Wednesday, July 06, 2005

24 season 4 my 11th article on it(article 24 in total)

episode 22 set during 4-5am. the cruise missle has been launched must have been smuggled into usa piece by piece then reasembled,it can reach anywhere in usa. Government staff in washington moved to nuclear bunkers. ja ck asks marwan what he wants, marwan says hes got what he wants! thatisa wont be able to act aqgainst other countries with impunity anymore. marwans phone called richard heller a week ago the secretary of defences son so hes brought to ctu for more questioning. jacks gonna take marwan to ctu but he and curtis are attacked, marwan escapes yet again driven off by his men. 415am marwan ditched car in traffic and has switched vehicle so they cant track him. jacks going to interogate richard. president logan briefs his keystaff don questions logan hard about his decision not to tell public about the nuke. tony tells michelle he wants to be with her again and leave their jobs after 12 years of doing this says people start over every day if its important. audrey gets jack to let her question her brother richard. 421am don ashton the speaker of the house would be next in line to be president if logan isnt up to the job. defence secretary heller comes to see his son interogated, richard confesses he met a girl and her boyfriend at a bar and they went back to his and got high, richard was in bed with the man so the woman must have made a call to marwan using his phone so he was set up, they took ataxi from richards so ctu get sketch artist and contact all cab companies to trace where they went to.secretary heller tells his son he made a profpund mistake not saying this earlier as this info could have helped stop the missle launch. the phone call to marwan activated a listen in so terrorists could hear all richards calls so thats how they found out secretary heller was coming to see his son that day so they couls kidnap him. palmer plans to make logan look strong before don to convince him hes up to the job of being president. michelle gets back together with tony and is willing to leave with him. tony goes with jack to location the taxi cab dropped off the 2 suspects that set richard up.(mandy from series 1 of 24 is the woman suspect) she hears helicopter land near by so knows there onto her. richards at ctu to make positive id od=f suspects if jack catches them. mandy kills her boyfriend. 453am jack sees someones still in the apartment the suspects use he picks the lock and goes in. 456am mandy shoots a ctu guy and holds him hostage then catches tony and takes him hostage.richard confirms the man dead in the flat is the man that set him up.


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