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Worldnews from october 2003(done nov2005 art 53)

october 2003 world news round up

20/10/2003.. french tobacconists stike due to tax increases..2 price increases recently and another due on january 1 2004.++ car muggings up 20% in 1 year in uk.+= creative toolbox now called brainjuicer a market research tool lets users answer freely so not constarined by set answers.++ 2 roman roads unearthed in sawston near cambridge.++ child cruelty mans defence say he has low iq and suffered greatly with depression..he got 2 years jail.++ 28/10 bat and brown and williamson tobacco to merge will be caled reynolds american to compete with phillip morris.++ 30/10 winchester entertainment a fim distribiution company and film financer in the news.++

november 2003 world news round up

3/november.. puberty gene found gpr54 triggers the onset of puberty.++ feelings of guilt and iron self discipline causing britains to deny themselves simple pleasures like choclate! yeah right thats why brits are so fat.++ president bush to visit uk on 19-21 november.++ gypsy haters burn a caravan with pikey written on it at a bonfire in east sussex.++ 12 year old girl nearly abducted from a shopping center in gloucester uk.++ 25yr old brit in thailand at bankok airport had 100 fake french passports.++ john prescott the deputy primeminister will allow monkey testing labs at cambridge univercity to be built..will be massive unrest if they ever open.++ drunk driver who killed asks for their driving licence back! she served just 17months jail and got a 5 year ban..joanna smith 42 of linton cambridgeshire had 2 speeding offences in the month before her murderous crash...shows she has no remorse so hang her.++ jobcenter staff walkout over 2.6% pay rise for 90k civil servants.++ cottenham villagers in cambridgeshire threten to stop paying tax over smithy fen travellers site problems good for them.++ 26/11 strathclyde uni blaze in jordan hill campus gym glasgow scotland.++ canadian of sikh origin who shoplifted £8k of designer goods describes these thefts as a cry for help! as she felt isolated and depressed after termination of her aranged marriage..what a load of bollocks some people come up with for an excuse.++ 5 november.. boy 14 stabbed to death at school..luke walmsley in lancashire..schools need metal detectors now and any pupil bringing a knife to school must be expelled and given life working organic farms.++ paedophile freed by beast of a boothroyd got a 3 year community rehabilitation order from judge denis clark.++ pc software helped boy 12 make 400 hoax calls including 999 calls.++ man dressed as spiderman up the top of a crane has cost £5m loss by causing roads nearby to be shut..fathers4justice protester protesting for fathers to get better visiting rights to their children if theyre seperated from thier childs mothers.++ alibis for spouses for sale by russian agency for £120+.++ winsurfer crosses pacific oocean from peru to tahiti in 89 days!.++ 136,000 police in england and wales but fewer are on the streets than ever..theyre all doing paperwork for the government morons in charge.++ 6/11 soon be able to stick your fingers in your ears to anser a mobile phone..dont ask me how thisll work!.++ alqaeda suspect held in northern ireland.++ microsoft launch a £3m fund to catch cyber criminals..well done for doing this microsoft you deserve respect for spending your own money to help catch some of the scum bags making using the internet a real chore but then again isnt it endless flaws in your software which is why were all plagged by problems in the first place???.++ gary ridgeway pleads guilty to killing 48 women near seatlle..hes known as the green river killer.++ voyager1 space probe is now at the edge of our solas system.++ 7/11 prince charles aleged insident with a servant inuendo in uk press.++ bush ditches despots in middle east policy shakeup.

++ private jessica the usa soldier captured in iraq says she was raped by her captors.. 1 reason its silly for women to be soldiers. a friend called maluma wrote to me about this article and asked me to include this information.. her rescue by usa soldiers was all war propagander see its more likely for women civilians to be raped in wars than women soldiers. in world war 2 millions of women were raped by german soldiers especially russians and poles, later on millions of german women were raped by russian and french soldiers, theres a good film about this called befreier und befreite translates as liberators take liberties see and 4 kriegsende einleitung.html so cililians are more vulnerable in wars to rape which is a very good reason to prevent all wars.

