out many things id told them and chopped down full statements id made to them in such a way as to make me come across far more insensitive about Syd Barrett than i intended, i wish id been allowed to write it up myself..but id have needed far more space than they would provide for any article. As such im going to write a book on everything i know about Syd Barrett and what happened to him in all the time i lived right next door to him for 25 years..i know more than most of Syd Barrett's family members..99.9% of whom never visited him..nor did any Pink Floyd members, Syd was left to rot.

 When people post comments on website forums they should consider why they say what they say and act as if the person theyre talking about is in a room with polite and argue your point but dont get nasty and immature especially as i didnt write that article!. I could have told you this months ago but seeing how vicious some Syd fans are i had no desire to drop the reporter in the shit so to speak, im still protecting his identity as i dont trust some people who claim to be Syd Barrett fans. I hope that when my full story comes out..written by me in my words youll be more respectful of why im telling you how Syd Barrett aka Roger Barrett ended up, for the last time Syd Barrett the ex Pinkfloyd rock band member was extremely mentally ill id say severe schizophrenia as well as other mental problems caused by using lots of the now illegal drug LSD and smoking cannabis in the 1960s caused him massive unrepairable damage which resulted in him being unable to function as a normal human being pretty much from 1968 onwards..his drug use ruined him..i will go into vast detail of exactly what he ended up like to hopefully prevent people copying his attitude that drugs are cool and harmless. please feel free to comment on this blog article below by clicking the comments button and leaving a reply for me, thanks .

 by the way i will not publish anonymous comments and dont include your email addresses in your comments or you will get lots of spam emails.( .any email address shown on a webpage can be harvested by scum bags using software to scan the whole internet to find email addresses..they then send you all kinds of crap every day.) if you wish to email me you cant youll have to comment on this article.

 Please always state if you have read the Mail on Sunday article and where you found it or if your just replying to my follow up comments here on my blog please state how you found by blog thanks.  use my Google search box whenever you need to search the internet..bookmark my website in your browser and use my site for your internet searches from now on thanks.

PS on 22 April 2007 i have this to add.. some Pinkfloyd/Syd Barrett websites run forums where a small number of people who hide behind usernames still dont seem willing to understand the details on Syd Barrett ive spoken out about. I am unwilling/lacking the time to deal with some stupid people who simply can not handle the truth ive told about Syd Barrett, as such i shall be making no more comments on Syd forums...everytime i jump in to defend my position im giving away tiny pieces of info towards whats really been going on, im not going to fall for these tricks of Syd fans critisising what ive said so i chip in and tell a bit more of my story. You will have to wait for my book.

As ive said any website that in the future shows even a single page of my book will be sued, multiple virus laden fake copies will be added to filesharing services by a leading Antipiracy group so that anyone trying to get my work for free will be left with a seriously messed up computer .

 To the Syd fans who say they wont buy it that's fine my target markets a million times larger than your tiny fan base, although im writing about Syd Barrett the implications of my info are far far more far reaching than simply being useful to Syd Barrett or Pink Floyd fans, the info's extremely useful to everyone. Anyone who decides to review my book be honest, any review sent to Amazon that looks like its written by someone whos not read the book can be removed, likewise for anyone deliberatley being critical because they dont like what i have to say about Pinkfloyd's Syd Barrett, anyway do you really think a review by some unknown persons going to slow down sales of a book sure to get massive press coverage? . To the vast majority of people eager for my full story youll have to be patient, itll be well worth the wait, thanks for your support .

