Monday, September 19, 2005

Worldnews from january 17 2003 onwards(done sept 2005 article 39)

my abriviated round up of world news from 17 january 2003.. farmer tony martin is denied parole as hes considered a danger to burglars( he shot dead a burglar who had broken into his home in east anglia uk and the retards we have creating laws in this country locked him up!).+++ 11 empty chemical warheads found in saddam bunker.+++ 100 known algerian terrorists came to the uk as asylum seekers..if theyre known to be terrorists why did the uk allow them in..because were run by idiots!!!!!.+++ shark numbers are at the point of no return, some species have less than 25% of their previous numbers..due to over fishing.+++ moscow theatre seige victims begin £38m lawsuit..129 died last october..shame as russians were and did save everyone who got out alive as the chechens would have killed everone if it wasnt for russias actions to save many hostages.+++ made £300k so far and predicted to top £4m by june.+++ tycoons beg on moscow streets in a game to combat stress..bored super rich!!! well ive got a game to play if your bored and rich what you do is go to follow the instructions to set up an account and then transfer all the money you dont need to my email address ill then use it wisely to run this brilliant website your on right now.+++ stone tablet could prove temple of solomen really existed.+++ bbc ( british broadcasting corporation) may go into partnership with al-jazeera tv.+++ john rusnak who lost $691m at allfirst gets 7.5 years jail.+++ canberra australia has worst fires in 60 years.+++ 20th january 2003.. uk graduates could be in debt for 30 years.+++ 21st jan.. paralysed man pays £40 to die legally.+++ police seize weapons in mosque raid on finsbury park, hundreds of stolen or forged passports found also.+++ russia helped cia spy on north korea..this info leak timed to embarass russia.+++ energy provider powergen to cut 1000 jobs at txu.+++ 22 jan.. 6 million families are struggling to meet monthly interest payments after borrowing too much money.. my advise never ever borrow money if you have to paty interest on it.+++ web designer jailed for spreasding september 11 computer virus.+++ its revealed osama bin laden escaped because a decoy used his mobile phone and the cleverest people in the military were fooled by this ploy..they tracked binladens phone and foolishly allowed the september 11th 2001 terrorist attack planner to escape because they chased after the person with binladens phone thinking it was him! jesus h christ if thats all it takes to fool the usa/uk military what hope do we have theyll be able to prevent further massive terrorist attacks like a nuclear bomb going off.+++ travelbag company sold to ebookers for £34m.+++ thursday 23 january 2003.. £9187 a week to hose a deportee at oakington bcause there is just 32 people in there at the moment when it should hold 218..this is an outrage when unemployed people get just £55 a week to liveon the uk government is wasting £9187 uk pounds to hold 1 person! my god the uk is run by loonys.+++ germ detectors are being fitted in newyork to spot bioweapon release early.+++ mcdonalds cleared in 1st sitting of claim hamburger eaters obesity is mcdonalds responsibiity.+++ friday 24 jan.. ftse falls for 9th day in a row to 3622.2.+++ person who slipped on a mushroom in an asda supermarket costs asda £550k.+++ saturday 25 jan.. gianni agnelli of fiat cars dies aged 81.+++ spain al-qaeda caell of algerians in salafist group for preaching and combat.+++ name tags worry met police.some idiot thought its a good idea for police to have to display there real name on their uniform!!!. we are riled by idiots.+++ sunday 26 jan.. saddam has underwater mines capable of crawling on seabed and then surfacing beneatha ship..were told in the sunday express newspaper.+++ just 3 police patrol 102 uk rail stations..were run by retards.+++ navy sonar devices bursts whales brains.+++ pinker salmon is risky to eat as a pigment fed to salmon is bad for humans eyes its also found in some eggsmon canthaxanthin is the name of the dangerous pigment.+++ graham turner was a cambridge spy the germans paid to be deceived.+++ sperm donars offspring can meet fathers the government propses..too bloody right they should be allowed,1100 are born this way in uk each year.+++ crap singer kylie minogue launches a lingerie collection. 29th jan.. £7k for suicide bid man after his attempt was shown on tv from local council footage given to the was depressed.+++ acrylamide a substance found in crisps(potatoe chips for you americans!), chips(french fries) and other products is now safe were told and doesnt cause cancer..not long after wed been told in the uk media acrylamide was cancer causing..proving you cant rely on acurate info from the mainstream uk media, 1 week they tell you something and next week they take it back!.+++ airlines refuse to take failed asylum seekers out of the uk due to risk them pose to flights..well then put them on boats they have to row to there destination like the old roman slave ships.+++ air travellers face being weighed as overloading of a plane is blamed for its crashing in north carolina last week, ar moment its just guess work.+++ the easy internet cafe owned by easyjets founder is found guilty of copyright infringment for allowing music to be downloaded by web surfers which easycafe then burnt onto cds for them for £5 up until september 2001.+++ january 30 2003.. sex in public lavatorys(toilets) will be made legal..totally crazy idea..sensible people dont want dodgy people hanging around in public loos..again were run my morons/idiots/retards who are no better than crazy mentally ill people at coming up with sensible laws.+++ junk food may lead to eating addiction.+++ whitehouse promises proof of saddam link to al-qaeda..well weres the proof?+++