++ nigerias fake finance bill is pulled..could have been a multi billion pound fraud.++ sony and bertelsmann music companys will merge.++8 nov 2003.. total eclipse tonight at 1130pm 106-131 am total phase of eclipse.++ usa nuclear lab staff lost keys cost them £1m to replace as the master key for 100k locks had to be changed!.++ boiler room film scam been done for real based in laos its stolen £10m in 9 months.++ task force 21 is hunting osama binladen..well 2 years later hes still not been caught so governments efforts need to increase.++ 9/11.. princess dianas hidden tapes reveal sex partys like caligula betwwen palace staff?.++ some students are gambling their loans in casinos! outragous.++ uk courts in it fiasco costing £320m for a new it system for magistrates courts in a project called libra...wont belong before a hacker causes mayhem i predict.++ robert maxwell assasinated by mossad hit team maybe.++ british spies try to stop binladens gun running in venezuela to the uk.++ 10/11.. saudi suicide bombers kill 17 in riyadh housing complex theyre alienating arab opinion by killin muslims.++ something in strawberrys and soya is good for you and nmay be clue to breast cancer risk.++ 11/11.. cardtu whisky row over calling it pure malt which is a mix it was a single malt but the company hardly changed its label..ingredients changes on food should always be clear.++ date rape drug is in 4% of a nightclubs drinks..chelmsford uk 200 empty glasses tested and 8 were tainted 1 had ketamine a horse tranquiliser in it!..must do searches of people entering clubs.++ bin raiders make £1m a day from stolen credit info in bins.++ handicaped girl is raped by amnesty killer..he killed a usa aid worker in 1993 in why was he let out to stike again..because our governments are full of weak morons who need to learn that hanging scum bags is the only way to keep society safer.++ 12/11.. compulsary id cards in uk introduced by backdoor.. by 2007 passport and driving licences will need id cards.++ margaret hodge the uk childrens minister calls a sex abuse victim extremely disturbed..row that she should resign.++ c the head of mi6 will become new master of pembroke college cambridge.++ tobacco chief doubts smoking kills!..imperial tobaccos gareth davis their chief executive says in court..liar.++ lary flynt the porn publisher says he has topless pictures of usa private jessica lynch the hero prisoner of war.++ dreamworks music is sold to universal for $100m.++ eu ruling threatens cut price air flight to europe..good planes causing global warming too.++13/11 18 italians killed by suicide bombs in a compound in iraq.++ 18year old alicia eborn missing in plymouth.++ elf fuel executives jailed over £210m fraud 23 found guilty.++ 14/11.. 1901 uk census info put online at hard mattresses arnt good for a bad back..for years people have been told hard beds were good for them!..bad advice prevails in our society unfortunatly.++ 500,000 migrantes to the uk last year net gain of 154k.++ yobs blame each other so escape procecution.. they were involved in a hit and run car accident that killed a pensioner..serious loophole must be fixed and these 2 punished.++ the 1991 iceman finder rejects a £30k offer from italy.++ 100 mafia arested in plati.++ satyrday 15 november 2003.. judge syas a sex abuse victim is too late with allegations 40 years after the events..insane.++ paperboy stabbed for 70 pence( sy roughly $1 usa) by a mugger in westcliffe-on-sea essex uk.++ backpacker murderer bradley nurdock 45 charged with peter falconios murder in australia.++ ibm launch bluegene supercomputer which can do 2 trillion calculations a second.++ sun 16/11 13 die as queen mary ships gangway collapses.++ group4 a private security company would be called in to help in a terror panic due to shortage of trained staff so private firms will be used to boost numbers..god help us this is the company made a laughing stock in the uk press for constantly loosing prisoners theyre transporting to courts etc.++ people smugglers get asylum seekers to sell their body organs..nasty.++ 13year old gerren taylor is on fashion catwalks dressed like a porn star media say..well fashion industry has no morals so what do they expect..calvin klein used kate moss in ad campaigns paedophiles would have loved.++ sony/bertelsman has 25% of global music share and emi/warner has 24%.++ rare axe finder ransoms it to get bigger reward.++ false diagnosis of brain disease led a 31 year old into a spiral of depression ans suicide.++ judy garland suffered from depression when she was a new mother to liza minneli.++ 17/11 bus driver lee holbrook aged 39 accused of murder of alicia in plymouth.++ feeding pigeons in trafalgar square london is now they make so much mess.++ 18/11.. cat cambridge antibody technology will sue abbott over arthritis royalties..the first blockbuster of the uk biotech industry..sales of $1bn+ predicted.++ woman has abortion because her unborn baby has a cleft palate..disfiguration on its face..huge row this is immoral.