Tuesday, January 10, 2006

World neworldnews from august 2004 onwards (art60) done jan 2006

1/8/2004..Prince william has 200 stalkers!.++ chalk mark bodies to be put on roads to cut carnage.++ mercy killing may be made legal in next parliament.++ to avoid having an id card buy a fake eu id card then enter the uk from an eu country..a serious flaw the uk government will have to fix.++ britain hit by plague of mosquitos..species is culex pipiens which carrys the fatal nile virus bites can become infected if scratched.++ saudi envoy in sex case immunity..police told the foreign office as the man accused has diplomatic immunity.++ employers start darwinian war for most talented..well here i am if the price is right hire me.++ nasas £40m messenger mission to mercury will do 3 flybys in 2008-9 and orbit the planet from march 2011 for 1 year to find ice.++ blunkett pland compulsary lie detector tests for paedophiles great idea now do it! these are said to be 90% accurate which is about as good as positive.++ baby selling gang arrested used italian hospitals and east european mothers..all scum who should be hung, any woman who could give away her baby for money is scum and thee men who planned this must also die.++ 215 killed in supermarket fire in paraguay.++ 3/8.. plot to attack usa and uk found on computer disks in pakistan..targets were new york stock exchange and banks. Plot based on 3 year old alqaeda plan to divert attention from democrats cnvension..pakistani computer engineers pc.++ 1 persons trip to a hungarian dentist saves him £7k.just shows how gready uk dentists are.++ in the first gulfwar of 1991 uk troops bombed an iraqi nerve gas site called bunker 73..maybe cause of gulf ar syndrome?.++ 4/8.. 13 seized in anti terror raids in london,luton and blackburn lancashire.++

Sven jaschen 18 created the sasser and netsky pc viruses.

A cell of 8 alqaeda men arrested in punjab province eastern pakistan 1 was on usas most wanted list.++bamk robbers say theyre olympic police grab £265k in athens bank raid they said they were doing an anti terror drill.++ iraqi jail abuse photo woman faces army court martial..lynndie england.++ pfizer is suing some websites selling fake viagra.++ thursday 5/8.. senior alqaeda suspect seized in uk..abu eisa al hindi.++ drink drivers to test dashboard diy breathalizer..alcolock.well if u know u had a drink dont drive at all.++ 100k fish die as storm causes thames river pollution in london.++ junkmail is rising despite optout laws, mail preference service has 1.6m subscribers. 5bn items of junk sent in uk a year which is 3 times more than in 1990..well i get about 10 bits a mail a day..ever since i started using the internet my letterbox has been bombed with junk mail..once u give your name and details to enter a competition or get a free sample thats it..they then sell your name to anyone they can and it spirals out of control.++ olymic security passes stolen 10 days before games begin! £700m spent on security and this happens!.++ if hbos takes over abbey 10k jobs will go.++

4.39million germans unemployed which is 10.6% of the workforce.

fri 6/8.. boy aged 12 robs a shop with a shotgun in west bromich.++ teen aged 16 known as slasher was electronically tagged at the time he stabbed monica watts 39 in cliss old park north london in december, he also possed heroin with intent to supply hell be sentenced later in the sentence for stabbing someone would be hanging.++ pinkfloyds the wall will become a musical in newyork roger waters will arrange the music..hes a founding member of the band, syd barrett another founding member used to scream abuse about him.++ girl sues local authority for years of school bullying which lead to her panic attacks and depression.++ some pakistani military still train islamic militants.++ google may have illegally issued shares to staff worth $3bn from september 2001- june 2004 this may delay theyre stockmarket floatation.++ sat 7/8.. mercury in baby vaccines to be scrapped.++ brit had gulf battle plans and links to usa navy mole..babor ahmed.++ cancer sufferer iris jeffrey 58 from belfast wins £20m lotto.++ setting off fireworks from 11pm-7am is illegal and can be fined £5k...well noone seems to bother reporting or catching the idiots who set off fireworks during this time.++ pin numbers for voters could end fraud.++ italian mayor bans muslim veils to beat terrorism threat..good idea.++ alqaeda preacher captured in cafe farisahmed jamaan alshoueel alzahrani.++ usa created 32k jobs in july.++ bankruptcies soar to 30k last year in uk.++ 8/8.. cyanide bombs threat to uk schools,secretive 14th intelligence company has 150 members are an elite force who fought the ira..well lets pray they catch all the morons planning attacks on the uk.++ law firm getys £2m taxpayers money to fight gypsy evictions, while householders who battle their illegal camps nmust find there own u see what i keep saying the uk is run by scumbag morons!.++ police can seize uninsured cars..good.++ half uks nurses forced to take extra jobs to make ends meet.++ usa olymic team pick tammy crow a sycronised swimmer..even though she killed 2 passengers in a car, her breath smelt of alcohol.++

1 in 6 30 year olds still live with their parents in the uk..well the uk badly need cheaper housing to help people out.This problems causied by an aging population living longer so not enough people are dying and creating empty houses for a new person to be able to use as a result theres a huge shortage of affordable homes.

9/8.. terror alert in usa files were 4 years old.++ 1 in 10 working mothers felt depressed..well dont work , raise your kids you selfish women.++ 6 killed in florida for stealing someones clothes.++ usa is out to sabotage irans atombomb programme and israel.++ since the uk national lottery began in 1994 £15.8bn has been given to 171k projects..cant call them good causes as so many schemes getting lotto money are immoral and crazy.++ from june 25 unsolicited telemarketing to a business phone number( cold calling) can be fined up to £5k say.++ government figures most companys spend just 1% of there it budget on security! jesus that makes me feel really safe to shop online..not!.++


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