Wednesday, June 22, 2005

24 season 4 review my 10th article on it (article22)

24 season 4 television show episode 20 set during 2-3am.. palmer gets to whitehouse to help president logan. chloe forwards terrorists emails from the laptop of sabir to ctu. lee yung research scientist whos chinese sent he emails so hes helping the terrorists to get the trigger working for the nuclear bomb. audrey wants to go with paul to massachucets to a specalist hospital to help him get better. palmer says they need lee at ctu whatever it takes. ctu view the catured video so they see sunrise on eastcoast seems to be deadline for when the nuke will go off. eatcoast is 702am now so in 2 hours the nuke will go off.. lee has already handed himself into the chinese consulate in los angeles for his protection so ctu wont be able to get to him. a 60 mile perimeter sealed around area nuke was stolen from so they hope marwans men still in this area so they can try and find them in time. michelle finds out tonys living with another woman called jen. chinese conulate leader says hell hear from chinese leader in 2-3 hours about whethe they can hand over mr lee to the americans which is fast for them but no where neer fast enough for the americans. 224am jacks going to break into the consulate to grab mr lee( kidnap him) palmer authorised this and says noone in us government can ever know jack did this if jacks caught hell be tried by chinese court under chinese law. tonys handking real time coverage of the consulate. jack uses stun darts to knock out chinese guards and gets mr lee but other guards have heard and shoot at jack hitting mr lee in the back. the head of the chinese consulate is accidently shot by his own men. ctu get medical team ready for when jack brings mr lee in. meanwhile paul audreys ex husmand gets into difficulties in ctu medical center, his heart stops. lee wants a guarantee in writing from us president before hell talk, saying that he wont be procecuted in usa and hell be given transport to another country to go live in. palmer is told the head of chinese console is dead, repercusions if chinese find out usa did this could be emense. lee has internal bleeding the doctor working on paul is forced to give up on paul to work on mr lee instead as hes far more important to them now as hes the only lead to helping find the stolen nuke. paul crashes so jack tries to save him using a defibrilator to try jumpstarting his heart but this doesnt work and he dies, so jacks let the man that saved his life earlier today die, audrey is mad with jack over this.

24 season 4 episode 21 set during 3-4am.. jacks told chinese consulate head is dead. mike tells jack to make sure all his men have allibies.. ctus security system a cisco system(obvious product placement deal) is being attacked in a denial of service attack, its marwan trying to jam the satellitte systems so ctu cant track him. marwan says theyll have to move the schedule forward 1 hour even though more americans wont yet be at work thus theyll have less casualties. palmer suggests implicating a group thats attacked china before. chinese view there cctv security tapes of the raid and get a picture of a man that wsas working in jacks team theyll check it against all there databases. 316am marwan sends locations he wants the warhead to target. chinese match the picture to a howard bern of ctu los angeles! michelle tells head of security at chinese embassy ctu is not involved in any way so head of security calls his head of state. he then calls president logan. palmer gets mike to leak that a chinese group thats anti the chinese government did the raid.329am mr lee is out of surgery. howard bern is to be flown out of town now but will have to anser questions later. lee jung says marwan could be at 6th and alameda location in la. 343am audrey told to say she was working with jack when chinese embassy was raided. peoples freedom coalition blamed by ctu for the raid. marwan starts launch sequence as jack raids marwans building, jack shoots m,arwan in leg, on marwans laptop is a live video feed of the launch of the stolen nuclear warhead, ctu cant trace its location and the missile gets launched.


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