Tuesday, January 03, 2006

World news from march 18 2004 onwards (art 56) done jan 2006

Happy new year 2006 to all my readers, i hope you make 2006 the year to make even more use of my information on world news. remember i put .++ to seperate 1 item of news from another, ok here we go..
march 18 chancellors budget to beat tories, 50k whitehall jobs to go.++ 18 mile traffic jam caused by fatal lorry crash on m25 motorway.++ england needs 1.4m new homes to curb boom in prices.++ moon led to life on earth according to british scientst..large tides led to life.++ nhs chief says agency nurses kill more than they save!.++ 28 killed by carbomb in baghdad hotel.++ sniper suspect held..charles mccoy suspected of 2 doxen shootings in ohio..suicidal or homicidal tendancys.++ fri 19/3.. high value alqaeda mastermind trapped.++ butterfly decline points to 6th mass extinction.+= men now beat women at grooming..well ponsy men maybe.++ hands on workers are happiest.++ escape plot as detroux ( french nasty paedophile) handcuff keys found in his prioson locker..someone high up in society obviously wants to release him incase detroux gives him up..should torture him to give up all names he knows that took part in extreely evil acts on children.++ i month mcdonalds only diet turns mans liver to pate..supersize me film maker, made him moody..moodswings and depressed.++ microsoft faces huge fines after brussels talks collapse.++ shell oil overstated oil reserves by 20% = 3.9bn barrels they dont have!.++ sat 20/3.. $50m reward for osama binladen now..the rewards been doubled.++ cocacolas purified tapwater recalled after chemicals that cause cancer accidently put in..bromine, they set up a phoneline fopr conserened customers to call.++ new dr who tv star named as actor christopher eccleston who was in film shallow grave( man who drilled spy holes in ceiling).++ new zealand storm petrol bird back from extinction after 150 years spotted off hauraki gulf off north island.++ lolita story created by nazi journalist in 1916..pervert.++ being human also means being stupid! well how true just read my abriviated articles to see the stupidity humans do.++ harrison mccain the potatoe chip tycoon dies.++ donald trump tries to patent "your fired" for his tv show.++ sun 21/3.. illegal imigrants make bogus birth certificates.++ protesters climb bigben clock in london.++ 90MI ( mi5 and mi6) to track 10,000 alqaeda sympathisers in this country..the uk..i should again remind my readers the news im reporting here iss from uk newspapers so unless otherwise stated the news relates to uk news.++ council bunker needs to be sealed to withstand chemical or biological attacks.++ julia hartly-brewer writes an attack on the work shy.++ last ever sex and city episode shown on uk tv..reason bars in uk so empty last friday..scary that some american sluts sex life is so popular for women, just shows there no morals left in the owrld and millions of women can be corrupted my just 1 slutty womans fictional experiences.++ arms race in space going on.++ foaming monkey virus could trigger new aids epidemic.++ mon 22/3/2004.. 6 dead in weekend gales.++ payback time for fine dodgers.++ initiative to tackle pakistani gangs in glasgow halted because its politically incorrect..mad people in charge of us again!.++ rumsfeld said in hours after september 11 attacks theirs no good targets in afganistan but there are in iraq! if this is true just goes to shoe iraq war was just an excuse to go get the oil.++. 23/3.. hamas chief assasinated in air strike by israel..shikh ahmed yassin.++ uva rays cancer warning..not just uvb thats bad.++ childrens author raped a girl and molested 7 others..william mayre..all his books should be withdrawn from sale.++ girl aged 17 wins £1.5m lotto in only 3rd ticket shed ever bought! well baby im in need of cash to run this site please use to donate money to thanx.++ the face magazine to be axed.++ mile long tunnel allowed islamic fighters to escape hunt for taliban ij pakistan.++ denmarks paedophile club shamed into closing..any1 thats ever been a member needs to be closely monitored if not hung to protect children everywhere.++ eu set to fine microsoft £300m.++ wed 24/3.. indian restaurants chicken tikka and massala unsfae to eat as colourings used in them unsafe.++ evidence of salty martian sea found ( mars the planet).++ has employment law and tribunal info.++ humans cooked meat 1.5m years ago.++ russian nuclear warship could blow up.++ $290bn claim by usa government verses bat and other tobacco companys.++ zoo mag sells 150-200k copies a week.++ thu 25/3 blair will shake gaddafis hand.++ bt phone line rental drops £1 a month from july 1 to £10.50 a month..most uk homes use a bt phoneline then ontop of this charge you pay for your phone calls and then your isp fees for using the internet,.++ cyclist slashed 1700 tyres of rude motorists!.++ 1000 cottenham villagers refuse to pay council tax in protest at travellers camp nearby..full of gypsy thieves and scumbags.++ cavers get stuck in mexico cave.++ bomb found on french railway line on paris to basle line (swiss city).++ microsoft is fined £300m.++
14 april pay just £7.69 an hour to bagage checkers at stanstead airport uk..these are the people who try to ensure no knives and bombs get onto planes..why should pilots earn £50k+ a year when others staff essential to running theior services go so much less? .++april 16 2004.. post tabs to say when a postbox will be emptied to be reintroduced..good idea.++
random news..
in 1994 in rwanda africa 800,00 people were massacred in just 100 days..whole world should help catch every killer by lie detector testing all rwandans.

october 3 1992 brazilian prison 11 shot by police to control a riot


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