++ leeds footballer jody moris on rape charges.++ £1.5m lotto winner kept claiming benefits for 3 years!!!..should forfit all his winnings for doing this.++ michael jackson the pop singer faces new sex abuse claoms.++ email worm called mimail is out to con paypal users.++ mickey mouse cartoon character is 75 years old.++ usa have a planes base in northern australia.++ 20/11. president bush in uk for a visit.++ george stephenson £5 note no longer legal tender from tomorrow..its withdrawn as pc printers can copy it!.++ face transplants are possible but shouldnt be tried now.++ life sentence for rapist who left a new years eve party girl to die..colin waite 42 attacked in december 1996 in sutton coldfield west midlands..his dna was taken when he assaulted someone in a dispute..goes to show itll be worth compulsary testing of all people to build a dna database to catch far more scum bags.++ fbi charge 48 foreign exchange market traders of usa banks involved, over 1 trilion dollars a day change hands in forex markets.++ 21 november 2003.. 27+ dead as alqaeda suicide bombs attack british consulate and hsbc bank in istanbul turkey.++ ryan parky a mirror newspaper reporter got a job as a footman in buckingham palace to show he could have assasinated the queen to prove how bad security is for royalty..well we should fire our royalty anyway this is the 21st century countries cant be ruled by 1 family we have government morons to ruin our lives instead.++ martha lane fox leaves after 5 years.++ breakin at a police headquaters at staffordshire police..computers stolen! jesus christ the balls on someone to break into a policestation to steal!!.++ asteroid 250m years ago caused early extinction.++ brits should take vitamin d in winter from noveber-march.++ phil spector musician is charged with murder of actree.++ untrimed trees caused americas blackouts in august!.++ 1.5m french take antidepressants daily french state spends £90m ayear on prozac.++ saturday 22/11.. brits on worlwide bomb alert after the istanbul bombings.++ sleeper cells of terrorists pose threat to the uk.++ deputy primeminister john prescott alows cambridge univercity to build new monkey testing labs..animal activists declare war.++ georgian president edward shevardnadza is under siege to get him to give up power..he resigns on 24/11.++ 600million pieces of stasi files to be put on a computer costing £7m ayear for 5 years to do!.++ donkey cart used for rocket attack on hotels in baghdad.++ person sits in a car for 52 days 15 hours to win a car in helsinki.++ ntl cable tv company to axe 2000 jobs.++ sunday 23 nov.. mi5 intercepts mobile phone threat to kidnap prince william by alqaeda.++eurodisneys history of cinema getys 7k ( k=thousand in case you dont know that)visitors a day instead of anticipated 17k.++ rfid tracking chips on products are a threatt to all our civil libertys.++ tales from development hell book releaesed.++ mon 24/11.. lockerbie panam plane bomber is on trial he gets 27 years minimum sentence on 25th.++ master molecule could be way to treat schizophrenia.++ £12m jamie oliver film planned based on the uk chef.++ 1932 famine in ukraine killed 7 million people.++ miniskirts in fashion for the summer..not that im complaining but just who is it that decides whats in fashion? who has a right to tell us what we should waste our money on so we keep spending money which we could use on nessesary products instead of selfishly wasting the planets resouces.++ spam email ban begins in eu next month.++ 25/11 csa.chils support agency failing to pay out due to £450m computer fiasco that eds company built..only 4% of claims have been dealt with so far.++ illegal meat imports widely believed to have caused foot and mouth in 2001 in uk.++ 50,000 aids cases in uk now up 20% since 2001.++ people pay £30k more to live in safer areas £63k more if london statistics not included.++ india offers to end kashmir artilery war.++ washington dc the usa sniper is sentenced to death.++ wed 6/11.. ian huntley the soham schoolgirl killer tells how holly and jessica died.++ birds egg collector gets 3 months jail.++ anthony hardy the bodys in bins prostitute murderer gets 3 life sentences,, in 1995 he raped a prostitute but she didnt press charges..well id have hung him back then with or without the rape victims help.++ a record 1.8bn text messages were sent last month.++ arnie cuts $1.25bn in his budget for california.++ austrians will pay for being fat..socail insurance contributions linked to body mass index!.++ pig genome to be mapped to breed leaner meat.++ tesco supermarkets in uk take £1 of every £8 spent in the uk in total!.++ 27 november 2003.. one third of americans think haggis is an animal haha.++ mans dream homes defects drove him to suicide after major stress.++ widow aged 80 fights off burglars with a sword.++ michael jackson is secretly filmed on a private jet.. xtrajet of california.++