Update on 27 July 2007 , i was asked in a comment where i live now, well im still in England but no longer next to where syd lived for 25 years. I must point out that i have spoken with the new owners of Syd's home wish to be left alone, can you imagine what its like to have total strangers taking photos of your home especially as both Syd Barrett's family and the estate agents didnt tell the buyers it once housed someone famous ! can you believe that !, anyway 1 year since Syd Barrett died a radio show was played, once again rehashing the tale of syd losing it ( going mad) but once again the media fail to disclose how Syd Barrett actually behaved when he went could they? they didnt live next to the man for 25years like i did. Until i disclose the truth go enjoy his amazing music and for gods sake steer clear of all illegal drugs unless you want permanent brain damage, all the best Ds

What Syd said to me will be in the book

Update on 20 Nov2010 my copy of yet another Syd barrett biography called a" very irregular head" by a Mr Rob Chapman arrived from Amazon and i looked in the index for the mysterious Radha person the author claims was aged 7 and lived 2 doors from syd in the early 80's ( so either number 8 or number 4 seeing as Syd Barrett lived at number 6) and she asked Syd about flying horses ... i hope Mr Chapman can prove this isnt made up as there was no one called Radha living is Syd's road in the 80s ! , it also quotes Ian Barrett a nephew of Syd's as claiming to have known this Radha person which means he's ( Ian Barrett) either in on the lie or Rob Chapman has made up this quote too ! , i challenge Mr Chapman to prove this claim, he also lists Radha as being a Cherry Hinton resident..does he mean now in later life she lives there now in 2010? ( Cherry Hinton is a little village outside Cambridge UK , Syd Barrett lived in Cambridge) I dont want anyone to buy a book if its made up and not labelled as fiction ! so Mr Rob Chapman the balls in your court. The fact there's just 2 or 3 lines in a 400 odd page biography of info from Syd Barrett's neighbours does prove Mr Chapman did no research on the matter and is guilty of revising history as someone else put it.
I will apologise of course if Mr Rob Chapman can prove he's not lying in order to sell books.

The forum on Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett has a thread discussing Rob Chapman's book on Syd and via that info i found out Radha is called Radharani krishna harte ( sounds like hari krishna cult name to me) she also lists her name as Ms ana wrecks ya and lists her age as 25 which means her claim of being aged 7 when she met syd was around 1992 if she was born in 1985 which is 25 years back from now 2010. She lists her location as la la london ! i openly challenged Rob Chapman to prove this womans claims are true i even emailed him telling him about the thread on on 21 november 2010 he replied via email and said
dear "dc s"

as a general rule I don't respond to people who don't include their names either in their e mail address or the main body of the text. who are you?

rob c

actually don't bother replying. I've worked out who you are.

rob 'radha' chapman

Then on Monday 22 nov10 Keith jordan who runs the Neptunepinkfloyd website banned me (burp) from his website he says

Burp, it seems you are very... ... about this book but, unfortunately, your comments are drifting too far into the realm of libel to be allowed to continue on this forum. As such you are account is banned.

Wow how childish can you get ! Got to close to the truth did i ! , So anyone who still uses Neptunepinkfloyd who are only allowed to talk about things Keith decides ask him if Rob Chapman threatened him with libel. Anyway ive made my point its now up to Rob Chapman to explain his research and how Radha lived in syds old street ! Im off to play with my magical horse in the land of make believe !

here are some reviews of Rob Chapman's book on Amazon you can take a guess at which review i like best :)

Update on 23 November 2010
I just thought does anyone actually know Keith Jordan ? has anyone got a photo of him ? here's a conspiracy theory..Keith is Rob ! , is Keith on Facebook or Myspace ? have any of you using actually met him in person ? what does he look like ? i want photo proof of who he is, so please contact me via this article.  by using his website he has your computers ip address, email address and all other personal info you give...but just think do we know who he really is ? are there any Youtube videos of him ?? im asking all Pink Floyd or Syd Barrett fans to dig deep and find out if Keith Jordan is a real person because as soon as i criticised Rob Chapman i was banned by Keith ! ..seems very fishy to me.

