Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wordnews from 10th august 2004 onwards (article 61) done jan 2006

Tuesday 10th/8/2004.. channel4 tv programme edge of the city shows asians grooming white girls for sex and drug abuse..grooming is manipulating someone over a long time,well this kind of behaviour must be stopped we need the government to step in and reeducate the morons who think its ok to behave like this.++ lee husler a west brom footballer is jailed for 6 years for a drunken car crash that killed someone.++ lapalma could be a volcanic tidal wave threat if it erupts itll destry the east coast of usa.++ doomsday asteroid could cease to be a threat in 30 years dr benny peiser says.++ 4 killed in japanese nuclear accident..steam leak from coroded pipes at a nuclear power so glad to know japans nuclear power stations are in good condition!.++ google gives yahoo 2.7m shares to settle a patent and stock dispute.++ greenking owns 2113 pubs in the uk, well i know they pay crap wages to staff.++ graduates average debt is £12k and have a 50/50 chance of finding a job requiring graduate sjkills.++ police will have to do forms evrytime they do a stop and search from next year..crazy our politicans have turned policing into office work.++ accountant told to remove the fact she has a baby from her cv so she can get a job..job interviewers will count having a baby against you! its no longer ok to be a human being if you want a job.++ a robot is planned to save the hubble space telescope itll cost 31bn by 2007/8 hubble will die otherwise.++ the annual perseid meteor shower can be seen in the night sky on 11th august..also for around 2 weeks u can see these shooting stars.++

iran tells the uk to hand over our nuclear weapons and know how to make them!.++

japans nuclear pipe that broke hadnt been inspected for 28 years!.++ plans an orange logo design so orange the rival already well established major mobile phone network provider objects.++ british scientist allowed to clone a human embryo for research.++ a £7million pound uk lotto winner is a convicted rapist..iorworth hoare aged 52 was on weekend leave when he bought the ticket..he should have this confiscated by the government to pay towards counciling rape victims, but our governments full of weak morons who couldnt come up with or impliment such a good idea as ive just given.++ in the city of brighton 1 in 50 people inject drugs..well i wont be going on holiday there thank you very much.++ were a nation of media junkies who spend £21bn a year on newspapers and magazines etc..well now u have my website as an alternative, get your world news here and if you like what i do please go to and open an acount and make a pyment o me at of whatever you wish to give thanks.++ raf ( royal air force) are given a new fighter jet with a gun they cant fire on it!..good to see taxpayers moneys so wisely spent.++ technology is destroying family, computers, games etc split people up and stop them talking..i agree go find my article on what to do with your spare time instead of just watching tv.++ heatwaves to get hotter and longer in europe new computer predictions say.++ a serial killer called serpent gets life in the kathmandu area he killed over 20 people.++ home power supplier scottish power adds 750k customers in 1 year as high prices force consumers to switch providers to find cheaper prices.++ sat 14/8 tetra radio mast in north walsham norfolk east anglia causes fears itll cause sickness..6 policemen fell ill at the station where it was set up..this new technology seems risky.++ in bath uk a 17 year old caused £700k of grafitti damage so what fitting punishment did he get.. a 12 month referal order and a £250 fine!.++ in nepal they have a himalayan viagra ( impotence cure) made from yarchagumba caterpillar! maoists verses nepalese army vie for control to this commodity.++ india hangs someone for first time in 15 years..great i believe strongly in capital punishmnet for wicked crimes.++ google the best internet search engine in the world..which u can use at the top of my websites homepage floats on the stock market yesterday.shares begin trading at $85 each.++ oil price rises on fears venezuelans will oust president chavez.++ a new share trading platform called 535x will trade shares in unquoted companys now.++ sun 15/8.. civitas a thinktank says blair is soft on crime..soft he does nothing tony blair must be a criminal himself.++ security for the royal family costs 330m a year, so14 the met polices protection squad handle this.++ lee hugfhes the footballer whp just got 6 years jail for killing someone in a drink driving accident had a previous hit and run charge from when he hit a cyclist and left the 6 years isnt enough he deserves to be hung for killing someone when drunk.++ egyptian wig crop circle in wiltshire looks very nice but is obviously a hoax..well all corn circles are hoaxes.++ the lotto winning rapists victim is now 60 and lives on £100 a week and got £3k compensation..the evil scumbag who just won millions must have all this confiscated and his victim should be given a large sum of money.++ cannabis conquers tumours..cannabinoids block genes making a protein that stimulates sprouting of blood vessels.++

exam stress in teen suicides.. 52 killed them selves in 2002, 16 and 17 year olds suffering depression up 11%.. if you feel bad contact the samaritans of see a doctor.

