Friday, November 04, 2005

News from july 19 2003 onwards(written in nov 2005 art 51)

tuesday 19/8/2003.. cilla black the singer/tv star is burgled and £1m stolen from her.++ space dust is on the way to earth which can cause damage to sattellites.++ moose hunter invents a tracking device the size of a matchbox will cost £700.++ sniper kills 3 in usa, fear its a copycat killer.++ georgia russia has powercuts caused by sabotage.++ soon be able to buy shares in gold bullion.++ 20th/8.. un envoy dies in baghdad bombing of un headquaters 17 die.++ tenants loose out in deposits scam..need independent checks to get deposits returned fairly.++ has first baby born from sperm sold on the internet.. no morals anymore its not right.++ 8888-8888 phone number sold for £177k in china because 8 sounds like chinese character for ich.++ $1bn was the cost of blackouts in newyork last week..terrorists could do much worse.++ thursday 21/8.. soham police officer cleared of sex offenses.++ feast and famine in europe as global warming scorches farms.++ sobig.f pc virus is crippling firms.++ perus presidents phone has been tapped,this is a hallmark of fallen fuji morinegine.++ enola gay plane that dropped the atomic bomb on japan in new controvercy as it doesnt mention the casualtys it caused where its on show.++ german police find 100lbs of cyanide.. aman thretened to poison towns water supply..another terrorist threat we face.++ mobile form 3 has 200k subscribers since its march launch.++ cybersqaters grab the most obvios website see my articles numbered 9 10 and 12 in mays archive for info on cybersqaters if you dont know what they are).++ friday 22/8/2003.. israel kills hamas leader now the peace process is in shreds again.++ flytipping..dumping rubbish on roadsides etc is big problem, anyone caught doing this should have to clean up 100 tons of rubbish themselves.++ marsglobal surveyor hasnt found enough carbon minerals so that means mars didnt have warm oceans in the past.++ a planet found in march 2000 called huya is beyond pluto our 9th planet, it takes 256 years to orbit the sun and is just 466miles in diameter.++ warren of richest men in the world fails to foil copycat investors..his company berkshire hathaway invests his money, a false rumor can be enough to move the market.. well buddy use to donate to cheers.++ sat 23/8.. sobig.f pc virus will at 8pm today contact 20 computers for an unidentified telling what its trying to do..worrying.++ trawler boats threaten to destroy undersea lost worlds.++ security guards may have helped the baghdad un bomber..insider knowledge.++ brazilian space rocket blows up killing 20 it had a research satellite onboard.++ 19 pakistanis arrested in canada for learning to fly over a nuclear power station..jesus if an attack like that happened there would be enormous global consequences.++ to what extent do we shape our own brains, does the mind rule the brain or the brain the mind? dr olive saccs asks.++ 24/8.. prison inmates to earn £100 aweek a new homeoffice plan decides..homeoffice morons thought this idiotic plan up.++ pay as you go phones help fuel a crime wave as theyre easily thrown away so calls cant be traced.++ mon 25/8 alistair campbell uk governments spin doctor(media head for government) talked up iraqs nuclear threat.++ oil barron getty helped traitors sell oil to have no morals.++ children aged 6 treated for alcohol abuse..alcopop drinks blamed.+= neo nazi kills paedophile priest in jail in massachucets..well done.++ trinity mirror sells ic24 isp for just £4.5m.++ tues 26/8/2003.. 47 killed in bombay bombs by outlawed muslim students group linked to kashmir.++ ground zero new york remains will be kept to id in the future maybe.++ morgaux creates electronic way to measure brands logo time seen on tv eg a sponsor of a formula1 car would want to know how much time its logo was seen in a race.++ uk post workers plan a strike.++ john hinkley 48 is ready to be released..he shot usa president reagan in 1981 when suffering psychosis and depression.++ amazon book shop sues spoofers a sit uses amazons name in its marketing.++ 28/8.. britains are £878bn in debt which averages as £3400 plus their mortage!..who creates lenders and banks..its a scam.++ castle gang snatch £25m leonardo painting.++ last night planet mars was at its closest for 60,000 years.++ biometric passports are a backdoor to introducing id cards.++ croydon sex killer caught on cctv, may have mistaken a woman for a prostitute..this is why all prostitutes must be kept off streets and regulated, someone walking in an area known by lowlifes who use prostitutes make it unsafe for normal people to go anywhere near areas prostitutes use.++ sacked worker kills 6 in chicago,this is why if someones sacked they need to be given imediate help in what to do next.++ philips believes households electronics will all be linked to the internet in the future, well thatll be crazy with the state the internets in right now, viruses,trojans, spyware etc make using the internet a real hassle for most people, imagine if your tv started catching viruses and going wrong! i dont think linking all hosehold electonics will be possible until governments start catching the people sending out malicious software and punishing them severly and building saftey into internet service providers systems because at the moment theyre doing nothing to help there users.++29/8.. tube trains have a powercut in london.++ the herb sage helps prevent memory loss.++ 50th brit dies in iraq.++ tecwen wittock the man caught cheating on the hit tv show who wants to be a millionare by having a friend in the audience caugh to signal answers to him wants to patent his name as a tecwen caugh mixture was planned!.++ north korea thretens to prove it has a nuclear bomb.++ japan will sell the magazine the big issue which raises money for the homeless as japan has 125k homeless people which is up 60% in 4 years.++ newzealand flu like disease kills 3 people within 1 hour of showing symptoms!..what is it?.++ uk water companies want to raise prices 60% over 5 years!.++ 30/8 70 die in bomb outside shia mosque in iraq.++ blaster pc virus version was created by jeffrey parson 18.++ princess diana and dodi will be held.++ homes outsrip gold for profit over last 3 years, but dont bank on it continuing.++ man aged 85 stabbed to death by burglars in plymouth.++ japan wants a missle shield costing £760m from usa.++ 31/8/2003.. nhs clinics swamped by asylum seekers, in some areas 40% of patients are asylum seekers many claiming to suffer from stress and depression and theyre stealing resources brits need first.++ russian nuclear submarine breaks up when being towed for scrap called k-159.++ alqaeda sabotage oil fields, on the plus side lazy car drivers wont get to use it.++ columbia tristar film studio to sponsor athletico madrid football team, theyll advertise their latest films on players shirts.++


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