Keith joined Neptunepinkfloyd on 12 June 2002 then on 22 november 2010 he says I have the book ( a very irregular head) but have not read it yet as I have exams coming up. Here's info on Rob Chapman so he works for the University of huddersfield.. got exams coming up ! he also says on the thread he's aware other Neptunepinkfloyd users are using multiple accounts..if your 1 of those people please contact me id love to know why your using more than 1 account to use a forum on Pinkfloyd..what is going on ?

Update on 24 november 2010 thanks wolfpack for your comment im happy to publish it, i have no problem showing both sides of an argument. Well firstly i can quite easily fill 200 pages on Syd far all Pink Floyd fans know of my info is a 2000 word ghost written article published in the Mail on Sunday a uk newspaper and a couple of articles here on my blog i felt i had to write to explain whats been going on. Wolfpack you didnt mention if you or anyone you know has ever seen Keith have you? if you use google maps you can see that the webmaster of lists his location as
Domain name:

Keith Jordan

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
46 Glebe Lane
then i find Rob Chapman works at
Address: W1/18
University of Huddersfield,
Huddersfield, HD1 3DH

these 2 places are either side of the city of Manchester...something very very fishy seems to be going on...what are your thoughts ? who is Keith Jordan really ???? could Keith be Rob ???

Im not at all bothered Rob Chapman failed to contact me in any way what so ever regarding my input into a biography on Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett as i wouldnt have given him any info problem with him is that he's printing lies..i know theyre lies as i grew up next door to Syd..there is no question what so ever about whether David  lived next door to Syd..If being in the national press making this claim completely unchallenged doesnt do it for you i dont know what would..let me know. Maybe going on something like Oprah one day and taking a lie detector test would prove things to you !

Its not hard to find a publisher when you have explosive information about one of the most famous rock groups ever ! but i research info properly unlike some people, 200 pages is nothing compared to what i can fill on what i know..youll just have to wait and see ! I will not give away info on the content of what i have to say as i expect others will be reading this who would copy my info.
Wolfpack ive already said in the 2 articles on this blog that my target market is not simply Syd Barrett music fans..feel free to read my 2 articles again to see what im saying
so thanks for your comment Wolfpack your always welcome to keep me informed of what details you might want to know about in a book that has info on Syd in it..please answer my questions re who is Keith Jordan cheers

Update 25 november 2010 Wolfpack if you thing i told a uk newspaper the biggest info of what i know about Syd Barrett in a 2000 word ghost written article your very much mistaken ! I gave them a taste of whats really been going on to shut up the idiots going around saying Syd moved to Cambridge and lived a quiet life and was not mentally ill. Who are you really Wolfpack ? Youll understand that since i find Rob Chapman very likely to be Keith jordan and since many people using Neptunepinkfloyd seem to have hidden agenda's i prefer to know who im really speaking with. The explosive information was not in the Mail on sunday article, like i said you have no idea of what i have to reveal, anyway how did you get to read it ..where did you find it online or do you live in the uk and bought the paper ? I understand Rob chapman is very likely reading this so you wont want to challenge who Keith Jordan really is in a public blog but off the record feel free to speak to me by emailing me..i will keep what you email totally private thanks.

Wolfpack can you or anyone your in contact with that uses neptunepinkfloyd prove Rob isnt Keith ? Im angry a biographer prints lies about Syd as i saw him every day for 25 years pretty much so when a story is spun he was a pretty normal bloke yes it makes me mad. Youll have to wait for my full story to fully understand why its so upsetting.
As for Syd enjoying children its false full stop.

After his solo albums its correct Pink Floyd had nothing to do with him..if you are pulling apart a 2000 word article looking for errors etc you have to understand that a 2000 word article is highly condensed you understand that? I was explaining that in the 25 years from 1981-2006 they never visited Syd once !
As for what research i need to do you've clearly never written a book before..why are you so obsessed with Syd ? again who are you really where do you live?
Yes its well know Syd Barrett is a drug casualty but whats not known is how it affected him..when you see someone daily for 25 years you know the truth.
Of course i wasnt his doctor ! but i can explain how he lived his last 25 years, its the only accurate detail of this legends last 25 years that can be told thats that, hope thatll do..but i really do wonder why you are so obsessed with Syd...please explain yourself cheers

26 November 2010 I want to know where people read the Mail on Sunday article of December 2006 by me/my ghostwriter as its got copyright protection, so kindly tell me where you saw it..thats why it matters as to where and when it was seen from. I agree that if you use neptunepinkfloyd its very wise to use it anonymously as it seems Keith Jordan is possibly some one else.