december 2003 world news round up

1st december 2003.. there will be a gig to raise money for the aids virus for nelson mandela, 17million have died from aids so far.++ in cottenham cambridgeshire a mans kicked to death outside a pub at 225am..victim is peter stone..gypsy travellers suspected.++ coutts bank clients need £500k+ to join it has 600 clients in cambridge alone..well rich people spread the wealth, please use to donate to thats me and if you pay me youll help fund the running of this brilliant website so thanx.++ manchester united sign a £36m deal for 4 years with vodaphone.++ from december 1st using a mobile phone while driving is banned in uk.++ binladens bodyguard gets 4 years for being al-tawid terrorist group member hes called shadi a.++ israel shrigs off usas £171m penalty.++ crocodile hunting could help aborigines.++ orange mobile company has 13.3m uk subscribers.++ sagas over 50s company for sale for £1.5bn.++ 28 nov.. explosives found in gloucester home of alqaeda suspect sajid badat aged 24.++ junk food company chiefs dismiss blame for obesity.++ boy aged 12 raped girl aged 10 in liverpool quite unbelievable kids are now rapists..dont care what age someone is if they rape hang them in public or live on tv.++ flu virus is greatest bioterror threat of all.++ a sales trick ive spotted is to advertise a product at a really low price so you go to a store to buy it only to find its siold you end up buying a more expensive version instead..currys electical store do this advertising dvd players for £25 but once in the store there are none to buy!.++ president bush goes to iraq for surprise thanksgiving visit.++ istanbul suicide bombers were turks who fought in bosnia chechnya and afghanistan.++ the bill for running whitehall..the uk governments headquaters is £ wonder our taxes are so high.++ bbc tv say it costs £750k to make a 1 hour drama.++ sat 29/11.. tony blair tells brits to get fit, in this future the premiums on how fast you adapt to change.++ £80m tax bill for fire dispute which has ended after 12 months.++ farmers barn painted coloufully like liquorice allsort sweets spoils a view near the river rune south west marlced.++ argentine government is aiding gangsters.++ afghan opium crop doubles in 1 year.enough for 2865 tons verses 1587 tons in 2002..well hang all heroin users so there are no buyers in the uk.++ pc encription company baltimore technologies to wind up it was once worth £17bn.++ 30/11.. we need asylum seeker bounty hunters to go catch illegal immigrants and throw then out of the uk.++ sas..(special armed services) kill hundreds of islamic fundamentalist fanatics in iraq syria and iran.++ usa plan to use the uk as a mini nuke arms dump..well no way well all protest and close down all their air bases here..we dont want american nukes on uk soil.++ krispy creme dougnuts plan to get kids hooked on then in the uk.++ alcohol in tiny amounts is in ribena and lucozade drinks for flavouring..fisrst id ever heard this, muslims upset as theyre supposed to avoid all alcohol.++ the uk government has still not given us citizens any advice whatsoever on what to do if there are terrorist attacks here...pathetic of them to take so long.++ thumbprints in stores to combat cheque and creditcard fraud..good idea.++ ex met police uniform can be hired for £50 from costume comapny.. police action costume equipment ( pace) based in luton bedfordshire..terrorists could get fake uniforms for a daring attack.++ uks first ever face transplant may be done in summer 2004..jesus what if terrorists can do this!.++ december 1 2003.. 46 iraqis killed in attacks on us convoys.++ copycat sniper fears after highway shootngs in ohio usa.++ exercise addiction can lead to depression.++ cover up over bell and rival phone inventor..13 years earlier the phone may have been inveented it seems bell bribed patent workers..well its the american way!.++ belief in god is evidence of delusion psychiatrists say i agree theres no proof of god, they also said tony blair isnt mad though so maybe there not right!.++ 40 year old children still depend on parents cash.++ killings by mentally disturbed increassing in london.++ syria sends 22 bomb suspects to turkey.++ 2/12.. curates victory on cleft palate abortion..24 week old baby killed unnecessarily.++ aol launches 1mb broadband in uk today for £34.99.++ teacher checks cost £33 each..too cheap for proper checking there safe to be around kids, need to use lie detectors on them.