Friday, April 22, 2005 from 14 september 2002 onward

14 september 2002.. hot pizzas used to track terrorists to hide out++ 30 police uised a child porn website, 80,000 worldwide visited it over several years..thats a lot of people who need hanging++ 100 calls to milly dowler police after they show cctv pictures of girl talking to a car driver.. shes missing since march 21st++ woman raped at gunpoint on clapham common by black man with short dred locked hair aged about 25++florida 3 men held over talking about september 13 as if it would be a terrorist attack date++ 3 year old girl naked in park with her mother there gets abuse from people..some people have a problem with children being naked in public++ lukoil produces 20% of russias export oil++ child sex beast freed has absconded(dissapeared into society).paroled after half a 28 month sentence for 5 years in 1997 for rape of 13year old but only did half that sentence as well.. totally insane people that let him out should be hung first then him++geri halliwells high protein low carbs diet is dangerous..atkins diet++ mastermind of alqaeda is held.. ramzi binalshibh after shoot out in pakistan..karachi++ kevin warwick has microchips implanted under skin..could be used to track children++ kid-e-mail software can trace chatroom users to their home address++ lorry drivers who pays for sex spread hiv across africa charity says. Monday september 16th.. tv licence dodgers..1 in 3 still has no licence after being procecuted++ bankrupcies.. 40,000 people in 1989 now 100,000 in 1992++ 3i says $100bn/£64bn of private equity( investments in non quoted companys) counted in 2001, in 2000 it was a record %199bn. Tuesday 17 september.. 21 terrorist suspects held in singapore++ japanese 115 year old sleeps 2 days then stays up 2 days++ jp morgan sued for helping enron conceal losses++ worldcom has 600 staff in cambridge and 2500 in reading will cut 2000 jobs. Wednesday 18 september .. alevel grades( like usas high school level of education) are is being dumbed down++ 11 year old tried to rape girl in w endyhouse in sheffield is put on sex offenders register++ 100th new planet but considering the size of the universe there must be billions of planets out there++ sellafiels nuclear ship returns under armed escort++ from october 1 minimum wage will be £4.20 for over 22s and £3.60 for 18-21s++ 97,500 failed asylum seekers stayed in uk last year and 60,000 got in many terrorists are here already???? governement doing amazingly rubbish job++ french police catch 2 of etas leaders++ tesco made £545m profit for 6 months ending august 10(uks biggest supermarket group).

7. news from september 7 2002 onwards

september 7 2002..bruce dickinson ex iron maiden rock musician is now a 737 pilot!++ saddam develops nuclear sites says un++ new film dirty pretty things about asylum seekers who sell their bodies organs++ unqualified hit and run driver gets 4 years and banned form driving for life...still nowhere near a good enough punishment++alex king aged 12 and derek killed their father in florida found guilty++ sicily 3 die in quake. Sunday 8 september.. saddam has 30,000 litres of botulism toxin, 6 tons of vx nerve agent and 6000 litres of anthrax spores++ serial sex attacker rapes girl on bike aged 13 hes already commited at least 4 other attacks recently++ 5 muslim militants in detroit planned attacks on disneyland and las vegas++ dvla loses 3500 passports a year++ amber alert system for child abductions may be introduced to the uk. September 9.. lie detectors on paedophiles are unreliable..well then someone invest in reliable lie detectors++ alqaeda may hit a nuclear target++ couch potatoe way of life is more damaging than smoking..get off your arse more often and do exercise and sport++ gallaher tobacco in china to get new customers...chinese people dont smoke it isnt cool and makes men impotent. September 10.. ward off cancer with cold leftovers.. potatoe,baked beans,rice ,porridge and green bananas++ air seychelles 737 jet hijack atempt while on bombay to maldives route++ new eli lilly viagra name cialis has to be changed because its a familys name++ cocoa now £1400 a ton was £560 less than 2 years ago++ british biotech in talks with morphosys which is on the german never markt..equivalant of uks aim ( alternative investment market). Wednesday 11 september 2002.. 1 year after america was attacked.. bin laden still not caught++ man guilty of manslaughter after tackling career burglar!..uks insane legal system at work again++ michael barrymore( uk tv show host) party guest died after serious sexual assault++ 60,000 peagot 406 cars recalled due to boot lock problem++ romes gay serial killer since 1990 killed 34 in rome and 15 others++ lietenant colonel uziel gal the uzi machine gun inventor dies++ cigarettes labeled lights and mild maybe banned by next september..good all cigarrettes should be banned... i have managed to quit smoking and can see what enormous damage they do to your health now im free from the evil adictive substance++ john menzies airport services arm does baggage handling++ uk national average wage is £23,104 .. please use to pay for me providing you this exellent news summary service. September 12th.. baby grave vandals too young for court..we need punishments for kids such as supervised litter clearing++ benefit fraud costs £2bn a year roughly..well anyone capable of dealing with the dss( department of social security) and filling in their millions of forms could be lie detected to see if their claims are real++ michael portillo joins bae systems as non executive director.. defence contractor/weapons maker++ xenove seeks £11m from shareholders..shares fell 5.25p to 38pence. friday 13 september.. judge rules police can keep dna from cleared suspects and thier fingerprints..well we are certainly in the bigbrother society now.. george orwells book"1984" is certainly influencing politicians around the world to control everything++ 10 years since black wednesday in uk++ 15 bogus seamen held as alqaeda suspects