14 December 2010 i just found this very interesting article about how our brains can be delusional so ill put a link to it here to help the Syd Barrett or Pink Floyd fans having a problem accepting the truth coming out from me about Syd

Update on 6 January 2011
this is my reply to anonymouse ( his comment to me is below in the comments section of this article by me ) you sent me a link about how some people claim Syd Barrett was autistic and had synaesthesia ! this is the article written by Lilli marlene who ive never heard of. The most famous autistic person most people will have seen is the character Dustin Hoffman played in the exellent film Rainman, so my first reply is that Syd Barrett was not autistic, who on earth says he was ? Barrett's brain was exceptional but his drug use destroyed its brilliance very quickly. Syd barrett did not leave an estate worth over 1.5 million pounds to his siblings, they helped themselves to his money, he did not leave it to them they decided it was ok to say he was mentally ill when it suited them so they could grab his cash, just read what his family said before that he wasnt ever mentally ill, then knowing he'd not written a will they declare him mentally ill and incapable of writting a will and thus sign over all his money to themselves ! . Syd smoked cannabis and used LSD and theres no doubt cannabis alone can cause serious mental problems so the author of this article does understand about the effects drugs have on the human brain.

I myself have previously said that the conclusion Syd Barrett delevoped Scizophrenia isnt fully acurate ill not be expanding on this here and now. I cant take anything a Barrett family claims as gospel due to repeated lies theyve told the media, so claiming he was examined and found to be sane means nothing to me...get me a lie detector machine and ill find out what they really know. Dont forget 1 of the biographys on Syd Barrett contradicts this completely as Syd was taken to see R.D Laing who said he was incurable.
Roger waters came very close to acuratly labelling Syd Barrett's illness as Scizophrenia based on his observations, and likewise when i release my full story youll be able to judge for yourselves after hearing about everything ive witnessed.

Syd's withdrawal was not a nervous breakdown ! what nonsense.
As for Syd getting on with kids give me a break, kids were terrified of him. Syd didnt choose to leave the big bad music business he became unable to perform and ran out of ideas. The article ends with "many questions about his life will remain forever unanswered. Don't you love a mystery" ? well its not going to be such a mystery when im finished. I find it interesting that someone claiming to have known Syd between 1989-1991 called autumn leaves in the comments section of lilli marlene's article is from which was founded by rosemary Breen Syd Barrett's sister ! so who is autumn leaves really ? the more you delve into who benefits from portraying Syd as a lovable recluse who was good at art the more obvious the lies become.

Finally anonymouse said i find it unlikely youll find a publisher maybe its time to move on..your not the first person to say this to me so im wondering why are people afraid of what i have to say ? why would you want me to move on and not publish my information? who are you really and what self interest are you trying to protect ? Some of you seem very afraid of what im going to release, if you cant handle the truth of what Syd Barrett became i suggest you stop following any and all information about him as in the end it all leads to who really knows what happened, who saw him daily for 25 years while he was no longer in Pink Floyd ? the answer is me.
1 last thing i agree id prefer not to have needed to publish the address of Neptunepinkfloyd's address but Keith Jordan who ever he may be needs investigating as does Rob Chapman and the claims he makes in his so called biography on Syd written with biased guidance from some members of the Barrett family and Rob Chapman's book contains out and out lies which makes me question just how much of the information in his book A very irregular head is true. Radha lived in Syd's old street ! nonsense and Rob Chapman says Ian Barrett claims to have known this fictional person !, i wonder which section of a book shop Rob's book should be in ? yes thats right the fiction section.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will your book be on sale, and where can I buy it from?

