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World news from 28 april 2004 onwards (art57) done jan 2006

April 2004 news

28/4/04.. gravity probe b launched cost 4700m will orbit earth for 1 year.++ alqaeda attack syrian capital 15 explosions.++ new dna technique helping catch serial rapists..traces where a persons from attacked over 200 women in london traced to west indies background.++ £28k buys u a cloned cat, california company genetic savings and clone!.++ cash machine accidently doubles money in village wooler.++ 52% of brits want new life abroad.++ diplomatic immunity must be stopped..Qatar diplomat been caught speeding 3 times once at 133mph in mont blanc tunnel (where 39 died in 1999 crash)..he should be punished hard.++ high oil prices stall usa economy..concerns g7 ministers.++ 29/4.. royalmail scraps 2nd post, channel4 tv says 1million items go missing each year from royalmail.++ camelot gets £88m a week was £100m a week when lotto started in uk in 1994.++ attack submarines are called ssns.++ soaring costs mean relatives having to live together.+= julie ward woman murdered in kenya years ago was covered up kenyan government admits at last.++ old trees should be listed just as old buildingds are the charity woodland trust says.++ 100k iranians died in car crashes in last 5 years!.++ un moves to prevent spread of wmd (weapons of mass destruction)..3 months after nuclear supermarket uncovered! fat lot of good i bet theyll do.++ dixons cuts 106 shops in uk blaming internet competition.++

june 2004 news

1/6/2004.. hit and run bmw car pins 2 to wall in gloucester man in 30s black did it

brit jungle surfer dies in australia in cape tribulation.++ wild birds flocking to cities now so birdwatch.+= 3/ corolla verso car can see around corners costs 319k.++ harry potter prisoner of azkaban breaks uk record made £5m in 1 day on bankholiday monday.++ zimbabwe faces record food shortages.++ weinstein briothers buy back farenheit911 film rights and wil distribute it themselves..good on them, everyone should see this documentary about the whitehouse morons.+= flyposting should be baneed..unless u promoting my website!.++ enron tapes reveal power fix..totally corrupt company.++ bat tobacco ordered to hand over secret memo by usa judge recently a usa judge said the government could sue big tobacco for past profits.++ 16/6 apple itunes launched in europe allowing songs in mp3 format to be downloaded legally, competes with od2 and napster uk.ill be doing an article on music downloading soon.++ bp says theres enough oil on this planet for 40 more years..but i say weve alreadt used too much..just look at the bad weather were getting now.+= hbos gets £1 in every £7 saved in uk..(halifax and bank of scotland).++ 17/6 test can show how long women can delay having a child.++ home office ( uk govenment idiots) ignored bogus visa warning..romania been sending loads of people here.++ government job figures hide true unemployment figures..of course they do if truth of how many people in uk are out of work came out it would be the 1 and only figure people would need to decide our governments full of incompetent morons.++ parents face £245k bill for children to buy 1st home..bollocks how many parents buy their children a home?? not many.++ michael jackson paid $23m to silence sex claims in 1994.++ september11 fund pays familys of dead 31.1m each.+= smiths wins £880m deal for boeing dreamliner undercarriage etc.+= tube train privatisation cost taxpayers £455m.++ 18/6 dutroux guilty faces life imprisonment..his coacused is aquited by judge..this whole case is dodgy and must be investigated further..dangerous ring of paedophiles is still free to abuse children.++ stomach illness is rising in heavy drinkers.++ eco terrorists the earth liberation front target a utah usa timber yard..good.++ arnie frees record number of jail lifers..bad.+= savings pland can be sold by unqualified salesmen in new government shakeup! what do i keep telling u we habe morons in charge of us in the uk.++ bacardi buys grey goose vodka for £1.3bn.++ 27/6.. disability benefits cost £7.8bn a year now incapasity benefit costs £12.6bn.++ bees arnt busy scientists say.++ silverringthing a church group promotes virginity..good idea many uk teens behave like sluts and taxpayers end up giving them free flats and benefits.+= organ donor opt in system will be changed to opt out!!!! outragous one has a right to chop up people and use their parts, this decision effectivly says they can do this.++ iraq oil production reached 2.5m barrels a day, since june 2003 oil sales generated £2.7bn for reconstruction..wouldnt need to reconstruct a country if it wssnt for usa!.++ doctors yellow card scheme to report side effects of medicines isnt enough..correct.++7 mod security guards fired for objecting to working with a child sex offender! yes thats the madnes we face in the uk, sex offenders should be hung but no here in the uk we release them and forced normal people to have to put up with them.++ curb on translators in learner driver test fiddle..if u cant read tests how can u read road signs! all drivers should be retested every 5 years.++ michael moore wrote for anti authority magazines in past.++30/6.. usa chief ordered brits to attack iran..last july iranians went 1km into iraq reclaimed land.++ nearly 50% of teens opt for abortions..murderers.++ machu pichu trampled by tourists.++

