Friday, January 06, 2006

World news from 22 july 2004 onwards (art 59) done jan 2006

22/7.. uk armed forces to be reduced by1 tenth.++ public sector spending on it (information technology) is £12.4bn in 2003-4...too much.++ woburn zoo has bears and wolves living together..coexisting.++ extra police in uk but detection rate falls to just 23% of crimes being solved.++ usa missed 10 chances to stop september 11 attacks.++ dreamworks animation studio plans to float and raise £350m/$650m on stockmarket.++ 23/7 911 report condems failure of imagination..i spotting this type of attack.++ ofcom wont ban junkfood tv ads targeted at kids.++ bigbrother tv company plans make me a mum sperm race to fertilise an egg contest..trully sick and just goes to show how bad tv is getting.++ police allowed to keep dna of innocent people now..well good because if it helps them solve future crimes thats great.++ highspeed train crash in turkey kills 36.++ coors (bass uk owners) plans $bn merger with name to be molson coors brewing.++ sat 24/7 peter mandelson back in labour party.++ airport carjacking killer sneers at 7 year sentence..dean taylor has no remorse.++ students cant cook and wont cook..pathetic our societys come to this ..eating crap from supermarkets instead of cooking orgain locally produced nutricious food.+= nuclear weapons lab in safety scare//los alamos.++ bali bombers may be frred by ruling..terrorism legislation invalid as passed into law months after the bombings..crazy if laws cant be made to allow past crimes to be dealt with in better ways we may as well have no laws.++ jimi hendrix became manic depressive.++ composer jerry goldsmith dies.++ scotlands free care for elderly is crazy..burdon on taxpayers.+= 25/7.. mark hobson the killer smoked dope and listened to tracy chapman music.++ benefits staff fraud rising..government has created an eye wateringly complex system thats too difficult for people to use.++ mughniyah a terrorist in hezbollah hijacked a kuwati airline on way to iran in december 99 used knives and scissors( why didnt usa know of this then and make their airports secure???) iranian defector hamid rezazakei told a german trial.++

Iran knew of september 11 attack dates in this true?

20k containers pass through uk a day and only 2-3% are checked..about 400..massive risk for terrorsism attacks an illegal immigrants..must check 100%.++ madrid bombers bought industrial goma2 eco dynamite with cannabis all u stupid mentally ill pot heads out there you are funding terrorists.++ £30k to clean up after gypsys in devon.++ man needee 40 staples to head after 2 teens beat him with a baseball bat and golf club..they got just 18months, then only served 4 months!!! legal system is insane.++ 26/7..mark hobson captured after garage owners tip off police.++ costa brava spain bandits use airguns to shoot car tyres forcing motorists to stop so they can rob them..if caught charged them with attempted murder and hang them.++ some fools selling pints of water from loch ness scotland on ebay for £6 a pint..well loch ness monster doesnt exist so only an idiot would buy this..well our government ministers will all want one then!.++ in sandown isle of wight a car crashes onto a beach killing a toddler.++ expectant mothers need 400iu ( international units) of sun to get vitamin d ( micrograms.. 1mcg=40iu .++ boeing connexion is name for its broadband on planes.++ politeia think tank says labour costs £30bn in red tape since they came to power in 1997.++ mules used to forward goods bought with stolen creditcard details.++ 27/7.. coldwar plan for evacuation of cities may be revived..due to risk of major terrorist attacks eg a nuclear bomb.++ mydoom pc virus attacks google.++ toyota patents a car that reacts to anger to calm the driver.++ frozen ark to store endangered species.++ people trafficers could hold key to boy torso in thames..a nigerian was jailed yesterday for the boys murder.++ lance armstrong eats a 7-8 egg omelett just egg whites for breakfast then 6-8 grilled chicken breasts for supper.++ nestle wants to trademark" have a break" in relation to all choclate products not just kitkat.++ wed 28/7 glaxo say animal rights groups terrorising them, 1 quater of top 100 drugs discovered in uk..all very well but test them on humand not animals.++ xplicit xxx channel fined £50k for showing unencripted sexually explicit material in a free to air preview on april 18 before is corrupting society faster than tv is mostly responsible but also ntl and telewest..its no wonder we keep hearing of evil sex attacks in uk as bad as usa has had for a long time.++ univercity is dull,directionless and uninspiring 1 student says.++ glaxo copycat gereric drugs hurt sales..they make paxil.+= 29/7.. oil price at 144 year high $39 a barrel as yukos which makes 2% of world oil is shutdon.++ 500 animals die at huntingdon life sciences each day..thats violence animal rights activists say.++ manhunt ps2 game balmed for killing.++ 24, 572 people on sex offenders register in the uk! dont visit britain for your own safety.+= south korea patents using mobile phones with built in gps tracker to check on children.++ aa sold by centrica ( formerly british gas) for £1.75bn last month.++ 30/7 brits 1 trillion pounds in debt.++ francis crick dies..discovered dna.++ atoms are less than a nanometer ( billionth of a meter) human hair is 80,000 nanometeres wide!.++ dna of acne gene has 2333 genes.++ alqaeda leader ahmed khalfan ghailani a tanzanian who bombed th usa embassys in africa is in a 12 hour gun battle in gujarat pakistan*.++ national express intergrating 3 greater anglian franchises and rebranding them as "one".++ 31/7 under 16s can have an abortion without telling their mums..totally wrong.++ farmers cant cut hedges from march-end of july under new eu rules to protect birds nests.++ japans crown princess is mentally ill suffering from depression.++


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