29 May 2007 at 12:22:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi David, where and when can I buy your book from?

29 May 2007 at 12:24:00 BST  
Anonymous Tom Green said...


Good luck with the book. Do you still live next to Syd's old house?

27 July 2007 at 11:52:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello David!
I would just like to note that I absolutely believe that Syd's Psychosis was brought on totally by drugs. I believe that the predisposition was there as well. There seems to be one common denominator among tortured souls such as Syd Barrett, Daniel Johnston,etc. and that is LSD and pot. Minnesota is a leader in rehab with the University of Minnesota and the Mayo clinic(to mention a few). I have worked in the field for 35 plus years and have found a direct correlation.
Do not be discouraged by innappropriate childish attacks from those less educated about drugs and mental illness.
I am looking forward to reading your book as I am sure you have made some interesting,subjective observations over that 25 year period. Good Luck!


8 October 2007 at 00:02:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember, two wrongs don't make a...well in eating my own words I'd like to appologise to you for coming off as nasty. I read this entry and realized that you have feelings too, just like Mr.Barrett did. The 'left to rot' statement about Mr. Barrett is something that I feared as true and upsets me greatly...and is one reason I am so protective of this person who seemed a victim of things out of his control. Again, sorry for any attack. Thanks for the reply also.

20 July 2008 at 06:08:00 BST  
Blogger Wolfpack said...

Hi David,

An open letter.

I guess that Neptunepinkfloyd admin is just a fan who's happy to have some contacts with the music and book industry. I think this particular banning goes too far. Also the accusation about multiple accounts.
And what would you care about some biographer excluding you in his book and making a fool of himself by attacking you in a Q&A on Barrett's official site? Why care about biographers if you want to write a book yourself?
Do you think your book will ever get finished if you use your time to complain about fans and biographers? This only harms your reputation and credibility.

You ask for proof for the existance of Radha and that fan. But what proof can you give that you really were Barrett's neighbour? So far I haven't seen any clear proof.

Even though it would be interesting to read information from a neighbour telling about Barrett's later life, I don't expect that it can fill a book of (let's say) 200 pages. It might fill an article, but not a book.
And I guess most people will mostly be interested in Barrett as musician, not as someone's reclusive neighbour. I think it will be hard to find a publisher.

Frankly, adding everything up, I doubt that this promised book will ever materialize.

As you know how annoying moderation can be, I hope you will completely show this supporting but critical message. Otherwise don't use any part of it.


24 November 2010 at 14:23:00 GMT  
Blogger Wolfpack said...

Hi David,

An open letter.

I guess that Neptunepinkfloyd admin is just a fan who's happy to have some contacts with the music and book industry. I think this particular banning (of 22 nov10) goes too far. Also the accusation about multiple accounts.
And what would you care about some biographer excluding you in his book and making a fool of himself by attacking you in a Q&A on Barrett's official site? Why care about biographers if you want to write a book yourself?
Do you think your book will ever get finished if you use your time to complain about fans and biographers? This only harms your reputation and credibility.

You ask for proof for the existance of Radha and that fan. But what proof can you give that you really were Barrett's neighbour? So far I haven't seen any clear proof of you being a neighbour of Barrett.

Even though it would be interesting to read information from a neighbour telling about Barrett's later life, I don't expect that it can fill a book of (let's say) 200 pages. It might fill an article, but not a book.
And I guess most people will mostly be interested in Barrett as musician, not as someone's reclusive neighbour. I think it will be hard to find a publisher.

Frankly, adding everything up, I doubt that this promised book will ever materialize.

As you know how annoying moderation can be, I hope you will completely show this supporting but critical message. Otherwise don't use any part of it.


