Thursday, June 16, 2005

24 season 4 review my 8th article on it (article20)

24 season 4 episode 16 set during 10-11pm doctors say paul will make it. 8 hostiles(terrorists) in building jack wass held in mrrwans man aziz has backup of marwans plans on a hard disk in flat he shared with mitch anderson, the real pilots lover is searching th apartment for it. marwan sees the phone lines sparking so gets set to blow up the building.ctu storms the building and kill off the hostiles 1 by 1 but htere pcs are deleting their files then the pcs are blown up to cover there tracks. data forensics teams sent in to try and recover any data. 1 hostile captured nearly dead says itll happen within the houe but doesnt specify what. pauls paralised from waist down at moment too early to tell if its permanent. marwan escapes again. document forging area in building jack sends faces of hostiles to ctu to check against watch lists. anderson is ex military.. comes back from pictures on fbi watch list. he served time for drug possesion in military prison and has been hired a s mercinary in conflicts around the world since. fbi agent goes to andersons address to investigate but is killed by the baddie woman who was real pilots lover. she then poses as the fbi agent. 1028pm mitch is in the air on the way to his target. president asks his son whos onboard airforceone to write a speech to address the nation with about todays attacks. president worried whats happened so far may be nothing compared to what happens next. jack goes to search mitch andersons flat with agent hart of ctu, the woman now posing as an fbi agent lets them in and they all hunt for the hard drive of a computer. mitch asks marwan if theyll believe hes dead because after his mission the whole world will be looking for him. tonya sks michel if she slept with man from division whos come to ctu to help. chloe covers for a mistake edgar makes.jack finds empty plastic bags that held military medals 3 months old but mitch left military years ago so jack thinks mithch is posing as military. fake plug socket is where hard drive was in mitchs flat, the fake fbi woman kills agent hart and tries to kill jack but he kills her. jack uses laptop to get data off the hard drive he found he finds picture of a stealth bomber, 40 minutes ago a stealth fighter took off on scheduled mission but pilot hasnt routinly called in,the stealths fitted with standard 9 nuclear ordinance. airforceone heading to la eta(estimated time of arival) 11pm ctu conclude mitch is going after the presidents plane, jack put through to mitch in the stealth but cant get him to abort his mission, americans about to be beaten by there own technology. president tells vice president to carry on if anything happens to him. mitch fires amiisle that hits airforceone badly damaging it.

24 season 4 episode 17 set during 11pm-12am airforceone crashes in desert at night, some survivors. mike tells vice president whats happened. ctu still hunting marwan. ctu need to recover the nuclear football( briefcase carried near president at all times with codes for americas nuclear bombs) jacks asked to go find it couple camping in mojave desert find the football. 1115pm tonys told division man didnt have affair with his ex michel. ctu recue team go into airforceone wreckage presidents son id=s dead but president is still alive. vicepresident told to invoke 25th amendment and takeover control of usa. campers call police to say theyve found the football..jason tells jack whos 20 minutes away he sees headlights of cars nearby so jack says terrorists tracking the footballs transponder so tells jason to remove the transponder and he does than for jason and his wife to move to evade terrorists. marwan scans area for cell phones, jason told to goto old powerstation half mile away and to remove his phones battery so he cant be traced.1131pm scematics for p[owerstation sent to jack so he can find the campers when he gets there. jacjs fired at when he gets there,he giveds code for case to jason so he can open it and seperate the code book from the control panel so its unusable to terrorists. jason captured and shot to give up location of codebook his wife hands it over to save him terrorists then leave with it. 1154pm ctu helicopter takes out jeep with terrorists in, red section of code book has beebn torn out and taken and marwans escaped in other jeep. audrey says red section contains warhead locations and activation codes!!!! so if terrorists get a nuclear missle theyll have the codes to launch it. charles is sworn in as new us president of united states.