cancer risk in chips, crisps,cereal from a compound called acrylamide..this news was first announced in 2002.++ supersize me a new film by morgan spurlock made him depressed and impotent in his 3 week experiment to only eat mcdonalds food, his documentary cost $65k to make and made millions a cinemas.++ 16/8/2004.. 1.6m muslims in the uk fear a backlash if theres a terrorist attack on the uk..well in july 2005 the uk was attacked.++ 15 homeless people live in heathrow the words supposedly most secure airport.++ italy warned of terrorist abu hafs al-masri brigades alqaeda organisation.++

registered call launched so u can record phone conversations for 25p a minute 40p for u can get proof of bad service eg insurers keep you on hold when u need treatment when abroad in an emergency

uk lotto slaes of £4.62bn in 2003.++ nop poll of 1000 says richard branson is their favorite tycoon.++ 17/8 cornish village bocastle flooded badly..helicopters have to rescue people from their room tops.. this os global warming attack the uk now.++ 1 in 3 office staff seek a different job..its difficyult ot find an insipring job.++ husband stabs burglary suspect in great yarmouth..19 year old intruder.++ in the peter falconia trial.(.australian man who killed a uk man and was going to rape his girlfriend in the australian outback) a witness says he saw the murdered briton a week after hes said to have been killed..the witness has got to be wrong or lying.++ mongolian horse bandits steal the bike of edward genochio who ws cycling 12k miles to china from the uk has more info.++ amazonia a book by james marcs who was editor of bookstore..well u would have to be absesed with shopping on amazon to buy a book about this internet site.++ intelsat which operates a private line between the whitehouse and the kremlin is sold for $3.1bn.++ eds gets £5m taxpayers money after government prematurly cancelled its email service for the nhs.++ wed 18/8.. 8 brits charged with terror offences.. they had reconasance plans of financial institutions in newyork, new jersey and washington 1 had an extract of the terrorsit handbook..well jesus h christ anyone using most file sharing software like kazaa or limewire can download for free bombmaking insdtructions.++ cassini probe finds 2 saturn moons so now the planet saturn has 33 moons! the new ones are less than 2.5 miles across, this £2bn usa-eu probe already doing good work then.++ a night hunter shot a walker by mistake as he was wearing night vision binoculars the hunter mistook for a foxes eyes!..its risky being a wildlife enthusiast!.++ should children get mood altering pills?for example for people with selective mutism a debilitating form of shyness. well anything thatll help cant be bad but if theres a natural cure u should do that first eg healthy food, exercise or therapy.++ bank of england say disability pay was an incentive to leave jobs.++ cambridge water cashes in on terror plans by selling bottled tap water for £2.44 for 12 litres plus £10 delivery.well im writing this in january 2006 and lets be honest how many households have a store of water saved up for surviving a major terrorist attack? not many i bet.++ 19/8.. maos malaria cure now has a synthetic version called oz artemisia a sweet wormwood plant was used before.++

microsoft got 8/800k pixels ( smallest colour dots used to make a colour image on your pc screen or tv) shaded wrong on kashnir map on windows 95 led to an indian ban on windows 95! so lets hope microsoft start testing and spotting flaws in all there products much better than theye done in the past..there products have so many critical flaws letting virus writers attack pcs.++

1 moon and star symol close to islamic hila sybol is not put on windows xp to avoid offence.++ if you use a mobile in a rural area..away from cities u get upto a 100 fold increase in radiation emissions needed to boost the signal to your mobile as its so far from the nearest mobile base station tower!.++ indian typists are putting patients in danger due to there mistakes..well in the uk all people writing medical noted should be very good at spelling.++


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