24 November 2010 at 14:34:00 GMT  
Blogger Wolfpack said...

Reply to your update of 24 November 2010. I've cut the reply into multiple parts, because of a limit of 4,096 characters

Part 1

I've never met these two people. I live in a different country. The fact that two persons live in the same city doesn't make them the same person. And I don't think they are the same person.

Why are you angry about that biographer "printing lies" about Barrett, if you wouldn't have given him any truthful information anyway?
Furthermore, if there's one person telling mostly the bright side of Barrett's later years, it seems to be his sister Rosemary. Booklet 'Fish Out Of Water' (1996) contains an apparently English-translated-to-Italian-and-back-to-English interview with her. That interview tells basically the same as the "Radha" girl: Barrett enjoying kids. I wonder how mellow this story is. Isn't it a bit remarkable that an adult only seems to have contact with kids of the neighbourhood?

Reading your two articles on your blog, I have some corrections.
You write that "syd was left to rot" and that Pink Floyd didn't visit him in his later life. I've read that members of Pink Floyd wanted to visit Barrett, but that his family said it would make him upset for weeks. As you've observed, Barrett avoided contact with people. If he insistently wanted to be left alone, you can't blame people for not visiting him.
You write that "by all accounts no member of PinkFloyd have had any contact with him since they had to drop him from PinkFloyd". This information is wrong, because three members (Waters, Gilmour, Wright) helped him with his solo albums in 1969-1970. And in 1970, one member (Gilmour) performed with him in a radio session and a live show.

About your planned book you write "i research info properly unlike some people". What research do you need to do, if the book is based on your memories of 1981-2006?

A reason why you want to write a book about Barrett is that you want to warn how seriously bad drugs are. But the fact that drugs harmed Barrett is already well-documented. There's no news in that.
Barrett stopped working at a very young age. Most of his life was very miserable after a few psychedelic years. This is well-documented. Whether he was a silent or noisy neighbour is a detail in this. His later life was tragic anyway.
As far as I know, Barrett's drugs consumption happened before you knew him. You were no witness of that. What can you say about it then?
Another point is that you were Barrett's neighbour, not his doctor. You can only guess about what mentally happened in the time before you knew him.

End of part 1. To be continued.

25 November 2010 at 21:50:00 GMT  
Blogger Wolfpack said...

Part 2

The newspaper article 'The Genius Next Door', published in 'Mail on Sunday' (3 December 2006) already gives a detailed description of Barrett's later years. So, the "explosive information" is already known. Your book can only give some more details. The explosion already has happened.
The newspaper article says: "Over the years, he never said more than a few words to me at a time." Here in your blog articles you write: "What syd said to me will be in the book". Isn't this a contradiction?

The newspaper article mentions that the first time you saw Barrett, he "set about chopping down the trees and bushes in his front garden". Page 130 of biography 'Syd Barrett: Crazy Diamond: The Dawn Of Pink Floyd' (1993) mentions that a month after Barrett left Chelsea Cloisters in 1982, Barrett was briefly interviewed by French journalists. Barrett looked at the tree outside his house and one journalist said: "That tree's lovely." To which Barrett replied: "Yes, but not now ... they cut it down not long ago ... before, I really liked it."

Thanks for your information and your answers.
One of the points you've made make me think about is that the well-documented burning of paintings in a garden can be very disturbing for a neighbourhood.
Another point is that I thought that neighbours lying to fans about Barrett living in the street, was just to protect Barrett. It didn't occur to me that, according to the newspaper article, they also could have done this to avoid the attention might "send him off on one".


25 November 2010 at 21:54:00 GMT  
Blogger Wolfpack said...

Reply to your update of 25 November 2010.

My previous comments already contain all I know about that biographer and that admin. You seem to be able to locate them yourself, so why ask me? I think your interest in them is a warning to people to stay anonymous.

You write that you gave that UK newspaper "a taste of whats really been going on to shut up the idiots going around saying Syd moved to cambridge and lived a quiet life and was not mentally ill." So, why do you seem to worry about that newspaper article being easy to obtain for any interested Barrett fan?

