Thursday, January 05, 2006

World news from 14 july 2004 onward (art58) done jan 2006

wed 14/7.. classroom assistants earn more than teachers!.++ beckhams penalty miss ball on ebay for £4m.++ bin laden allay in sept 11 tape gives himself up in saudiarabia..khaled al-harbi.++ woman admits swastica assault was a lie in france.++ egg creditcard pulls out of france it lost £280m.++ 15/7 war dossier left out warning on flawed intelligence says butler report.++ shooting champion commits suicide as depressed.++ stephen hawking rethinks blackholes and now says stuff can escape from them.++ living together agreements can be drawn up at phillipeans pulls out of iraq to save a lorry driver.++ assylum seekers kill and eat swanns in london the sun paper says.++ bedroom spy floats on aim market.. sevision costs £500.++ 16/7 eu directive to clamp down on toxic waste.++ tory local councillor refuses to quit over child sex..robert richdale 54 slipped through local vetting..hang him.++ too much tv turns young into fat adults.++ hannah murder suspect held in india after parent appeal.++ vital data lost at los alamos nuclear weapons research labs!.++ shell oils bonus system lead to inflated reserves claims.++ sat 17/7.. pack of animals gang jailed..aged 13-23.++ car leasing coming to uk soon.++ appeals court will allow tv cameras in 6 week experiment.++ licenced brothels maybe allowed in uk..crazy idea all prostitution should be illegal and whoever uses them forced to pay for treatment to learn to be a normal human being with morals.++ 86 pupils killed in blaze ijn thatched indian school.++ bat tobacco agrees deal to make cigarettes in china.++ 18/7.. visa cheats given work permits..switchers theyre called.++ alzheimers sufferers need 24hour care which isnt given by nhs..well when u become a vegetable its time to die commit euthenasia..dont be a burden on society expecting care if u cant do anyrthing anymore.++ government wants to put floride in water..floride disrupts hormones that control thyroide gland and this causes an underactive thyroid which leads to obesity,tiredness and lets not put it in our water ok!.++ mon 19/7 stock up on food to survive terrorist attack, spains madrid bombs were to change their government.++ in sudan 1m people displaced by arab militia.++ freeserve redirects to wanadoo now in july 2002 they announced the isp would change name.++ jews fury over argentina failure to prosecute bombers..10 years ago in buenes aires 85 killed.++

iran has closer ties to alqaeda than iraq!..oh dear here comes more bullshit properganda from our governments.

national crime figures need to be better.++ developing the boeing dreamliner cost $76bn.++ minerva auctioned off it owned allders stores.++ 20/7.. £80 on the spot fines for thieves..silly idea.++ companys building new research labs a t oxford uni quit after threats by extremists good animal testings cruel..why not test products on scum bag human prisoners.++ genetic link to bad behaviour gene 5htt is linked to impulsive agression, it handles serotonin, short mutation leads to low serotonin levels, long varity leads to higher levels.++ tetra police radio system may lead to officers cancer.++ sudan is using rape as a weapon of war..well wheres the mighty un in all this..what are they doing to stop this???.++ bayer buys roche over the counter drugs for £1.59bn.++ apple sold 3m ipods since 2001, creative technology launches a rival product now.++ eu allows sony and bertelsmann music arms to merge.++ 21/7 gordon brown pulls off petrol tax rise.++ hunt for mark hobson a double murder suspect.++

dangerous sex offender must be freed from jail even though psychiatrists say hell kill ..released because hes not mentally ill! whoever makes these crazy laws shold have to let these sex attackers live in their homes when they are released if theyre so safe, personally if i was prime minister id hang all dangerous sex attackers,paedophiles, rapists, murderers etc.++

scientists rule out antidepressants as suicise trigger.++ usa b52 bomber aircraft goes to coray airport 5 miles from where its supposed to go to in lets just say theyre bombing in iraq cant have been 100% accurate!.++ bt ( british telecom) blocks 20k attempts each day to access child porn via the internet, iwf says 3-3500 sites added to its database each year..good pr (public relations ) for bt but whats going to be done to trace these people being blocked and arrest them???.++ malaysia strait of malacca waterway patrolled in hunt for terrorists, jemaah islamiyah terror network linked to alqaeda in this area.++ fish is good for the human brain, fish is a weapon against crime as if u eat enough your not so moody and nasty.++ microsoft adds $1bn a month ..well bill gates please donate to me using to cheers.++ btg sues microsoft and apple over software patents.++


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