Monday, July 30, 2007

Internet & computer help + win new computers! (art67)

You can win computers via this website from now on..please bookmark ( click bookmarks at the top of your browser, then click bookmark this page) , i shall provide links for you to click to win computers, either desktop or laptop/notebook's as and when i find them..this will be most weeks so please come back here as reguarly as you want to.

Dont forget the main purpose of this site is for people in the cambridge and surrounding areas to contact me if you need any home computer of internet help, to start off im offering help for just £25 an hour which is way better than my competitors rates , go to my websites archives ( articles ive written saved in date order) which is on the right hand side as you pull the bar on the far right of your screen down, please take a look through my past articles thanks. The article on this site describing all the pc help and lessons i offer is under the archives called internet/pc help in cambridge area article number 63 . Just click on those words and the article will apear.

Please take your time to read it all and decide which services you want to book, then call David on 07963 348582 or skype call davethepcman, if you dont get through please try calling again, if you get my voicemail or answer phone leave me your name and phone numbers ( your landline, skype name..please spell this out clearly, and your work and mobile number) , please understand i can be busy with other clients so try calling again until you get through, ill do my best to get back to you as soon as i can thanks a lot David

Right heres the links for you to click on to go win computers, i hope you have great luck best wishes from david s
enter this by 19th august 2007 the new macbook laptop is worth £1200
hewlett packard pc's to win by 28.8.07
win a dell laptop by 1.9.07
win a sony vaio laptop by 28.9.07 worth £2000
win a dell notebook by 1.9.07
2 shuttle pc's worth £1k each, enter by 23 august.
£700 samsung laptop. have to guess rock groups names from pictures. my guesses are 1. nirvana, 2 blue ?, 3 red hot chilli peppers, 4 ozzy osbourne, 5 matt wilis? whats his band called? 6. marilyn mansun and 7. u2? if you know better email me th correct answers at in subject line put kerrang comp answers thanks win a dell laptop by 3rdoctober 2007 win an asus f3 laptop by 31 october 2007