Wednesday, July 06, 2005

24 season 4 my 13th & last article on it(article 26 )

24 season 4 episode 24 the final part of this great tv show set during 6-7am.. the woman the presidents about to pardon is the same woman that tried to kill president palmer 4 and a half years ago by shaking his hand wearing a bioweapen on her hand, palmer allows the pardon anyway as theyre deserate to stop the nuke in time, when mandys told shes immune from prosecution she tells ctu marwans location the global center roof leaving by helicopter. capturing marwan now seems the only way to stop the nuke. marwan realises somethings wrong when he cant phone mandy, says hell be on a ship in international waters within 10 minutes. jack shoots marwans helicopter and disables it so marwan runs down into a multistory carpark. marwan gets shot in the leg and tries to jump off side of the building to commit suicide but jack grabs him, marwan slashes jacks hand so jack has to drop marwan and he falls to his death. 615am chinese say they know jacks responsible for attack on them so they want him handed over. logans advisor suggests to logan that if jack had an accident a lot of their problems would be solved. atracking and navigation programme on a laptop in marwans helicopter is tracking the missle so edgar and chloe work out the missles heading.. it you guessed it los angeles( why does every event in the known universe have to happen in la..screenewriters of the planet earth snap out of it its gotten silly now). planes locate the missle and shoot it down without causing it to go off so its safe. audrey tells jack she cant deal with his life at ctu so there relationship is over. palmer tells jack the cjhinese know about him and hell have to be handed over to them and face a trial. logans advisor calls a mnan and asks him to ill jack, mike overhears this and tells palmer so palmer warns jack then accuses logan of hear no evil about the man thats coming to kill jack. 644am jacks saved over 1 million people from dying in la today, jack tries to escape from ctu building when hes told hell be handed to the chinese. 650am logans man comes to ctu to take jack into custody, tony goes with him to get jack whiose in section c of ctus building. jack shoots close to tony and logans guy to warn them off logans man returns fire, tony goes to talk to jack unarmed and finds him lying dead, logans guy thinks hes shot jack dead, jack has no pulse, once logans man is taken away for questioning tony gives jack an injection of epiphenrin to restart his heart so its all been set up so jack looked dead!!!, jack comes too, chloe will arange for a coroner to switch bodies to cover up the fact that jacks alive. 655am jacks given a new id so he can get across the usa border. jack thanks palmer for warning him palmer thanks jack for everything and says theyll probably never speak again as for all intense of purpose jacks now dead, jack walks away off to whatever hell do now hes out of cto counter terrorist unit. well thats it thats my review of the whole season 4 of 24 i hope you like it ive tried to be as acurate as possible in recording exactly what happened when on screen so if you missed any episodes youll easily be able to keep up with all the twists and turns of 24 here please leave nice feedback on any of my articles and read all my other articles on using the internet and evertthing else, please bookmark so you can come back anytime for my exellent advice on getting the most from the internet, go to to set up a paypal account which will only take you 5 minutes to do then pay me at for giving you all this exellent advice its up you what you choose to pay me for these articles so thanks for any payments you send me.

24 season 4 my 12th article on it(article 25 in total)

episode 23 set during 5-6am.. ctu search apartment in the area for the suspect that has tony captive. the missle thats been launched is an s class which has elements of stealth technology so itll be very hard to find! by satellite. marwan calls mandy says hes leaving in 1 hour so she needs to be on time. mandy calls michelle desler at ctu tells her to move people away from northwest corner of her apartment complex so she can escape or shell kill tony. 514am michelle tells buchanon the hostile called her. jack moves ctu team away so it looks like theyre complying. mandy sliops out of her apartment to a neighbours though theyve been told not to leave their apartments. mandy shoots a young man dead and takes his parents hostage. agent burns is to go to sandiego ctu to fabricate an aliby but hes kidnapped by chinese, he was followed when he left ctu in a helicopter. 530am start raining in area mandy in. ctu see 2 people leave apartment complex and head for a car mandys on phone to ctu she sees ctu agents and knows shes being set up as the 2 figures get into the car the car blows up so ctu think tony and the suspect are now dead. jack gets curtis to replay the audio from mandys phone as hes suspicous because mandy wanted to escape not be killed, he cant hear rain on the phone call so realises mandy and tony werent blown up. tony treds on broken lightbulb to leave blood trail as he leaves with mandy. ctu team spot the blood. tony tries to beat up mandy though his hands are cuffed behind him. curtis and jack rescue tony and capture mandy. 554am michelles told tonys alive so shes very relieved. jack offers mandy a deal to gert her to talk about where marwan is. chinese threaten agent burns that hekk be shipped to china and taken to maximum security labour camp on border of siberia so burns confesses jack bauer ordered the mission on the chinese embassy

24 season 4 my 11th article on it(article 24 in total)

episode 22 set during 4-5am. the cruise missle has been launched must have been smuggled into usa piece by piece then reasembled,it can reach anywhere in usa. Government staff in washington moved to nuclear bunkers. ja ck asks marwan what he wants, marwan says hes got what he wants! thatisa wont be able to act aqgainst other countries with impunity anymore. marwans phone called richard heller a week ago the secretary of defences son so hes brought to ctu for more questioning. jacks gonna take marwan to ctu but he and curtis are attacked, marwan escapes yet again driven off by his men. 415am marwan ditched car in traffic and has switched vehicle so they cant track him. jacks going to interogate richard. president logan briefs his keystaff don questions logan hard about his decision not to tell public about the nuke. tony tells michelle he wants to be with her again and leave their jobs after 12 years of doing this says people start over every day if its important. audrey gets jack to let her question her brother richard. 421am don ashton the speaker of the house would be next in line to be president if logan isnt up to the job. defence secretary heller comes to see his son interogated, richard confesses he met a girl and her boyfriend at a bar and they went back to his and got high, richard was in bed with the man so the woman must have made a call to marwan using his phone so he was set up, they took ataxi from richards so ctu get sketch artist and contact all cab companies to trace where they went to.secretary heller tells his son he made a profpund mistake not saying this earlier as this info could have helped stop the missle launch. the phone call to marwan activated a listen in so terrorists could hear all richards calls so thats how they found out secretary heller was coming to see his son that day so they couls kidnap him. palmer plans to make logan look strong before don to convince him hes up to the job of being president. michelle gets back together with tony and is willing to leave with him. tony goes with jack to location the taxi cab dropped off the 2 suspects that set richard up.(mandy from series 1 of 24 is the woman suspect) she hears helicopter land near by so knows there onto her. richards at ctu to make positive id od=f suspects if jack catches them. mandy kills her boyfriend. 453am jack sees someones still in the apartment the suspects use he picks the lock and goes in. 456am mandy shoots a ctu guy and holds him hostage then catches tony and takes him hostage.richard confirms the man dead in the flat is the man that set him up.