Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Worldnews from september 2003(done nov2005 art 52)

Monday september1 2003..ministry of defence blackout their claim iraq could launch attack in 45 minutes.++ running a car costs an average of £103 a week.++ bankraid pizza man killed by a timebomb in erie pennsylvania..aparently a robber captured him and fitted a bomb to a man and forced him to go try robbing a bank for him.++ pakistan army officer arrested in terror swoop..interservices intelligence (isi) is full of islamic extremists.++ africa will get cheaper aids drugs as wto ( world trade organisation) allows generic imports of the drugs now.++ fast food companies are told to tell customers that fast food can be addictive.++ tue 2/9.. actor charles bronson best known for the vigilante films called death wish dies aged 81.++ feeling down(blue) weakens your immune system so sad, fearfull or angry thoughts are bad for you.++ wed 3/9.. an asteroid will come close to earth on march 21 2014 called asteroid 2003 qq47.++ children under 6 watch tv for 6 hours a day.++ man who killed an abortion doctor will be executed hes happy as this will make him a matyr.++ vivendi sells its entertainment wing to nbc for $14.4bn.universal studios. ( ge general electric owned nbc).++ jobcenteres advertising for flirts to catch cheating partners!.++ mars may be red dur to dusting from tiny meteors.++ hormone called pyy3.36 which tells you when you feel full up could be used to cut obesity.++ cavemen prefered meat 2.5million years ago.++ carboat called aquada costs £150k.++ gun attack on british embassy in iran.++ moscow serial killer kills 13th victim in 2 months.++ wall street usa operated illegal after hours trading to squeeze out small investors.++ fri 5/9.. universal record company cuts cd prices by a third..effect of online file sharing.++ crimewave victim will sue the council over travellers in earith cambridgeshire.++ uk lotto has had 16 tickets worth £1m+ unclaimed in 9 years.++ sars virus origin is cats, racoons , badgers and ferrets in guangdong market this virus killed over 100 people last year.++ italian email spammers face prison..good now we need to hang all american spammers.++ 3000 uk troops sent to iraq, 1ok already their.++ £2m credit card fraud at heatrow express by a raillink worker, he worked for checkline a company that processes creditcard transactions, he got 9years jail.++ 124 taliban killed in 9 day battle in zabul province on pakistan/afghan border.++ usa unemployment is at 6.1% of workforce it was 6.2% but now a large number of people have given up looking for work so theyre dropped form government statistics!!!! just goes to show when your told a statistic think about it the same is true in the uk in november 2005 there are 2.7million people not working claiming sickness benefits, on top of that 900,000 are unemployed looking for work and on top of that are all the people out of work not claiming benefits fro the government id love it if somehow the statistics on how many people are out of work and not claiming benefits was made public, it would really scare the uk government if they knew just how bleak the jobs market is now in the uk.++ teens case against mcdonalds acusing mcdonalds of causing his obesity is thrown out by a judge in usa.++ sun 7/9.. a booklet on sale in waterloo train station lists trains timetable for trains carrying nuclear material..insane in the world we live in now constantly under threat from terrorists..imagine if they did something to a train carrying nuclear material to power stations!.++ the mere thought of winter is depressing for many.++ man is charged over ira bombing in omagh.++ man rides in his car behind a bus in manchester to protect it from teen troublemakers.this is the governments respnsibility ..they need to give police power to catch and punish troublemakers make them do unpaid work.++ film critic barry normans biography called and why not? is released.++ camelot creates a daily lotto from 22 sept 2003 with a £30k top prize.++ ducks do there ends that silly myth that theyre quacks dont echo.++ alqaeda tape threatens attacks on americans everywhere, an attack so devastating theyde forget september 11th is threatened!.++ jaqueline kennedy was suicidal after jfk was killed in 1963.++ goa drop out may be the murderer lord lucan.++ xenova develops annual injection that takes pleasure out of nicotine..which is the key to quiting,but its unlikely to help treat anxiety or depression which is linked to giving up.++ australian bodies in barrels murderer gets life in jail.++ 10/9.. girl aged 12 sued for downloading music from the internet in usa.. one third of uk net users download at least 1 music track a month.++ stanstead airport..2 knives on men due to board a ryanair flight were ignorant of ban on taking weapons onto planes! what planet have they been on? quite how you can plead ignorance when for the last 2 years the news has been about september 11th attacks in 2001 is beyond me.++ sars outbreak in singapore.++ backpacker caroline shuttle is thrown off a bridge in austraia ans killed, ian douglas previte 31 is on trial for her murder.++ the west issues ultimatum to iran over its nuclear plans..they have till end of october to comply.++ wto confernce in mexico.++ september 11 th lawsuits against airlines can go ahead a judge rules.++ 30/9.. royal navy enlist saatchi and saatchi to refrest its redisn its logo at taxpayers expense of course.++ pipex isp founder peter dawe sets up intervivo an adsl internet service.++ arson at a chinese restaurant in castle street camberidge.++ bristol blenheim plane crashes at duxford airshow in august.++


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