Monday, September 05, 2005

News from september 28 2002 onwards (article 31)

Galaxy 101 radio station sold to vibe fm( gwr and scottish radio holdings joint venture).+++ saturday september 28 2002.. busy police tell shop staff to film a thief thwn let him go.+++ rap fan 15 gets 4 years jail for rape, sexist lyrics of rapper dmx a us gangster rapper blamed.+++ uk census details of 1 million people fabricated by officials.+++ demonstration in washington aimed at g7 ( group of seven nations).+++ bush says saddam plottedto kill his dad in 1993( giving him personal reasons to hate him).+++ australia drought due to 2 years of too little rain, many sheep farmers face ruin.+++ consumers turn to deep discount cigarettes in usa.+++ dax stockmarket lost 43% in value in 6 months..worst performing stock market in world.+++ bouygues telecom gets a 3g telecoms licence in france..they sponsored f3000 race cars in 1993.+++ sunday 29.9.2002. human meat on slae in south london ethnic market.+++ there are 7000 paedophiles the uk government claims it cant afford to arrest..well hang them all 1 bit of rope doesnt cost much.+++ milly dowler police hunt man seen crouching in woods where milly was found dead, gypsys camp a little way away from the place she wass found, blue vauxhall vectra may be the car used to snatch her.+++ uk procecution lawyers have to prove cases beyond a reasonable doubt..need changes to make it easier for procecuters.+++ auctions.+++ iran executes 5 rapists..well done iran thats the way to deal with scumbag humans.+++ shows hoags wheel an amazing object in outer space.+++ uk lottery made £5.5bn in 1998 now made £4.8bn in 2002.+++ 4000 priudential call center jobs to go and work transfered to india.. the british government should have to find suitable replacemnet jobs for everone who looses a job to cheap overseas labour.+++ october 1..hippie guru faces 1977 murder trial..ira einhorn says cia framed him because of his knowledge of secret mind control tests.+++ mod(ministry of defence in uk) orders £13bn carriers and jets..£10bn to replace harrier jump jets.+++ poisoner will be executed for killing 38 chinese with rat poison in food of rival shop.+++ 5 worldcom men sued for £1bn.. solomen smith barney bank blamed as they got free shares in return for banking business awarded to solomen snith barney bank.+++ wednesday 2 oct.. make shift camp found in area milly dowlers body found..bottles,sleeping bag and old food. on march 27 or 28 at 11am 6ft man seenwith nwd on clothing with rolled up item lying on ground nearby seen near rounabout on exit route from elvetham heath estate. also man with shovel seen near where milly was found, she went misiing on march 21 2002.+++ designer babies could be chosen for iq..bioethics.+++ skull cracker robber gets life in jail, was on parole from 27 year sentence for similar crimes, robbed banks.+++ from october 1 the uk minimum wage will be £4.20 for people aged 22+ and 18-21 year olds will get £3.60.+++kidnapped bank heir found dead in lake , 27 year old law student involved in frankfurt.+++ tokyo bans smoking in parts even in the street.+++ hutchison telecom changes name to be called "3".

News from september 19 2002 onwards(article 30)

Ill continue using 3 plus signs to indicate a change in news article eg +++ as these articles are summarys of the main facts worth reading and thinking about from the news, do enjoy this info and leave comments on what news your glad you found here or how these facts end up helping you and of course use to pay me at my email address , any contribution is most welcome thanks and enjoy..
thursday september 19th.. vengful computer hacker jailed for deletind a companys files when it didnt pay him for work hed done for them..stephen corey 28 of eastbourne east sussex.+++ giving away a software programme you run that paralises mosquitos wings+++ attacking iraq is claimed to be justified as self defence! by crazy warmongers in usa.+++ abducted schoolgirl milly dowlers body found in woods..hampshire woods 22 miles from here abduction in yately heath forrest near fleet.+++ jail for gp who drugged and abused boy patients for 25 years, hes a member of a paedophile ring of professionals, scotland yard police child porn hotline is 0808 1000040.. id hang all paedophiles.+++ stock traders £120million typing blunder causes record 5 billion shares to change hands.+++ on december 4 theres an eclipse over africa.+++ stupid dangerous fashion to show your thong at the moment.+++ east anglia uk abduction attempt by man in white van in willingham, white male 20-30 1 person said another said 35-40 with short brown hair and grey streaks.+++ dr hunter head of the netherhall school cambridge until 1999 died on september 18.+++ distraction burglaries in blinco grove andperne road last tuesday says october 2 cambridge weekly news.+++ owned by thopson holidays.+++ 21 year old drink driver sent to prison. he crashed and killed someone in victoria avenue cambridge at 11.20pm on april 12 he got 3years 9 months but will only do half this time in jail and hes disqualified for 3 years and will have to take a new driving test..insane how can lawmakers allow killer drivers tto ever be allowed to drive again?.+++407,791 at county march.+++ crab shell toothpaste cuts decay and could be on sale in a year.+++ arthquake in dudley west midlands measured 4.8 on richter scale..i sensed something even in cambridge.+++belgium now allows mercy killings.+++ bill gates has lost $42bn in past 3 years hes now worth $43bn..dude id like to work for you! or donate to me at using .+++ islamic gunmen kill 29 in hindu temple in gujarat state.+++ ethnic cleansing of bushmen ends in botswanaa kalihari..debeers diamond company guilty..never ever buy diamonds again.+++ uk policeman a victimj of 4 crimes in 2 hours in london..his car was broken into, his bike stolen and he was attacked.+++ party goer jeffrey archer back behind bars..concervative mp jailed for lieing when on trial previously about him sleeping with a prostitute, he lives in granchester cambridge.+++ ecstacy drug users risk parkinsons like illnesses.+++ danielle jones detective held over child porn, he r bodys not been found, her unkle murdered her.+++ this years opium crop in afganistan will be 1900- 2700 tons up from 185 tons last year...hang drug users to destroy the market for these vile drugs.+++ explosives found on royal air morocco plane that landed in france.. pentrite explosives.+++ nils bohlin inventor of the 3 point seatbelt thats saved 1 million+ lives in last 40 years died.+++neuer markt stock exchange to close..german alternative investments.