Wednesday, July 06, 2005

24 season 4 my 13th & last article on it(article 26 )

24 season 4 episode 24 the final part of this great tv show set during 6-7am.. the woman the presidents about to pardon is the same woman that tried to kill president palmer 4 and a half years ago by shaking his hand wearing a bioweapen on her hand, palmer allows the pardon anyway as theyre deserate to stop the nuke in time, when mandys told shes immune from prosecution she tells ctu marwans location the global center roof leaving by helicopter. capturing marwan now seems the only way to stop the nuke. marwan realises somethings wrong when he cant phone mandy, says hell be on a ship in international waters within 10 minutes. jack shoots marwans helicopter and disables it so marwan runs down into a multistory carpark. marwan gets shot in the leg and tries to jump off side of the building to commit suicide but jack grabs him, marwan slashes jacks hand so jack has to drop marwan and he falls to his death. 615am chinese say they know jacks responsible for attack on them so they want him handed over. logans advisor suggests to logan that if jack had an accident a lot of their problems would be solved. atracking and navigation programme on a laptop in marwans helicopter is tracking the missle so edgar and chloe work out the missles heading.. it you guessed it los angeles( why does every event in the known universe have to happen in la..screenewriters of the planet earth snap out of it its gotten silly now). planes locate the missle and shoot it down without causing it to go off so its safe. audrey tells jack she cant deal with his life at ctu so there relationship is over. palmer tells jack the cjhinese know about him and hell have to be handed over to them and face a trial. logans advisor calls a mnan and asks him to ill jack, mike overhears this and tells palmer so palmer warns jack then accuses logan of hear no evil about the man thats coming to kill jack. 644am jacks saved over 1 million people from dying in la today, jack tries to escape from ctu building when hes told hell be handed to the chinese. 650am logans man comes to ctu to take jack into custody, tony goes with him to get jack whiose in section c of ctus building. jack shoots close to tony and logans guy to warn them off logans man returns fire, tony goes to talk to jack unarmed and finds him lying dead, logans guy thinks hes shot jack dead, jack has no pulse, once logans man is taken away for questioning tony gives jack an injection of epiphenrin to restart his heart so its all been set up so jack looked dead!!!, jack comes too, chloe will arange for a coroner to switch bodies to cover up the fact that jacks alive. 655am jacks given a new id so he can get across the usa border. jack thanks palmer for warning him palmer thanks jack for everything and says theyll probably never speak again as for all intense of purpose jacks now dead, jack walks away off to whatever hell do now hes out of cto counter terrorist unit. well thats it thats my review of the whole season 4 of 24 i hope you like it ive tried to be as acurate as possible in recording exactly what happened when on screen so if you missed any episodes youll easily be able to keep up with all the twists and turns of 24 here please leave nice feedback on any of my articles and read all my other articles on using the internet and evertthing else, please bookmark so you can come back anytime for my exellent advice on getting the most from the internet, go to to set up a paypal account which will only take you 5 minutes to do then pay me at for giving you all this exellent advice its up you what you choose to pay me for these articles so thanks for any payments you send me.


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