++ 60m people have aids worldwide now 20m already died form it.++ car kidnap fiance found lying in road stepanie hammill.++ wild bird increasing in last 10 years but plant life struggling.++ 6 cincinati cops beat 28 stone black man who later died he was resisting arrest.++ boeing aircraft company spends $8m ayear lobbying in washington it lost a $1.1bn order from quantas to airbus for 23 planes.++ stealing other peoples customers is an expensive business..which is why firms need to retain customers they already have better..listen to complaints..theyre firms best information on what theyre doing wrong..learn to love complaints.++ uk doctors turn their backs on nightwork 83% wont work nights or weekends from april.++ 3/12/2003.. globalwarming could close half of all ski resorts in apline areas by 2050.++ last week beagle 2 team uploaded the final software needed by theie mars lander..oops it crashed into mars later on..could a software error be to balme???.++ schools are the ultimate bullys..for forcing people to learn info they dont want..i agree i hated english lessons being forced to read shakespear and dickens..what a load of crap we should be allowed to choose what we want to learn or youll kill peoples disire to study for ever.++ alba brand is also goodmans and bush brands..why have different names?.++ 4/12.. women are suspicious by nature.++ german cannibal filmed himself killing and eating his victim.++ prehistoric rhino found in ethiopia.++ airlines in fear as sauidis seize terror suspects with s urface to air missle.++ flooding hits france.++ paris hilton staring in the simple life tv show.++ blu catrell a popstar has posed naked for porn magazine.++4 men arrested in swansea trying to board a ferry to ireland..wanted for death of peter stone on december 1 in cottenham.++ terror suspects arrested in cambridge england, 2 women taken in on immigration charges and bailed, 31 year old man arrested on fraud charges and 2 27year old also questioned..from a flat in roman way off minerva way kings hedges, another mans arrested at another cambridge address, ahmed boutouche 27 faces passport and other document forgery charges.++ man auctions his kidney on ebay for £50k to fund treatment for his sick daughter.. another reason not to use ebay if it alows body parts to be sold as commoditys thats outragous i cant believe this is legal boycott ebay.++ british airways worker held for smuggling cocaine.++ lotto scam hits elderly..canada based scam emerged 8 years ago and theyve stolen £5bn so far.must be too small an amount for the authority to bother solving.++ centex operate police training programes at nslec national specialist law enforcemnet center on border of cambridgeshire and bedfordshire.++ f1 driver damon hills car sharing club got the idea via jet sharing clubs flexjet and netjets.++ police phones jammed by a hoaxer via hoax emails which gave out there number..21 year old arrested in connection with this..he must be severly punished for this 50 years hard labour is what he deserves.++ 5/12.. just a few drinks may shrink the human stop drinking alcohol its not cool tobe stupid.++ 425million year old penis found.. ostocud a water flee had a willy! all these millions of years of evolution so that i can have the greatest invention ever created..a penis!!!.++ manual and poorly paid workerssuffer illness up to 2 decades before bosses.++ whisky dispute over new label has settled their problems.++ 6th december 2003.. too old sex fiend escapes jail.. 82 year old douglas young who lives in gresley way march cambs.++ 10/12 former cia diresctor now runs paladin capitol group which does anti terrorsim investigation prijects.++ 12/12.. meat boss jailed in his absence! for 6 years for his £1m unfit meat fraud..peter roberts 68..scum he should be forced to work on organic farms for life.++ powters newmarket sausages voted best bange in britain.++ 13/12.. oakington vambridge immigration center keeps local residents in the dark about escapes from it..totally out of order to keep that secret.++ 16/12 brian hunt 47 from stives had 25k child porn pictures on his pc hes told he could recieve a sentence more severe than we can impose..likely hell only get 1-3 years jail..seeing as hes resonsible for children being exploited the present penalty is a joke he should be hung.++ men fare better mentally when in a relationship.++


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