Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Quick review of my website so far(article 23 overall)

well i started this website in april 2005 and this is now the 23rd article ive written in total, for those of you new to my site welcome and well done youve come to the right place!.If you have come here to read my articles teaching you about computers and using the internet as safely as possible i suggest you read article1 first then article 9 then 10 then article 12 in that order once you have read my instructions and got all the software i suggest and learned to use them youll be in a very good position to get the most out of using the internet without experiencing many problems caused by computer viruses and spyware, by all means print out my articles for your personal use but remember all my articals are copyrighted so any other magazine or website that wants to use my instructions must get my permission first and pay me!. my website will also be the place to come to quickly catch up on the news so far my articles numbered 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 are brief summaries of world news form july 2002 to september 2002 so look at them just to remind youself of the big stories from that time and see what use you can make of these facts,its good to look back and remind youself whats happened as were all bombarded with so much information these days its good to look back now and see what you missed and whats happened since these news items were first told to you. in time ill be putting all my news summarys onto this website so keep checking my site reguarly for my latest articles.Ihave also been writing reviews of my favorite tv show called 24 staring the actor keifer sutherland about the activities of an american military intelligence agency kind of like the cia and its about them tring to stop terrorist attacks on america.. believe me its brilliant so if youve never seen it read my articles which summerise what happened in each episode, you can then of course buy the dvd boxset to see the series its around £30 for all 24 episodes. 1 other article ive done so far summerises the indy 500 car race from 2005 as im a big fan of car racing, so anyway follow my computing advice as ill be publishing more articles on using the internet very soon to help you all get the most out of the internet, and ill be doing my news reviews for you so keep looking at my website as often as you can, remember if you find my advice useful please go to and pay which is my email address you can send payments to using paypal online payment system which transfers money you put into a paypal account you set up for yourself so you can pay for things instantly bought on the internet such as goods bought on ebay auction site or me you transfer money from your creditcard or debitcard into a paypal account and then you send payments for things to their email address so when you realise how great my articles are and how much money i save you by informing you of all the free software i recomend you use please use to pay me at thank you very much.


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