Wednesday, July 06, 2005

24 season 4 my 12th article on it(article 25 in total)

episode 23 set during 5-6am.. ctu search apartment in the area for the suspect that has tony captive. the missle thats been launched is an s class which has elements of stealth technology so itll be very hard to find! by satellite. marwan calls mandy says hes leaving in 1 hour so she needs to be on time. mandy calls michelle desler at ctu tells her to move people away from northwest corner of her apartment complex so she can escape or shell kill tony. 514am michelle tells buchanon the hostile called her. jack moves ctu team away so it looks like theyre complying. mandy sliops out of her apartment to a neighbours though theyve been told not to leave their apartments. mandy shoots a young man dead and takes his parents hostage. agent burns is to go to sandiego ctu to fabricate an aliby but hes kidnapped by chinese, he was followed when he left ctu in a helicopter. 530am start raining in area mandy in. ctu see 2 people leave apartment complex and head for a car mandys on phone to ctu she sees ctu agents and knows shes being set up as the 2 figures get into the car the car blows up so ctu think tony and the suspect are now dead. jack gets curtis to replay the audio from mandys phone as hes suspicous because mandy wanted to escape not be killed, he cant hear rain on the phone call so realises mandy and tony werent blown up. tony treds on broken lightbulb to leave blood trail as he leaves with mandy. ctu team spot the blood. tony tries to beat up mandy though his hands are cuffed behind him. curtis and jack rescue tony and capture mandy. 554am michelles told tonys alive so shes very relieved. jack offers mandy a deal to gert her to talk about where marwan is. chinese threaten agent burns that hekk be shipped to china and taken to maximum security labour camp on border of siberia so burns confesses jack bauer ordered the mission on the chinese embassy


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