24 season 4 review my 7th article on it (article19)

24 season 4 episode 14 set during 8-9pm.. pauls lost a lot of blood. nsa(national security agency) report spike in chatter so theyre expecting further attacks. ctu still tring to track marwan. us prwesident may impose martial law incase unrest breaks out in usa over the attacks. the files jack and paul printed out are being decripted.. 1 name they find is onan fbi watch list.. joseph fayed a chemical engineer. ctu decide to get dina to go find out from joseph what marwan is planning,they blackmail her shell never see beyrouse her son again if she doesnt help. marwan tells anderson hell have clearance and identification codes for his use. pilot whos flying tonight in bed with a woman, hes told by this woman his wife and kids are being held at gunpoint.810pm marwan doesnt permit communication between cells dina says so she doesnt know joseph, jack offers witness ptotection and new ids for beyrouse and dina..a new life if she helps.jack wants her to pretend shes taken him hostage after escaping custody then get joseph to contact marwan so ctu can trace him. the real military pilots lover(the baddie) doesnt know who she works for shes in it for money. cyus cover story is that navis men attacked jack and dina took him hostage. edgars not focused now hes asked to fake logs showing jacks tiome of supposed capture. michelle calls chloe( super geek pc expert) and asks her to come back as they need her expertise she agrees just for today. 830pm sound serveillance of josephs house in place, jack cuts himself to look injured and dina bluffs her way into josephs home. joseph calls marwan and marwan tells joseph to bring jack to him. the real pilot whos family are held hostage goes to his airforce base,at checkpoint his cars searched and hes let through the fake pilot hid behind a rear car seat compartment,he tells the real pilot his family are dead then kills him. paul has bullet near t5 vertebra so needs neuro surgery. josephs car is followed by 1 ctu team ata distance when he goes into a tunnel fake construction workers transfer jack & dina to another vehicle a white van. joseph goes on alone witha briefcase near him. ctu used infared as its now dark and see its just joseph in his car so ctu team stop him but he commits suicide by blowing up his car.855pm ctu use traffic cameras to get licence plates of van jacks in. marwan hits jack and tells dina to shoot him dead to prove shes still working for him she turns gun on marwan and fires but its empty so dinas killed jack taken hostage. anderson the fake pilot uses finger cut off the real pilot to access an aircraft hanger that uses finger print id machine for access.

24 season 4 episode 15 set during 9-10pm mitch anderson is fake pilots name. all resouses of ctu used to find jack as they think hes with marwan whos planning more attacks today. the aircraft anderson was to use has been grounded due to a part that needs replacing if he tried to land the tailplane would disintergrate. anderson kills a mechanic. marwan tells anderson the window of opertunity closes in 1 hour and anderson must overcome this problem to earn his money. aureys told jacks been captured. 907pm jacks handcuffed to a wall, marwan says america will be afraid to show their leader in public after what happened to defense secretary heller. real pilots family called police when they found his house empty, police will pass this info to ctu within an hour so marwan needs to distract ctu si theyll miss this info when its sent to them, marwan asks about beyrouse. edgar acting above chloe shes offered 35% pay raise to stay. marwan call michel the head of ctu says hell exchange beyrouse for jack. 918pm police report will goto all agencys within 15 minutes.ctu think beyrouse must have info marwan wants so they interogate him, they tell him hios mums fine when really shes dead. marwan sets union dam as exchange point in 30 minutes. 923pm police file a report that a military pilot and family are missing. edgars really busy lapd hourlys chloe used to do and look through and flag relevant info hes too busy to do so give s it to another ctu member to do called meg. mitch anderson lies and says phoenix is cleared for takeoff says a sensor is faulty and plans fine so hes cleared for takeoff 929pm pauls in surgery at ctu medical centre. meg says pilot and family missing since 2 hours ago, edgar(lead tacktical) told to look at info in hourlys megs flagged. beyrouse doesnt seem to know anything truth drug got nothing out of him they scan his body and he has nothing hidden in him so ctu decide to put tracers on him so they can track him to marwan. mitch will be airborn in 30 minutes. jack messes with phone lines where hes held captive wiring some together. 941pm meg gives a cd in a red case to edgar and puts it on his messy desk with loads of other coloured cd cases!. beyrouse has tarcker implanted to back of his head under the skin and in awatch. ctu wont have time to sweep the dam area to make sure it isnt a trap. marwan tells his men as soon as they get beyrouse kill jack. 951pm jack and beyrouse exchanged at dam area, sniper about to kill jack killed by ctu people. jack short circited phone lines at building he was held in so ctu can try and trace that building by tracing 2 service obstructions within 20 mile radius of the dam incase marwans still there. both tracers on beyrouse found and destroyed. edgar sees that captain john hanson of usaf is missing in the dailys report he gets chloe to look at it but shes busy tracing beyrouse by satellite. pjone company give location of building jack must have been held in. mitch is about to take off in a f117 stealth bomber aircraft!!!!!!