The corrections I made are about your two articles on your blog. In Barrett's later years, Pink Floyd never visited him because (according to his family) it would upset him.
My note about Barrett, according to a book, telling in 1982 about a tree cut down not long ago is just an observation. According to your information in the newspaper article, it seems that he may have done this cutting by himself. (Just a theory.)

Why I am "so obsessed" with Barrett? What do you expect? I'm a long-time fan.

All the best,

26 November 2010 at 02:57:00 GMT  
Blogger RokySyd said...

Mr. Sore, could we interview you for the blog?

11 December 2010 at 22:11:00 GMT  
Blogger anonymouse said...

Hi David

In terms of keeping an open mind, this article offers another opinion and is an interesting read

I'm happy to trust your intentions in warning people of the dangers of drugs and give you the benefit of the doubt. I assume that when you spoke to the Daily Mail, you did not realise the minefield you were stepping into.

It is understandable that people question your motivations (sometimes in a confrontational and vicious way) online, given the status of the Daily Mail and that presumably your insights were sold for a substantial sum.

Whilst there is a great interest in Barrett's artistic output, as well as a more ugly voyeuristic curiosity into his personal life, I personally doubt that a neighbours insights, however detailed, would find a publisher.

I would not usually post anonymously, but I find your publication of people's addresses really rather intimidating, so I am.

You were in a unique position through no choice of your own to grow up some decades ago next to such a famous, influential and enigmatic personality who died several years ago , but maybe, perhaps it is just time to move on?

All the Best

5 January 2011 at 17:06:00 GMT  
Blogger anonimouse said...

Hi David

Pink Floyd apparently never visited Barrett because they were informed by his family that any reminder of that period of his life, he would find deeply upsetting. Also, it is not clear if the band were neccesarily his closest friends... Gilmour was an old friend, and he has spoken of his deep regret of never going round to visit Barrett.

To be fair to the article I cited, it does acknowledge that drugs likely played a big part in triggering a breakdown or deterioration (from the period 1967 to 1982); I am not interested in labelling Barrett as having a 'syndrome', but many of Barrett's old friends and his family commented that he was an unusual kind of guy pre-67 - he had a 'very irregular head'. I found the article useful in that it puts Barrett's behaviour in the context of a series of psychological traits. It is just an opinion piece though.

Also, I get the impression Roger was never close to his (several years) older siblings, but his younger sister did visit him on an almost daily basis, didn't she? I sometimes wonder why the family didn't intervene more during Barrett's 20s and early 30s, but at the end of the day he was a grown man with the right to make his own choices, so I can't be critical.

Also, Rose has recently been very critical of the lack of support the family received in the early 80s from Cambridge social services. I have come to the conclusion that he was really quite seriously let down; I hope that something good can come out of all this, with the work of the Syd Barrett trust ensuring that others who are not mentally well (because of drugs or other reasons) do not live in isolation.

Good luck with whatever you are doing,

I am NOT Rob Chapman btw !!!

7 January 2011 at 11:04:00 GMT  
Blogger anonimouse said...


As far as your book goes, I am not some kind of hero worshipper who is afraid that 'revelations' might tarnish the image of an idol. Not wishing to speak on others behalf, might I venture suggest since it is pretty clear that Barrett did not want to be a public figure in the latter part of his life, many fans of Barrett's work feel it would be extremely disrespectful to him, to say the least, to publish a chronicle of his private life.

Or do you think that he was incapable of making his own decisions and therefore has no rights? There is actually a whole code of ethics surrounding people who are not mentally well.

In spite of a voyeuristic curiosity into people's PRIVATE lives which thrives in this country's tabloids, I would say that respect for privacy is one of the pillars of British society.

I would suggest this is why you are constantly met with animosity from admirer's of Barrett's work.

7 January 2011 at 11:50:00 GMT  

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