Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The best ways to use the internet(article 62) done jan 2006

ive placed ? question marks where i once told people the answers as i dont want to give away the info for free anymore!

I find the internet to be the most useful invension ever and here im going to share with you the main things you can do once your at an internet enabled computer, i hope you find this useful and my article gets you to try at least 1 new thing that you can do online, by all means leave me feedback by pressing the comments button at the end of the article and giving me feedback on this article.

1. Email which is electronic mail is the king of the internet, it gives you the chance to send a letter to someone anywhere in the world in seconds for free!. I recomend using ? free email service at ? where you get a free email address with 1 gigabyte of storage space..enough to hold many thousands of emails if you ever wish to keep loads of emails. alternative free email services are ? which only gives 5megabites storage still enough to keep a few hundred emails) but has a spam filter ( spam is junk unwanted emails evil people send you without your permission) so you can block unwanted emails. You can attach digital photos to emails but remember attachments in emails are the number 1 way people get computer viruses so make sure you always scan attachments with antivirus software before you open any attachment ..even if its from your friends.


3. search engines are how you find information on the world wide web ( www) at the top of my website ive installed the google searchbar so you can type in the words you wish to search for and googles search engine then searches electronically through billions of webpages to find the most relevant results for you, the most relevant link to the information you searched for is shown at the top of the results page, as results get lower down the page and even go to further pages of results the acuracy of the information you sought will go down, also you will see sponspored adverts on the right hand side where advertisers pay to show there websites next to results for certain words eg if you type in dvd rental into google youll get a list of companys that allow you to hire dvds by post so companys that offer these services also pay to advertise in this location as you would be thier target shopper..they pay google everytime someone clicks on their advert. other search engines exist such as yahoo, altavista, etc but googles is the most acurate in the world so use my websites google search bar whenever you need to use a search engine.

4. Online shopping , the ability to type your card details into a website and order products online means you can shop 24 hours a day 7 days a week globally! before you do trust this way of shopping you must read my articles on shopping safely online, go to my archives to find articles numbered 9 , 10 and 12 these explain the risks of online shopping and teach you what you must do to make shopping online safe.
You can bank online,gamble in casinos or betting shops, book tickets for planes, hire dvds and shop on millions of websites for anything you want...its no different to home shopping in the past when people shopped via catalogues and phones.just remember postage isnt often included in prices and so make surethe bargain you think your getting still is when youve added postage costa and things can go missing or get damaged..also if you shop on a website thats in another country remember you may have to pay taxes and customs duty which you may only find out you need to pay when the pastman knocks on your door to deliver your goods!. For example im in the uk england and ordered shoes for a relative from an american website for a bargain price, however when the postman brought them i was told i had to pay $20 customs import charge..the shop selling me the shoes didnt bother to tell me this would happen so my bargain wasnt!

5. Free text phones are brilliant but not every one has one and not everyone checks their email daily if you really want to get a short message to someone textings brilliant as most people are never more than a few feet away from their mobile so they will hear it beep when a message is recieved. in the uk its only 5-10p per text but if you want 6 free texts a day or 180 a month roughly use ? if your in the uk, you can then add your friends mobile numbers into this servise and send text messages from your your typing the message at a computer you can use up all the space your given in a text message intead of slowly pressing your mobiles keys and sending pathetically short messages to save time on typing! you can select to send the message from your phones number so the person your sending the message to knows its from you..they can then reply to you from there phone or they to could go online and use to text you back free. To begin doing this go to and move the homepage( the first website page you arrive on) down and near to the bottom left is a coloured bar sayng the rafts free text service, click on that and follow their instructions to set up a free account and thats it now you can send text messages for free..yes you may thank me!.

6. Internet radio millions of radio stations you wouldnt be able to hear without the internet are now available to listen to, you can find free radio stations playing any category of music you like most will require you to get a realplayer or windows media player..see my next article on software i recommend you get.If you have a briadbang connection ( high speed internet access) the sound quality will be great, if your on a dial up connection forget it it wont work ok.i recommend then find the essential mix webpage and click on the listen again player..this will then play you a 2 hour mix of music by one of the worlds best djs..this show is broadcast on the radio every week from 1-3am sunday mornings ( saturday night into sunday morning) and is world renouned for its brilliant shows i you like dance/house/trance/breakbeats/drum and bass listening to these shows will seriously improve your knowledge of the best djs on this planet and expand your musical tastes and knowledge, if you miss the live broadcast from 1-3am sunday you go to the website ive just told you and listen again anytime in the next 7 days.It is also now possible to record internet radio..again read my next article to see waht software to get to be able to do this.

7. Instant messenges with free phone calls! amazing if you want to make free phone calls to anywhere in the world its now possible get ? software then youll need a headset so you can talk into it and youll be able to phone people from your long as the person you call has the same programme as you eg you both use ? you can call that person for free!!! wow. a headset can be bought for just a few pounds or you can buy voip phones to plug into your computer ( voip is voice over internet protocol) ???? are the most popular choices you need to decide on though some other services exist. The most respected service is ? for free phone calls but i use ? free instant messenger for the instant messenging with friends.Instant messenging is typing your conversation to anther person which they can see instantly and reply to, its slower than using a phone to tell people things but it can be more intimate and revealing you type information you may not always be comfortable talking about! again see my next article for details on how to get this software for free and install it.

8. eEcards why waste money on paper birthday cards and christmas cards when you can send an animated moving ecard for free instead? ? is one example of a website offering free ecards many have moving characters like in a cartoon and some have sounds too, if you take your time to choose a good one the reciever will love it, you can get ecards for all occasions like valentines/birthdays/christmas/apploogies etc also some tell you when the recipient has opened the card so youll know when the person you sent a card has seen it

9. Price comparison sites compliment online shopping by allowing you to type in the name of a product your intending to buy and then listing many different stores prices for this product so saving you time and effort looking at dozens of different websites to see their price for the product your after.I have saved a small fortune using these serices even an item like a single dvd film differs in price significantly in different shops eg a dvd you can find for £9.99 including postage costs can cost double that.. £19.99 in other shops so just by using a price comparison site you can save many pounds quickly and easily.Heres a list of serices to use..???? often finds the best prices but doesnt always include the postage charges so if you use this remember to check what postage charges there will be..this is stated clearly near the product usually, and are the main services to try, start using one such as and youll see you can search for music,books,software and many electronic products too..believe me you can save a fortune if you shop online reguarly and you use a price comparison serice.


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