Worldnews from january 9 2003 onwards done sept 2005 article 38)

January 9 2003.. ricin poison plot in london abu doha held in london prison since febuary 2001 suspected architect of algerian terror network,was involved in plan to attack the usa embassy in rome italy and a plot to blow up strasbourg cathedral in france and the millenium bomb plot in los angeles airport.( salafist group for call and combat..gspc) trained to make botulism.ricin and cyanide. FIS..front for islamic salvation is the algerian islamic party.+++ 11 january.. 30 volumes of lost beatles music tapes ex studio worker is arrested.+++ ian carr who killed a 6 year old has been in court 25 times in 15 years.+++ sale of seeds containing ricin halted now..bit late.+++ daisy angus aged 22 a backpacker arrested in bombay for drug smuggling faces 10 years jail, she was offered £6250 to take a suitcase through customs..stupid idiot i hope she serves the whole 10 years minimum.+++ sunday 12 january.the who rock band member pete townsend arrested for having child porn..hang him if hes guilty.+++ we need standard sentences for most crimes at the moment theres to much difference in sentencing of people whove commited the same crimes .+++ autism is linked to air pollution..lazy car users guilty.+++ north korea threatens to start missle trials.+++ monday 13 january.. argentine dictator galtieri dies aged 76.+++ £4.6m raid of computer chips in london.+++ castle reagh northern ireland break in..special branch policemen investigating says sinn fein ( IRA)forced him to quit..break in was on march 17 2002.+++ minature pigs clonned to use in transplants by biotherapeutics.+++ migrationwatchuk an independent thinktank says immigration has increased 5 x in 10 years.+++ raped woman on sex charge in dubai..boycott watching the dubai formula1 grand prix.+++ stupid idea in newspaper to legalise drugs so criminals arnt the sellers..idiotic idea , theyre saying still allow illegal drugs to be sold just change who gets the cash! mad.+++ usa trade deficit could reach $350bn this year.+++ tuesday 14 jan.. steve case the aol co founder in 1985 quits.. i used aol from january 2001- june 2003 on its dial up service and it lost my internet conection every 5 minutes..dial up internet is crap as was aols service back then.+++ wednesday 15 january.. ricin poison suspect kills a policeman in a manchester house was to recapture a fugitive asylum seeker..politicians murdered this policeman by letting hundreds of thousands of people flood our borders.+++ that new car smell you get is as dangerous as glue sniffing due to all the chemicals used in making a car.+++ 3 new moons seen around the planet neptune are between 18 and 74 miles wide.+++ ist flight with broadband internet takes off today.. i predict a plane will crash due to this technology within a few years.+++ crew vanished on ghost ship found 185 miles off northwest australian port of broome.+++uk tv presenter mathew kelly arrested over abuse of boys..these charges are dropped later as hes inocent..false acusations do as much damage as true alegations.+++ got 4.6million hits in 1 year..people love animals.+++ 440 seperate genes in the human body regulate fat storage..1 day this info will lead to amazing anti fatness pills.+++ german satanic cult accused of rape and cannibalism.+++ otzi the iceman found by a couple while walking fight for compensation as italy gets £2.6m ayear in museum fees.+++ suv,s( sports utility vehiles) fund terrorism say , id recomend anyone to get hold of a book called autogheddon about cars destruction of this planet its full of great photos and very short newspaper article quotes on bad incedents involving cars itl make you realise how bad cars are and hopefully itll persuade you to buy a bicycle instead of become fat and lazy by using cars.+++ 27.8 million people counted as employed in the unitedkingdom (uk) including all the people now having to work part time and 928,000 are unemployed and claiming benefits, dont foget a huge mnumber are out of work not claiming benefits also.+++