24 season 4 review my 6th article on it (article18)

24 season 4 episode 12 set during 6-7pm... habib marwan under alias works at mclenen forster defence contractor but hes the lead terrorist in todays attacks on usa, 80% of ctu working to catch him,tony reduces this to 60%. erin driskle ctus head is unfocused now her daughters dead. jack and paul on way to mclenen forster building. ctu fear sleeper cells will activate now marwan is known to ctu. driskle gets relieved of duty so tony takes over provisionally. marwan under alias of harris barnes has full access tothe override device mclenen forster built but this company will be reluctant to give up info thatll make them look bad. ceo(chief executive officer) of mclenen forster talked into covering up marwans files so the company wont go under eventually. defence secretary heller tells driskle his wife died to explain she needs to go home and grieve. curtis whos 2nd in command of ctu doesnt like tony getting promoted over him.marwans files being errased and mclenen forster will set of an emp(electro magnetic pulse) bomb which destroys all electronics for miles around to cover up marwans activities from wiothin the mclenen forster building. marwan meets a man who tells him pedro will get him out of the country when hes done but marwan seems set on a suicide mission knowing he wont get away, he wants everything ready at an airforce base for when he gives an order.this is the first point we learn of the terrorists next step. edgar cant call jacks cell phone(mobile) and all landlines around mclenen forster area are out so tony instant messages a pc tells jack about phone problems and jack realises an emp will be set off. paul meanwhile prints off evidence of marwans activities while in the mclenen forster building. jack tries to shut the emp rooms door but doesnt in time and it goes off blacking out a few city blocks radius! division(ctus contollling agency) sends michel dessler to relieve tony..thats his ex wife hes been drinking to get over.

24 season 4 episode 13 set during 7-8pm.. 8 square miles blacked out by emp pulse bomb. pauls been caught by baddie at mclenen forster and tortured to give up th eprint outs he made. jack shhots 3 men to save paul. michel gives tony a job to do he doesnt like. marwan calls a man called anderson( white clean cut american in 30s tells him to get ready. helicopter lands at mclenen forster building theyve got lots of men to catch paula nd jack..commandos( as theyre a defence business were supposed to believe theyd have such men). in nearby street jack breaks into a nearby gunstore to take cover 2 asian men who work there offer to help fight the commandos. predident of usa still on airforce one plane. audrey now feeling unsure about jack as he was very rough with paul. michel fires mrs cavanar for asking for her torture by mrs driskle to be expunged and for a big payrise!. tony assigned to work with agent curtis stiles(black man). tony correctly predicts jack will engage the commandos so theyll break radio silence and then ctu will be able to trace there position via there radios. audrey tells michel tony saved her earlier and that tony still has feelings for her( extremely corny) 743pm commandos surround jacks area, 6 of them killed outside by jack and paul than they get into the gunstore and more of them killed. ctu help arrives and the commandos are killed off 753pm. michel now being nice to tony. paul gets shot saving jack from being shot by a wounded mclenen forster commando who wasnt dead. marwan calls anderson whos in a military uniform( lots of little coloured flag award in patch on chest) hes going by the president schedule so it seems the us president is the next target.