Thursday, December 08, 2005

World news from march 2004 ( done dec 2005 art 54)

well another gap in my notes from december 2003 to 6 march 2004 oh well at least it helps me on my way to getting up to date with world news..its a lot of effort putting all this news onto my site so i hope you find it of use anyway ill continue wriiting up world news in its very simplified format which just sticks to the key dates and facts of the news if you want more detail use the google search bar at the top of my site to enquire about a story in more detail i use .++ to signify the end of a story and the beginning of the next story ok back to the news..
7/3/2004.. 3 leicester uk footballers accused of rape in spain.++ usa wants pakistan to alter their nuclear weapons so they cant be launched by 1 man..jesus h christ cant believe they would have ever allowed this in the first place.++ first time house buyers are priced out of 80% of uk towns.++ writer carole matthews signs deal to product place ford fiesta cars in her next 2 books.++ 1 million in uk suffer from stress .++ brazil has a zoo killer called the noahs ark poisoner who kills animals in alphabetical order..hope they catch him and feed him to the lions.++ sue barker the uk tv presenter is hiding from murder threat like jill dando threat..another bbc presenter who was shot dead in london a few years ago.++ 9 days ago a woman was raped in saffron walden by 3 men probably vietnamese who were short.++ the 1952 flying enterprise ship which contained zirconium which is used to make atomic fuel sunk .++ guantanamo 4 too dangerous to free..british men accused of being terrorists..they are freed in febuary 2005.++ labour partys closed 115 magistrate courts since 1997 in uk.++ usa governments failing to take up the challenge of global warming.++ making a personal computer uses 530ilbs of fossil fuels 50lbs of chemicals and 3300lbs of water..a total of 2 tons of materials! 130m pcs sold each year in the world.++ tribes join hunt in pakistan to root out binladen.++ uk post offices allow lloyds customers to withdraw cash.++ tuesday 9/3.. video of 2 brits who killed jews released by hamas.++ credit and debitcard fraud up 45% in 1 year.++ uk prisons have 75k people in them theres just 20 places left!.++ spalding grey the actor from the movie the lkilling fields about cambodia ids found dead he had a history of depression.++ mr dutroux the paedophile got his idea for dungeon and bunker to put his victims in from other inmates..another reason why dangerous criminals must be hung fasst so they cant get worse in prison and spread their twisted ideas to others or get bad ideas from other prisoners.++ martha lane fox cashes in £4.6m shares from which is under 20% of her shares.++ mcdonalds launches salads plus in uk costing £10m to launch this idea..dont be fooled theyre unhealthy crap.++wed 10/3.. gm ( genetically modified) crops get the go ahead in maize in 15 field trials and 4 years from scale tests..bad news i dont trust this food at all.++ uk culture of compensation is a watse of tax money when schools and the nhs are sued.++ email mistake by woman will cost her her job she pressed reply all accidently and the email had bad info on her boss and clients!.++ nuclear submarine crashes as a screen was consealed by post it notes! on november 2 on a training mission off the isle of skye unbelievable glad to know were all safe.++ equatorial guinea arest sas man who led a mersonary gang in plot to remove presuident teodoroobiang.++ pakistan tests new missle thats nuclear capable called shaleen 2 goes 1500 miles.++ scientists find a way to beat the menopause.++ job seekers lie about heir age..older people so they can get jobs survey says.++ citizen cane oscar trying to be sold.++ bikes bugged to trap thieves in amsterdam as 150k are stolen each year there great idea its just as bad in cambridge england for bike thieves.++ 12/3/2004 192 die in madrid train bombings.. 10 backpack bombs go off within minutes of each other..alqaeda to blame.++ channel4 will show celebrities swearing advert well c4 have no morals they never have.++ father killed himself over £70k debts on 19 creditcards..banks pursued him relentlesly.++ ivory traded on net auctions, only ivory from animals killed pre 1947 can legally be bought in uk..none should be allowed.++ fizzy drinks wear away childrens drinks..not exactly new news but worth repeating.++ usa rules you cant sue fast food firms if your fat.++ john lewis staff share a £87m bonus 59k staff get equilalant to 6 weeks pay.++ sat 13/3 someone stupidly asks are the madrid bombs for the lost moor its idiots wanting to kill all westerners.++ usa robot can build concrete walls.++ ugandan king aims to bankrupt britain! in a £3.7 trillion claim for 5 years war in 1890s.++ 1999 moscow bomb linked to fsb ( ex kgb)..putin involved?.++14/3 sas lead binladen assault 13,500 us forces and 100 sas are hunting him! bloody hell he must be the hide and seek world record holder by now!.++ holland sends refuges to uk and eastern european brides are sold for £900 to men so they can get into the uk..well use liedetector tests on anyone wanting to come here to priove mariages are real.++ debt causes illness and anxiety..yes it does so never borrow money its a scam.++ battle to keep the famous flying scotsman train in the uk.++ if dna tests were given to all in uk 100k crimes would be solved..well lets do that then.++ book called soldier5 the real truth about bravo 2 zero is out about the sas mission in gulf war1.++ is where taiwan people vote on a refurendum.++ workers mobiles tracked by bosses followus has 10k mobiles on its register .++ gordon brown will clamp down on tax avoidance schemes.++ lanslide victory gives putin 4 more years in charge of russia.++ umbro sports clothing founded in 1924 in manchester.++ tues 16/3 minimum uk wage is £3 from october for young workers adults goes up from £4.50 to £4.85 and 18-21 year olds get £4.10.++ is sedna the 10th planet in our solar system? probably not a planet at all.++ all day pubs from next year in uk.++ poker players stake £40m a day online worth £15bn ayear tiatl.++ alqaeda targeted president musharraf twice in december 2003.++ lord hesketh i torys new treasurer in the 70s he ran an f1 team with james hunt driving!.++ tesco tv in stores soon will reach 13 million visitors a week.++ wed 17/3 attack on uk by laqaeda is inevitable the met police chief says.++ chils expert jailed for a girls abuse.hes called stephen relation to the horror writer.++ boy 15 murdered after brutal attack in glasgow by 5 asians.++ cjd disease fears as 52k blood donors are banned form donating blood.++ national archives puts 1m wills online.++ trial of andrezej kunawski a polish man aged 47 who killed a girl in may 1997 the girls father chased him from there home thinking he was a burgalar.++ man aged 28 died of shyness terrible.++ romania is refused entry to the eu, they may join in 2007.++ 25% of students plagiarise..well liedetector test them and anyone cheating should be kicked off their course.++ ec will equalise car insurance costs for men and women even though 98% of dangerous driving is by men..crazy rule change.++ lego the plastic toy brick company cuts 500 jobs as it lost £140m in 2003.++ mgm may pay its 74% stakeholder kirk kerkonian a $1bn special dividend..well buddy if your that rich use to donate cash to cheers!.++


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