Wednesday, November 02, 2005

News from july 13 2003 onwards(done in november 2005 art 49

Sunday 13 july 2003.. duxford airshow has a plane crash.. a fairney firefly plane crashes.++ mon 14th.. russia has caviar sniffing cats to catch smugglers..their star cat is killed..most likely by criminals.++ north korea claim they have reprossesed 8000 spent fuel rods to make 200 missles with a 800mile range aimed at japan..if true extremely serious.++ tues 15th girl aged 12 on run with marine aged 31 she met him online,he has child porn on his pc.++ winsor castle gatecrasher at prince williams 21st birthday party n june 21 escapes charges.++ yahoo pays $1.6bn for overture which was previously called wed 16th 12 year old shevaun pennington and toby studabaker 31 the marine are safe she told him she was 19!.++ half of mentally ill adults could have been prevented if doctors had tackled psychiatric behaviour problems in childhood..slap on wrist for doctors.++ 33.5 degrres centigrade yesterday in the uk which is the hottest its been since august warming..u lazy car drivers are causing.++ eu bans spam email from october,you need an optin permission to send email in eu now,problem is most spams from america.++ sex slaves kidnapper jailed for minimum 18 years..john jamelske 68 of syracuse new york kept 5 girls in a bunker under his home for up to 3 years, 1 victim was only 14..jail simply isnt a good enough punishment for evil on this scale, usa should do real runningman film style dangerous games to him until hes dead.++ usa faces war with north korea this year..telegraph says.++ gchq ( governments intelligence gathering department) relocates to cheltenham at cost of £1.62bn it has 4700 staff.insane waste of money and an obvious target for terrorists..why put all your eggs in 1 basket?.++ thursday 17th.. usa hercules fired on as it aproached baghdad airport, a missle just missed, early in 2005 a hercules transport plane was shot down.++ been a 27% increase in rapes to over 10,000 in 1 year in the uk and a 14% increase in indecent assaults now 25,000 cases in 1 year,government says the increase is due to increased that therfore means previous years were not lower then its just people didnt report these evil there you have it the uks a very dangerous place.++ friday 18 july 2003.. atkins diets ow really popular.++ london dentist drilled a healthy tooth to punish a patient that owed £60! most people fear dentists anyway.++ dna crime database may be privatised.++ son of lord irvine ordered to pay £770k to a 19 year old he stalked with a gun in california for negigent infliction of emotional distress.++ 700 on trial for suicide bombings in morocco.++ sainsburys supermarket has 60k mobile customers on the o2 network.++ boeing axes 5k staff,its already axed 35k of its 86,000 staff!.++ honeywell computer manufacturer in news for some reason.++ sat 19th dr david kelly 59 the uk governments chief iraqi arms advisor is found dead yesterday..he was the source of the bbcs mr gillians radio broadcast which caused a real stink for the government, conspiracy is he was killed bu uk or french secret agents for embarassing the government..this needs a proper independent inquiry.++ british airways stike strands thousands.++ murderer of june everitt 52 who was killed by a car driven by manny davis 30 in luton is charged.++ golf ball finding device invented by mike ramsey, it uses ultraviolet light will be about £30 when sold.++ tehran iran is a nuclear threat but whitehouse is split on this threat.++ 1.5m french take antidepressants, 11,000 comitted suicide last year..terible.++ peoplesoft aquires 88% of rival jdedwards.++


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