Thursday, November 03, 2005

News from july 20 2003 onwards(done in november 2005 art 50

world news from Sunday 20th july 2003.. a burglar stabs an oap (old age pensioner) 45 times in blackpool uk.++ deadly threat from in flight entertainment 1998 220 died when a mcdonnal douglas d11 crashed off prgsyscive canada after a fire in the inflight entertainment system.++ nuclear tests trigger rise in breast cancer.. strontium 90 gets into dairy produce which affects humans badly..sue the governments for doing these tests if you get cancer.++ small gap in my notes here from 21 july 2003-5 august 2003.++ 6 august.. bomb kills 14 at indonesian mariott hotel.++ killer mosquitos may be in uk now.. asian tiger mosquito which can carry the west nile virus.++ 5 million people contacted the samaritans charity last year in the uk.. for suicidal people!.++ nasa anounces a 2007 mars mission to dig for life.++ 7th aug.. 97.5f = 36.4 degees centigrade in uk yesterday..extremely hot!.++ sony promotes its way to put 30cds onto 1 cd(as mp3s i guess).++ south korean train fire starter jailed for life, last febuary he did it when mentally ill..see what happens when mentally ill people are not taken care of by governments.++ eu may fine microsoft £2bn in its antitrust case against them.++ 8th aug.. hrt ( hormone replacement therapy)can double risk of breast cancer.++ dna test kits given to rail staff to deter them being spat at.++ 12 die in baghdad embassy bomb.the jordanian embassy was bombed.++ prawn wars going on over america verses the third world fishing for prawns.++ diamonds can now be recreated in labs.. apollo diamond a boston company can do this.++ 9th august.. tortured britains freed by saudis fly home in 2001 they were forced to confess to some bombings it seems they didnt do.++ tony blair will have an email address the public can write to..dont expect hell be ansering them though!.++ moroccos £2bn hash trade funds terrorism.++ japan strengthens its armed forces due to threat from north korea.++ tennis father faces death charge after he drugged his sons rival.++sunday 10th august.. gun man tony martin is discroibed by his brother as unstable threat.++ 11th aug.. is for young jobseekers.++ iraqi seized aluminum tubes were for rockets not a uranium centifuge as the americans said. usa troops used napalm like firebobs against irqi troops.++ 84 tunnel out of a brazilian prison.++ 12 aug.. a mytravel boeing 757 indicated it was airborn when it was still on the ground! so many passengers refused to fly..dont blame them.++ tesco supermarket in cambridge puts microchips onto razors and dvds, if you walk out of the shop without paying for an item fitted with these grain of sand sized microchips an alarm goes off..trully scary bigbrother implications for everyone.++ luke sadowski 19 a trainee teacher tried to procure a 9 year old girl for sex on the internet( he looks about 14 but he was caught with ropes etc in a bag he would have used to terrorise girls) so lucky he was caught..well done whoever helped catch him.++ aol will change its name (america online isp) it lost 800,000 customers in the uk in the second quater of included their dial up service was so bad ill never ever trust aol again.++ migrants gang in belgium jailed..they helped 10k people sneak into the uk..jesus were being invaded.++ w32.blaster worm a pc virus is spreading fast.++ ntl cable shares are $43.38 as ntls founder quits..barclay knapp.++ 14th august.. terror alert halts british airways flights to saudi.++ drake discovered alaska in 1579 its now said.++ penthouse the porn magazine has gone bust, it has a 530k circulation at the end of last year verses playboys 3.2m.++ 15th/8.. massive power cuts in usa cities..candles and torches needed now.++ landlord is right to treat transexual customer as a man..he threw them out for using the ladies loo in his pub..well done too right.++ 20 1977 starwars toys which were bought for 49p each were sold for £10k at auction in birmingham uk.++ alqaeda key man seized..riduan ismuddin al hambali.++ kpmg was behind worldcoms tax plan.++ hbos insurer to trial liedetector tests for fraudulent claims by using voice stress technology.++ 16/8.. experts warn uk faces power cuts before xmas..fortunatly they were wrong.++ £500k of computers stolen from a firm in guilkdford surry.++ sunday 17/8.. stolen boeing 727 plane still being hunted for..inmay it was stolen in angola..fears its gonna be used in a terrorist attack.++ conmen forged documents that misled world over saddams weapons..mafia con aparently hrmm sounds fishy to me.++ 18/8.. pizza hut bans smoking in its restaurants.++ victim of the maxfactor rapist gets £12m.++ smart-1 mission to the moon using an ion engine launches on september 3 to get there by december 2004.++ 138 year old ship with £95, treasure on it found off coast of georgia.++ there are 143 waitrose supermarkets in uk.++


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