july 2004 news

1/7.. sudan genocide going on.++ water makes car bullet proof.. carbon reinforced fibre sheets outside life a radiator.++ newyork bans fire risk cigarettes.++ plagarism on net part of campus culture..give lie detector tests to students, any1 hwho cheated should be throw out and past students should loose their bosses should test to see if people theyre hiring are cheats.++ 25% of all reported rapes in uk are in london, just 1 in 13 cases gets procecuted..totally crazy all cases should be procecuted..or are the government telling us to deal with things ourselves and be vigilantees!!!! yes they must be..if your a victim of a horrific crime and your government does nothing..take action yourself.++ syngerta stops uk gm crops and will go to usa.++ french forrest worker confesses to murder of 6 girls in 14 years.++ 2/7 saddams on trial.++ cassini probe goes through planet saturns rings.++ madrid bomber plan to kill british school kids.++ great barrier reef protected, 1430 miles long attracts 2m tourists a year.++ rapid rise in women in debt.++ charles worthington shampoo sold to pzcussons for £25m.++ 3/7..immigrant smuggler caught after sky chase..concluded months of surveillance.. authoritys have to act faster.++ actor marlon brando dies.++ no more fines for 999 drivers.good.++ gets 10k visits a day where people appologise for stuff.++ vodaphone blocks under 18s from accesing porn on their mobiles.++ in france parents sold 4 sons for sex 1 got 20year sentence, 1 15 years jail, others aquited..jails not enough for crimes like this..rin them over with steamrollers or anything really painful.++ banana wars 2 on the way.+=4/7.. gypsy thugs moved from bulkington warwickshire..moving problem people around doesnt solve a problem it just shifts it to a new location.++ child slaves sold to life of sex and servitude arive at uk airports.. so lie detector test people bringing kids here.++ social boozing is a drain on intelligence.++ x ray specs for sas..see through walls, israeli company camero makes guns that can shoot around corners!.++ 5/7.. greece wins euro 2004 football championships.++ brief stress can be good for you, but long term or chronic stress weekens bodys defences.++ plans for uk car share lanes proposed.++ tom hunter sold sports division to jjb sports is part of the beacon a charity thats given away £100m..well please use and donate to me at to help me run this site.++ cocacola cans filled with mobiles and gps as part of a promotion..well who ever wins anything in a promotion anyway.++ 6/7 germans flown in to cover for uk gps..get paid £80 an hour!.++ dame shirly porter pays £12.3m in homes for votes case out of £42m she owes.++ mark purseglove 32 made £6m selling bootleg music of pink floyd and other top bands.++ livestock tracking system is in chaos..1 in 5 animals missing or untrackable! so heres to another footand mouth outbreak in the future!.++ bernie ecclestone f1 guru says a shredders the best method of filling!.++ bermuda to tackle money laundering..will double staff to 13! quality tipoffs genertae more work.++ 7/7.. blair admits wmd may never be found.++ saturns rings made of dusty fluffy snow rather than dirty ice.++ treating infant boys as tough guys makes themm weak.++ £10m lotto winner michael carroll is jailed for 5 months.++ israel stands firm over its nuclear secrets, its thought to have around 200 nukes.++ £4m toxic fertiliser found on tuscan farms stopped in time to limit its danger.+= beagle2 mars mothership radar panels not being deployed yet for fear of whip backlash.++ ciba chemicals now called novatris.++ 750k jobs in manufacturing have been lost since labour in power in 1997..disaster for uk and the future of jobs in uk.++ virgin mobile has 4.1m prepay customers and no contract customers yet.++ 8/7.. 1 in 4 11 year olds cant read or count properly!.++ footballers ex wife wins 1 third of his future income! karen parlour..all i can say is draw up a prenuptual agreement to prevent madness like this.++ driver who crashed and demolished frint of a mans house did it agian! 12 months later..he should be banned fro driving for life.++ £400k study on autism is following 14k mothers and children since 1991.++ smallest fish would need 1 millionn of them to weigh 1kg found off great barrier reef.++ me me me to be name of new business by former prince andrew girlfriend.++ enron chief indicted by fbi.++ microsoft valued at $305bn, slashes company perks.++ friday 9th july 2004.. 100year old man cut wifes throat in act of love.++ usa fighters just minutes from firing on a vip plane with a broken transponder..device that tells airtraffic control who the plane is.++ 1 million brits have been the victim of fraud while shopping read my earlier articles by searching my archives for my articles on protecting yourself online.++ sat 10/7 american senate report damns the cia over iraq.++ chuggers charge charities £50 for each donor they sign up.++ sun storm probably stole martian model shows echoe reached voyager on 2 april having travelled 7bn miles.++ tiny crack caused £20m harrier plane to crash at raf wittering cambridgeshire.++ historians to capure www ( worldwide web/internet/net..whatever u choose to call the internet) for webpages change so fast they want to somehow capture what sites looked like in the past..well by all means do this for my website too.++ french winemakers call for ban on gm grapes.++ sunday 11/7 £8m costdelsol timeshare scam by 170 people arrested in spain.++ sunday express newspaper in uk claims osama nbinladen has bought 20 compact nuclear devices for £25m well bullshit i dont believe this..the paper needs to give us proof.+= mon 12/7 whitehall has 76k hidden files which undermine their pledge of running an open government.++ usa playing politics with aids, 8k a day die of aids.+= terrorists could have iraqs wmd iraqs national security advisor says..well if true usa is bound to be the target.++ tue 13/7 selby train crash driver released after half his 5 year sentence!.++ £214k golfball 1790 leather stuffed with feathers sold at auction.++ biy aged 17 paralysed by gun a decade ago trys to buy the gunmaker bryco arms of costa mesa califronia( to close it down i with any of my news if u want more detail on a story, id something i mention here briefly stirs u to want to know more all you need do is go to the top of my website and use my google search engine to go find more info.++ morgan stanly bamk pays $54m to settle sex discrimination case.++


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